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I just want to inform you that we now have a folder for DH4. Every art of Basilor, Vipero, Tatsu, Zilant, Kinabalux, Siveth, Edric, Thorgrim, ..... or short, every character from that show, goes there.
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There are more names?
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Yes, but the last two are humans. Edric is the king.  Thorgrim (André Eriksen) is the (maybe) bad Viking guy (number 3 in that picture --> dh-the-sorerers-curse.tumblr.c…)
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Ah! Edric sounds like what I named for one of my bumbling corrupt knights from my young Draco fanart. He and Sigebert were involved in the banquet massacre I drew, were henchmen to the crazy Pict Queen until she got devoured in the other story then they eventually turned good!