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=====Evolution Chart=====

Egg Fossil by Dragonith ►► Revive (Egg Fossil) ►► 101-Titanegg by Dragonith ►► LVL 40 ►► 102-Baularrior by Dragonith

Origin of Name: Titanis+Egg= Titanegg.
Based on: Titanis walleri, an extinct flightless predatory bird.

BST: 40/65/50/20/35/85 = 295

*New Move: Egg Shield
Category: Status
Type: Normal
Power: --
PP: 10
Accuracy: --%
Priority: +4
The user protects itself with a fragile shield, negating the opponent's attack. If used twice in succession, the shield is rendered useless.
-Note #1: Functions similarly to Protect, but without the chance of failure if used in succession. HOWEVER, if the user does use it twice in succession, the shield "breaks" afterward, causing all future uses of the move to fail when used. This carries over if the Pokemon switches in and out as well for the rest of the battle.
-Note #2: This move stacks with Protect and its variants. If you use Egg Shield then Protect, its chance of failing increases. Additionally, Egg Shield will "break" if used right after Protect.


EDIT(08/20/16): New design/art! BST provided by :iconkarlleungkm:!
Titanegg's previous design wasn't necessarily bad, but in comparison to my latest Fakemon additions, its design felt rather lacking in my opinion. Wasn't too happy with some other design elements the previous design had either, so this was a much needed redesign. Titanegg's new design isn't too radically different from last time, but overall I think it looks a lot better.

Additionally, a new move for our feathery friend! Plan your blocks carefully now!

Old Artist's Notes:
EDIT(06/06/13): New display template!
Originally, the Egg Fossil was supposed to be revealed before the Meteor Fragment, but I had some problems with the Egg Fossil's Fakemon designs (Even though I had a vague picture of how they were gonna look like in my head, it was still frustrating.).

The entire concept for Titanegg was scrapped and changed into a more simpler idea. The design was greatly overhauled as well, only having the egg shells as a reminder of its old design. It also gained an evolution as well, which was inspired by some recent dinosaur discoveries from 2010.

Titanegg has some well rounded defenses thanks to its egg armor. Its attack stat ain't too bad either. At the start, Titanegg is revived with Harden, Peck, Quick Attack, and Ancient Power. Further down, Bite, Pluck, and Sand Attack can be learned as well.

Previous Version: 101 Titanegg By Dragonith-d4mdwr4
Old Versions: fav.me/d2vqqz6 / fav.me/d2vqujn

Titanegg © Dragonith
Pokemon © Nintendo
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Why so many rock/fighting Pokemon?
Yonkiri's avatar
I don't know if i like this more than the previous version...
ArceusWarlord22's avatar
ArceusWarlord22Student Traditional Artist
I have a feeling I know where this is heading.
Evodolka's avatar
EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist
looks similar to the old one, can't argue its still super cool and now it has arms to move around :D

looks cool i thought it would be a total redo of it but looking at this it seems more of a "tweak of design" well done i wander what the evolved form will look like :aww:
Enderbrine5600's avatar
Enderbrine5600Hobbyist Digital Artist
the original one looked like a dodo
WingedSnagret's avatar
YES! This is the one type of Pokemon I've been dreaming of all this time, inspired by the terror birds of old. Excellent job. :D
soulSmith1's avatar
soulSmith1Student General Artist
so cool
EmperorRindovan's avatar
EmperorRindovanHobbyist General Artist
Definitely an improvement, nice work!
karlleungkm's avatar
40/65/50/20/35/85 (BST 295)
10 points lower than Turmoid's BST, which is the same case with their evolutions. The egg shell should really give it more Def, and without the arms, its Atk isn't as high, though its Speed becomes the best of the stats.
BlastBackCalhoon's avatar
BlastBackCalhoonHobbyist Artist
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TPKEliteStudent Traditional Artist
This thing might become real in the future!
sluglo's avatar
slugloHobbyist Writer
Imagine breeding one of these and wonder why the animation showed the egg completely hatching and breaking yet it's still there. XD

That said, I think having a Steel and Flying E4 members (or a dual type gym!), each bearing the respective fossil, would be pretty neat, but seeing the badges I don't think it'd happen.
zappytyke2000's avatar
zappytyke2000Student Digital Artist
RayquazaMaster's avatar
RayquazaMasterHobbyist Artist
Very cute! :D I love it!
SeriesArtiststarter's avatar
SeriesArtiststarterHobbyist Digital Artist
I really wouldnt wanna send my lil egg dino fakemon up againsnt this little critter, for fear it would make fried chicken outta itO_O but very good way of keeping the flying and rock segments matching well
InsectDevil's avatar
Oh God! I want one!
Chimera-Myth21's avatar
Chimera-Myth21Hobbyist Artist
Makes me think of a kiwi
Piradeux's avatar
PiradeuxHobbyist General Artist
There's a bit of misinformation. In Titanegg's description it says Rock/Steel and here it says Rock/Flying. Just something you might want to fix
Dragonith's avatar
DragonithHobbyist Digital Artist
Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out. :)
Piradeux's avatar
PiradeuxHobbyist General Artist
No problem. Pokemon fans gotta stick together.
DragonDePlatino's avatar
A bird with an egg on it's head...a bit of an overdone concept don'cha think? I have also noticed that you seem to like making prehistoric Fakemon a lot lately...is that like, the major theme of the Excelo region? I've always wanted to make my own Fakemon region...it would be set in ancient times, like before they had pokeballs and such, so you would have to either befriend Pokemon or use a net or something. Potions and other items would also be non-existent, so you'd have to see a shaman or something instead of a Pokemon center. I think if I ever gowent through with the idea your Fakemon would be perfect! Also, I think you rushed the feet a little bit, and could have done a bit better on them. Not really your best work on this one. Can't wait for the evolution though.
Dragonith's avatar
DragonithHobbyist Digital Artist
Overdone...perhaps. Although, I like the concept regardless. Plus this is a complete overhaul of one of my older fakes which utilized the idea...

Main reason I'm making Prehistoric Pokemon are for the Fossils I've uploaded previously (excluding Chompel and Carnisnail). Plate, Meteor, and the last one, Egg. So in a technical sense, this guy's evolution line is the last prehistoric-based one for awhile. (Maybe...)

Now that I look at it, the feet do look a little off. I may have to fix that later...
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creatureboy02Hobbyist Digital Artist
You should make a Titanis/Diatryma for Fossil/Archaeology.
Dragonith's avatar
DragonithHobbyist Digital Artist
I've been considering it. :P
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