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Well, minus the various old clips upload, I had my first major update on the new sites, Class of the Titans, which counted for 104 new clips!

More to come until I go for a long due 3 weeks vacation in 2 weeks.

Also, with the site reopening, I've set another contest. This time, themed with the site.

Once again, I will be the happy/surprised/unhappy (victim?) of a transformation. The transformed will be me, and the transformation must be either into a animal or creatures featured in any media, a character specie featured in any media, an alteration to match a character or specie from any media, or through a trigger from any media.  So this isn't just restricted to animal transformation. Body alteration (growth, extra arms, muscle, etc) are accepted too, as long it respect the mentioned rule. Mind you, human to human TF without an alteration doesn't count.

Need some examples?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    * Media: Comics, TV series, Movies
    * Possible Trigger: Mutagen, Magic
    * Possible Transformation: Any creature using the mutagen or magic trigger, or a anthro crocodile (leatherhead), asian dragon (drako, Ninja Tribunal), rat (Splinter), rhino (Rocksteady), turtle (D'uh)


    * Media: TV series
    * Possible Trigger: Dinovolving
    * Possible Transformation: Any dinosaurs based on the characters (i.e. Allo is an allosaur) or through a dinovolution.


    * Media: TV Series, Movies
    * Possible Trigger: Genie
    * Possible Transformation: Anything by the genies, Shark, Naga (Aladdin got turned into those during the series), Parrot (Iago is a parrot), Tiger (Rajah is one), etc.

The Dragon Knight (the movie Flight of the Dragons was based on the first book)

    * Media: Books, Derived movie
    * Possible Trigger: Magic
    * Possible Transformation: Dragon, wolf, selkie.

Free Willy:

    * Media: Movies, TV Series
    * Trigger: None
    * Possible Transformation: Orca (Willy is an Orca)


    * Media: Movie, TV Series, Comics, Game
    * Trigger: Nuclear Radiation, alien experiment
    * Possible Transformation: Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Mothra, any monster appearing in the franchise.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

    * Media: TV Series, Movie, Comic
    * Trigger: Magic sword, magic
    * Possible Transformation: Muscle Inflation, Body alteration, Saber-tooth tiger (Cringer), Dragons (various dragon characters).

The Black Stallion

    * Media: Movie (2)
    * Trigger: None
    * Possible Transformation: Stallion

And so on. As you can see, the transformation concept isn't necessarily in the media in question, as long as the character isn't human (Free Willy, Black Stallion). If you can find a media featuring a non-human character or a trigger for a transformation and then you're set. It can be any media, from Lilo & Stitch's experiment to any Final Fantasy monster; from the Spider-man Comic to the Choose Your Own Adventures books. The choices are yours.

Simply submit your choice as described above, with the media name and trigger chosen.

This time, prize will involve money alongside site content:

    * 1st place: 35$, 4 DVD of various content from the site and a subscription.
    * 2nd place: 20$, 3 DVD of various content from the site and a subscription.
    * 3rd place: 10$, 2 DVD of various content from the site and a subscription.
    * 4th place: 2 DVD and a subscription
    * 5th place: 1 DVD and a subscription

The entries will be judged into 4 categories, each having their 5 slots.

    * Favorite: The transformations I like the most
    * Originality: The triggers or creature we don't see often, unexpected or with a twist
    * Quality: The best TF in quality and effort.
    * Stories and other media: Stories or non arts related entries go there.

Submission must respect the site policies. So nudity is acceptable as long it remain in the tasteful level. See the art policies… for more details.


    * Human: Philippe…
    * Dragoniade: on Deviant Art… , On the character section… , Gallery

If you have any question, feel free to post them in the forum… .
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Drawing TF pics are fun but I just can't be bothered right now. Need to get in the mood again. LOL!