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Okie Dokie Heather



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It's been a while since I drew an full-pledged artwork! It's a nice kickstarter to come back to drawing more actively again! I had the impression that she's stylish and has a cute personality so this is the pose I had in mind for her! Hope you guys like her too~

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Hi from ProjectComment

I decided to comment on your work because I see potential for growth.

The girl is already well drawn and well proportioned (maybe some minor adjustments are needed, but in general it is convincing). I also like the pose, which is a bit dynamic and makes it more interesting. The shadows are also convincing in general, although there you could have played a bit more with different shades and also a bit more with hard and soft edges. Some highlights would have helped in defining the geometries and shapes (like light spots where the light is suppose to hit).

A good tutorial for shadow's edges is this one I think (subject is a bit creepy, but that it is):

I would also suggest you to watch this short video about coloring artworks to make them more vibrant and eye catching. The complete channel is in fact full of good tips and tutorials and it is thanks to it and to ctrl-paint that I learned to do digital paiting (although I am an amateur and also do not practice that much lately).

I like the style with lineart, because it reminds me a lot of the cartoons I was watching as a kid. But did you ever think about painting without? It would be funt o see how the work looks like in lineless style. Here a tutorial:

How to Draw in a Lineless Style - Tutorial

One weak point of the work I think is the background: too plain and maybe too bright. I would have seen it better with a darker colour, because the girl would have stood out more. Maybe also with some light grunge texture, but really subtle. I tried to look for some works on DA with the kind of background I have in mind, just to give you an idea:

Ghetto house
Tiny house

I hope my comment was helpful!