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A Song of Ice and Lemoncakes
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Published: October 21, 2011
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Hodor hodor hodor. Hodor HODOR hodor?! Hodor h-h-HODOR. ...


(translation: Well, looks like I forgot Hotpie. Guess I'll have to take the black for that :I...)

EDIT Dec_14_2011, WHO'S WHO? : It didn't take too long, just don't mind my borderline -poetic descriptions. Er, so you can check out this supplementary image to see who everyone is ! WHY WOULD YOU EVER DO THAT?! SHAME ON YOU! WHY DON'T YOU JUST TURN TO THE LAST PAGE ALREADY GEEZ- but yes , after a Dream of Spring, in the 8th book "A Rasher of Bacon" all is revealed as Hot Pie was really Baby Aegon, Pretty and Crunch sit the Iron Throne, and "HODOR" is the true name of the Great Other. But I'd never want to ruin such a great story for those still reading with such spoilers, but they're probably pretty close I'm going to wager so -

I didn't want to ruin the "fun" ( is art fun?), but sometimes over time fun loses a line on it's f and gains an extra i and all of sudden RUIN. So not to ruin it for y'all, but hey- think of how I feel for once internet!!! I was cursed to be aware of every character I was drawing from the start so I never got the opportunity to bask in head-scratching wonder like all children should and sit silently without a single complaint go-to-your-room (. ; A ;7. I'm pretty delighted it's been well received though since it's like a compositional smorgasbord in terms of contextual relevance, but there's always so many other potential visualizations for the characters in my head so it's tempting to add more... Ooph, yeah I'll eventually definitely have to draw some more ASOIAF stuff down the line. Somehow. I thought there would art be more from people now that I see everyone reading the books 24/7 on the trains, planes, and horseback. So I wanna see some bad ass Hound pictures guys, and Manderly! Bitches ain't got shit on Manderly. True bad-asses of Westeros.. Expect it. Anyways, thanks for your continual ocular digestions.


-Drew, dragoninstall, PWWP, etc etc
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Comments (496)
EmpressHonerva's avatar
I think you captured everyone's personalities perfectly. I especially like the one of Arya because she actually looks like a young girl trying to survive an ugly, war-torn instead of some stereotypical tomboy Mary-Sue.
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HerosLegend's avatar
Amazing work!
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Triumph650's avatar
now I cant help but imagine them all in the same room together.
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jstitch's avatar
below Myrcella, is that Gerold Dayne Darkstar ?
and... is it Renly or Ramsay?

Cool art!
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gordhanx's avatar
HOLY SHIT, THAT'S A LOT OF CHARACTERS! Amazing work, on each and everyone of them.
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xhugoxN7's avatar
This is amazing! At First I thought it was Tanselle under the tree, but the Laughing Tree Shield was a nice touch. Is Tanselle in there? Oh and Sign Emoji-03 (Thumbs up)  for adding the Boar XD
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RuetheFox|Hobbyist General Artist
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Blacktyde's avatar
Is this available in print? If so I'd love to purchase.
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Nikepz|Professional Filmographer
this picture isn't exactly new and somehow it foreshadows Cersei's big move in season 6 quite well

kudos :thumbsup:
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Narvalune's avatar
The world needs more of your ASOIAF art.
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zsoly's avatar
No Loras, Margery?
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balerionTheblack60's avatar
Who's the big guy with the kid next to Lyanna?
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wtfisthatsound's avatar
those are Dunk and Egg
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BlackBy's avatar
BlackBy| Digital Artist
It's amazing, ho my God!!!
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andrewthedark|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love this collage of all the characters great job!
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Khaotichats's avatar
Khaotichats|Hobbyist Digital Artist
....dude....I was looking up like...seriously random shit and got this image...dude..this is amazing..I mean..legitly amazing..and it came up when I searched like...no offense to you obviously 'shit mander' ...like the meme..............this is gorgeous. Like REALLY GORGEOUS, the amounf of work in this is amazing..AND I FOUND IT IN SUCH A WEIRD WAY AUGHHHH! You did a great job though and sticking to it and finishing it :iconclapplz: well done sir
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Wolfenstein2552's avatar
Holy Hell, this is really impressive! I really like your art-style :) 
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Chidori58|Hobbyist Writer
By the old gods and the new, this freaking awesome. I was able to figure out who most of of them all are, but my deduction skills obiviously aren't up to scratch since I'm seeing three Aryas.

Still. Awesome. Although I don't see my main man Ramsay Bolton anywhere.
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Duffy01|Student Photographer
This is incredible...
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millionuniquepiece's avatar
:) Amazing the best piece of artwork i have seen on this site
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Naijade's avatar
Can't believe I just found this masterpiece in 2015. Grand work - no more, no less. (And thank you for the grey version with the names and your comments...hilarious!)
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Capperz's avatar
One of the best pieces of ASOIAF art I've ever seen.
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