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004 - Mantlray (Reference Sheet)

By Dragonith
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Mantlray © Dragonith
Pokemon © Nintendo / Game Freak
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them legs are so weird but so cute
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This is adorable and I can't wait to see it's evolution chain. Also, after reading the descriptions and looking at the reference sheets, I honestly can't decide which starter I would choose, because that means leaving the other two behind. CAN'T I JUST TAKE ALL THREE OF THEM?!?!?!
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Really nice ^^
But how is a sting ray part of the Chinese Zodiac?
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Not really following along with the Zodiac thing for this line, just so I have more creative freedom with the animal choice.
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War of the Worlds reference with the sting ray joke??? 
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He is so cute/I want it to be my starter Pokémon SO BAD!!
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I get the feeling its evolved forn will be dragon like in some way, like the fin things will be front legs and wings at the same time
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Really amazing
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It's a ray! Awesome!
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i would make this my main pokemon 
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I would love to have this
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I love this thing so much :heart:
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You missed an opportunity 
"I'm you, but wetter"
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Black Manta! Say hello...to RED MANTA!!
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a ray based Pokemon?
i know my little brother would LOVE this :D
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Steve Irwin would curse it
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dude seemed like a cool dude, i doubt he'd curse me for liking a certain animal species
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I bet when he went into the afterlife (if any) he was like

"Bloody Hell I never wanna see a Stingray again"

"God" : Oh hey Steve, we just opened up an Aquarium and we just opened the Stingray Exhibit, you'd be a great educator about them, we got the suit for you and everything
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