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By Dragoniade
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Well, I finally released it.

I've been using it for some time now, and it look stable enough for me to publish it online.

What does it do? You see all your favorite you've been getting? Well, this software save them for you on your disk. Just put your username, or any other deviant username, and it will download all the favorite to your machine.

Very convenient to keep an offline copy of all the arts you love. You can even use the downloaded file for a slide show, screen saver or wall paper.

Personally, I have a gadget that display the arts taken from the download folder and play them in a small slideshow gadget
deviantART Favorites download by Dragoniade

Get it at sourceforge @…

**** Update ****
Version 1.0.1 has been uploaded.

It fix a validation issue with Windows 7/Vista when using the default location.  Those using their own custom location (c:deviantART for instance) were unaffected.

**** Update ****
Version 1.1.0 has been released.

* Added Support for custom searcher.
* Added the notion of Document, Images and Video
* Added and set as default the RSS searcher. This is a solution for DA pulling the Stream Difi and not offering any support.
* Added the ability to download a user gallery rather than only the favorites.
* Forced throttling to 5 seconds minimum and applied it to every 20 requests. This is due to the RSS feed not supplying filename and having to do a request to retrieve it.

So yes, you can now download an artist full gallery by setting their username and picking gallery in the preference.
© 2011 - 2020 Dragoniade
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I think this needs to be updated again. Have you abandoned this project?
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plase help
an error has occured when  contacting deviantArt : error 403. try again?
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Excellent tool. Is there a way to pipe or dump a list of names into the program? Also, may I suggest a countdown timer for the retry dialog on 403 errors? Or at least an "always retry" toggle for those errors.
Journey-Fox's avatar
why doesnt it put the collections in their respectable folders?
Dragoniade's avatar
Deviantart changed how folder were displayed in gallery, so the fetched information isn't there.
The collection has to be rewriten and I hadn't had the time to do it so far.
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oh, ok. thanks for telling me
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Is there a way to have the downloader also get the photos from the ones with the download button? That would be nice!
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I can't get it to start and everything is zipped. When I try to unzip it, it gives a bunch of errors.
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Version 1.2 stopped working, at least with collections...
vitali-iakovlev-art's avatar
Great tool, thank you! Although I seem to have a problem with downloading collections. My version is 1.2.0. The download path is set like this: F:\Art\My DA collection\%collection%\%filename%. Skip Collections is unchecked. Yet it doesn't create folders for each of my collections, it downloads everything into one folder (My DA collection). I thought maybe it is because all of my favorites are also in Featured. I removed a part of my faves from Featured folder, so that they remained only in their respectful collections. But it still downloaded them into the parent folder, My DA collection. Maybe I am doing something wrong? Thank you.
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I was able to take the da-favorite.jar and put it on my Mac.  Works perfectly!
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Just curious how the next update is progressing?  re: Higher res pic's only found via the download button.

Right now I am using a semi-automatic process using firefox with Down load them all addon with autohotkey (the semi-part).
It works but with limits.

My review of the problem shows me.  It's possible to get the high res pic (under the download button).  By sending the href link to
the DTA addon.  This leads to a possible solution of sending the link to an external downloader, instead of using your internal
hget process.  At least until you figure it out.

Another possible solution.  I would love a right-click context option to click from the gallery view into the artwork.  Then send the
download link to the downloader.  If the download link does not exist then send the larger res pic under the smaller pic in view.
If the right-click option is available.  Then a review before download is possible.  Instead of a all or nothing approach.

Would love to hear back
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Hopefully, I'm catching up on my backlog and I should be able to resume working on the utility next week.
Since Deviant Art's staff are uncooperative with an API, I'll have to resolve to have people to log in and do some pages crawling.

I hope if people would ask enough for an API at… and… , it would speed up the creation of a worthwhile API.
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I can't find the executable file
TheComicFan's avatar
I have download the app, and have installed it, but it doesn't run on my window 7, what am I doing wrong?
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Make sure you have Java installed on your computer.
PunchieTheNeko's avatar
Holy geez. Is it able to target just individual folders?
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Thank you so much for this app ! It works beautifully !
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Hi all I get when I install the program are 2 folders "lib" and "src", a zip file "da-favorite" that won't let me extract anything, a deviantart icon that won't let me open anything, and a README which I'm not fully understanding (I have limited knowledge in this stuff). Can you please help and inform me how to start the program because I can't figure out how :(
Dragoniade's avatar
Are you on Windows or mac?
If you're on Windows, I suggest you download the installable version with the JDK (da-favorite-1.2.0-jre6.msi) . This will put shortcut in your start menu for you to use.
PKer-99's avatar
Thanks so much, that solved all my problems! :)
Now I'm worry-free if anything should ever happen! Thanks again!
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Hello.There is a little problem.If the favorites are in folders,how should I download them?
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DeviantArt probably changed the site a bit and now your app doesn't work well. 
It downloads only part of the images, and looks like not the full size. Any chance for update?
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Yes. DA since the original released remove linking to full download image in their feed.
Not only that, they've obfuscated the links through at least 2-3 kind of method.
I have to figure out that but time have been missing lately.

It's in my todo list though.
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