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=====Evolution Chart=====

Plate Fossil by Dragonith ►► Revive (Plate Fossil) ►► 099-Dinosaw by Dragonith ►► LVL 40 ►►  100-Chainsaur by Dragonith

Origin of Name: Chainsaw+Dinosaur= Chainsaur.
Based on: A Kentrosaurus, a stegosaurid dinosaur with plates lined on its back and spikes protruding from its tail.

BST:  80/110/130/40/100/35 = 495

*Increases the power of tail moves. (e.g. Poison Tail, Iron Tail, Dragon Tail)
*Greatly powers down super-effective moves.
-Reduces super-effective damage by 1/2.

*New Move: Saw Spin
Category: Physical
Type: Steel
Power: 90
PP: 15
Accuracy: 100%
The user rotates saw blades swiftly and slashes at the target. Critical hits land more easily.


EDIT(10/12/17): Updated artwork!
Chainsaur's back and ripping its way out of its square! Oh no!

Like Dinosaw, Chainsaur also suffered a bit from not aging as well as my other fossils, despite how popular it was back then too! So, here's the tune up! The design remains the same but with some major tweaks to its hind legs, saw blades, and chains. I also decided to get rid of its lack of horizontal movement with its tail as that just made the Pokemon feel more stiff and robotic in my honest opinion. This allows for more dynamic posing too!

Onto the next!

EDIT(09/22/15): Added BST provided by :icondr-goom:!
EDIT(06/06/13): New display template!
And here's the brute of the Jurassic, Chainsaur! I am greatly pleased with how this turned out, even though it took awhile to align the blades the way I wanted them. ^^;

Chainsaur, according to its Marble entry, cannot move its tail vertically. Although, there's no really problem with that as it has rotating blades covering that angle anyways. XP

Chainsaur's a monster on the offensive and defensive. Its abilities grant it stronger defenses while it gets a stab with its signature move, Saw Spin. However, it is a bit slow being heavy and all, so watch out for faster targets and priority! Chainsaur is also able to learn Earthquake, Stone Edge, Guillotine, and Iron Tail.

Previous Version: 100 Chainsaur By Dragonith-d4klmw0

Chainsaur © Dragonith
Pokemon © Nintendo
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can I just ask: how long did it take to come up with chainsaur and dinosaw?
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cas20 Writer
Very cool
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Tukoo-TukooHobbyist Artist
What is this Digimon?
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Can i use your fakemons for a pokemon game which i will make?
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DragonithHobbyist Digital Artist
No, you may not.
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My favorite fakemon of all time <3
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Mr-EarwigStudent Digital Artist
Man, this dude is badass. I hope you're making a fan-game of this because I seriously want this guy for a team member!
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KOLiddyfinnMomentoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Cooool! OwO
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Wow! It's really heavy metal with its design...I like it!
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basicbeyondHobbyist Traditional Artist
this design feels a little too violent for pokemon. its like a dungeon torture device. 
RhythmPiggy's avatar
Oh fuck yeah, this guy's always been one of my favs of your dex
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EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist
i am in love with this pokemon :D
i like the new pose you went with, a lot more mobile :)
whosaskin's avatar
I really like this new design.  The old one was good, but this is great!!
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NyehHehHehOnlineStudent General Artist
I adore its new shiny form!
Some-Pokemon-Fan's avatar
Would that, by chance, be named after the late Thag Simmons?
BlueRaptor629's avatar
It’s the name of the Stegosaurs’s spiky tail
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pre-heresyKharnProfessional Artisan Crafter
this was always one of my favorite designs, glad to see it again. you do good work :)
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TroodonVetStudent Digital Artist
hahaha, this fakemon rocks!
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Dinosaurs are always awesome.  Chainsaw dinosaurs especially. :V
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This is definitely one of my favorite fakemon
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I wish they put this one in the anime.
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HeartylatiasHobbyist Artist
This is a killer machine that I want.
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HakuramenHobbyist General Artist
Man.... I love the chain saw motif you've got going for this final evo. Excellent fusion between a stegosaurus and chainsaw. So bummed that Sun/Moon didn't have new fossil-mons. Keep it up with all these crazy fun new designs though!
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