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1. What is your character's name?
Denieru (so shoot me. ¬_¬ )

2. What is your character's name in another language?
Not really sure, no-one's called him anything else.

3. How old is he/she?
Roughly in the 11-13 area.

4. What is your character's race/species?
Unknown at the present time.

5. Do they have a crush?
Hmmm... I don't really know here, he has a like for someone but a crush? Nah.

6. Do they have many friends?
Uhh... well, let's see, he's got his adopted sister, a few people from different worlds, the daughter of a crazed psychopathic galaxy travelling criminal...

7. What planet is your character from?
The planet wasn't named... ¬_¬ Yet.

8. What does your character like to eat?
Hmmm... he is quite partial to some exotic fish meals.

9. What's his/her favorite food(s)?
Pineapple and bass sushi rolls with boiled rice and a dessert of apple and mango filled frittes (the pancake things with filling).

10. What's his/her favorite drink?
Hard to say, he mainly just drinks water.

11. Is your character annoying?
At times, he can be truely embarassing and annoying to those around him. Ever seen a child try to take on a warlock with a sword he can barely lift?

12. Name 5 most annoying thngs about your character
Emotional, overconfident, do-gooder, stubborn and moody.

13. Is your character loved? (as in does anyone have a crush on them?)
Again, not sure here if ANYONE has a crush on him.

14. Is your character hated?
Some people hate him for how he acts, others hate him because he keeps interrupting their plants for galaxy wide conquest. >3

15. Is she/he emo/goth?
Uhhh... he's emotional, I'll give that, but not a true emo, he doesn't go all sulky crud. And he's not goth.

16. Is she/he straight, bisexual, or gay?
Definitely straight (as proved by why Nei cannot get him to love him... Nei, you never learn... XD )

17. Is she/he a virgin?
Yes, but he's young yet.

18. Name 3 hobbies
Weapon training, helping other people out and exploring.

19. Is your character normal?
Uhh... he LOOKS normal, but half the time, he's got SOMETHING unusual going on around him... >_<

20. Is your character attractive?
Uhhh... to Nei, seemingly yes... but he's just a kid.

21. How does your character handle emotions?
He tends to feel just like a kid does. He hates sad moments, and is stubborn to the point that he just tries with everything not to break down at points.

22. Does your character have other forms?
At one time he was one with a galaxy wide criminal... but otherwise, no.

23. Does your character overreact?
He overreacts occasionally.

24. Is your charcter a criminal?
Not really.

25. Does your character go to school?
No, but his adopted sister kept forcing him to try and become a ninja so he got regular and painful training (but he is in no way a ninja, he's a appauling ninja).

26. What's his/her IQ?
Smart for a child, he can think of solutions pretty quickly to things, even if he doesn't have a grasp of how bad the situation is.

27. Does your character have a desease/curse?
Nope. He's just a normal(?) boy.

28. Is your character dead?

29. Does your character have a family?
Yes, he has a adoptive father and a adopted sister. His real parents are unknown.

30. Has he/she encountered any tragic times in his life?
He's encountered a few, but he's handled them pretty well, I think.

31. What's the best time in your character's life?
Watching Nei turn himself into a white bunny rabbit by messing with his magic and getting chased out of the room by a panther. He found that hilarious.

32. If you could name 1 friend, which would you relate to your character the most?
Hmmm... I'd have to say there's not one person that relates.

33. Is your character single?

34. Has he/she devoloped any relationships?
He's a child, you figure it.

35. Does he/she have an element?
Hmmm... I can't say he does. If he does, it comes from what he has with him, not from him.

36. Do you roleplay your character?
Heck yes.

37. Do you write about your character?
Uhhh... I'm no writer. Sorry.

38. Does your character have a bad temper at times?
Oh yes, he does have his temper tantrums, but they're usually justified.

39. Does your character get depressed?
I've yet to see him become depressed so badly.

40. What's your characters favorite animal?
He likes cats.

41. Does your character have any fears?
I'd have to say he has a pretty nasty fear of becoming a monster.

42. Does your character have any weaknesses?
His friends.

43. Does your character look up to anyone?
Not really.

44. Does your character like music?
He likes to hear Elisa play a flute.

45. What's your character's favorite type of music?
Traditional music.

46. Is he/she impatient?

47. What's something funny about your character?
The fact he has the nerve to challenge any situation, even if it means going up against a mage that could reduce him to a bleeding splat on the floor in record time.

48. Name 5 nicknames
Uhh... he hasn't got nicknames.

49. Does your character curse?
He's known to say 'Dammit' occasionally or 'crap' but not true cursing.

50. This test is over, what does your character have to say?
"Am I glad that's over, it was starting to give me a headache..."


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Daniel Nathan Close
United Kingdom
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Favourite style of art: Sprite (pixel art)
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Favourite cartoon character: If Anime counts... Mia from .Hack//Twilight
Personal Quote: It ain't the sword that makes you strong, it's your belief behind the blade.


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