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Big is better 2 color

By Dragonicxs
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wow such a nice big butt samus has :D

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Thats what i call a big ass

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Ermm... i volunteer as next chair
Dragonicxs's avatar
sure , but samus gonna break you
OvschinikovO's avatar
Dead..but happy. Worth it. Cheers man !
eatakitchenwitch's avatar
how does she even get around with a booty that size???

Poor samus
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Meh, artist like you should do some gay-love artwork, dont waste yourself on bullshit.
I admire your skills, but your head is all wrong.
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Damn I've never seen someone complain about someone not doing gay stuff
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Ew, hell the fuck no. Get your queer shit out of here, fag.
GoldenDuck785's avatar
Or... How about you shut your trap you indespicable homophobic piece of trash. Guess what? Homophobia has the suffix phobia. Phobia is an over exerted fear of SIMPLE things. So get your dumbass shit out of here, "fag".
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Go back to Twitter you SJW, sensitive snowflake, yeeyee haircut, receding hairline, toe eyed cabbage of a gormless minger, kiss my ass.

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I can see this going well 😑

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there goes a perfectly good seat ;(
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That is one godly booty. I feel so bad for the chair though
Dragonicxs's avatar
I would like to be the chair
AchievedOrb09's avatar
It would be worth it so you could feel that godly booty. :)
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Wowee~ That ass is astounding! ^¬^
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ASStounding lol!
darknesspharoah's avatar
Those cheeks look like precious jewels!
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It's really funny how Samus is acting like everything's just perfectly normal here. "Oh hey, Trainer. Just another day, eating a sandwich. Everything's fine".
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