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Carpe Noctem

A stamp to point my standing. I live at night and sleep at day. I hate the sun. I'm one of a few people who gets depression from to much sun, summer and all that crazy stuff. I like nights, autumn and winter and I hate the quote "Carpe Diem". I think there are some other people out there whose feels the same... It's 3:00 am and I'm happy to load up this stamp :happybounce:

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We're night people in our house, too. Nighttime is quieter, more peaceful. Is it okay to share this on my front page?
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That's nice to hear. :) 
Yes, sure. You are more than welcome to use for all what you want. La worship 
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I'm a pure night bird my friend,but believe me:balance is necessary and in the end,perfect:)
See the myth of ''Hades and Persephone''...;)
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Some people live and love the day.
Some people live and love the night.
At Day time I'm always tired.
At the evening and night time I'm creative and do work.
At spring and summer time I'm always depressive, tired and hardly unmotivated. 
At autumn and winter time I'm motivated and active.
In the car the heater is never warm. 
That's me and that's my balance. 
Everyone should find their own balance, but not explain it to the standard!
I always hear "Carpe Diem! You have to love the day! Stand up at 7:00 am and go to sleep at 23:00 pm."
But not for me. I'm a Rebel Heart! It is all a question of relativity in my opinion.
I hope you understand my Intention for this stamp. :)
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Don't worry my friend,if you allowing me to call you like this of course.I totally understand you:)
Of course i don't want to impose you in any way to follow my ''balance''(if i have one personally:D)
I have days(sorry nights;))that i feel like a Count Dracula and other nights(days)that i long like a flower the sun.
I'm also familiar,because of my Mediterranean home to the heat and Sun,so i feel ''forced''to be neutral.:)
I don't like it to be neutral,but as i think about it,it's really the best choice(for me at least).
We must be ''Rebels''at heart i agree with you!Otherwise we'll be a ''uniform mass'',we won't have diversity
of any kind and that's sad,even dangerous sometimes.And naturally,no one tells you what time to wake up
or go to sleep(except you have to go to school or to work,so it's the best,only for you to sleep and wake up early,
only for your health.But then again,it's only your choice).
But if you really believe in relativity,why to not live and love the day,as well as the night,but with your own rules?
My humble opinion only:)
However,i love your stamp and i'm grateful that you wanted to discuss with me,a stranger about your and mine opinions.
I believe to discussion(in my good days;))
Keep going as you truly wish,hoping that you''ll find your own balance:)
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