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About Varied / Hobbyist Alejandro D. PelayoMale/United States Groups :iconsv-comicsandstories: SV-ComicsANDStories
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The Great Frontier by DragonGladi8or The Great Frontier :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 11 5 Beowulf (Without helm) by DragonGladi8or Beowulf (Without helm) :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 7 0 Beowulf by DragonGladi8or Beowulf :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 9 6

Elon (Pre-Goddess of Creation)
Initial P.L.: 5.9 Billion
(x3) = 17.7 Billion
(x9) = 53.1 Billion
(x22) = 129.8 Billion
(Post Goddess of Creation)
Initial P.L.: 11.9 Billion
(x3) = 35.7 Billion
(x9) = 107.1 Billion
(x20) = 238 Billion
(60% = x4 of x20) = 952 Billion
:icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 2 0
Gladiator by DragonGladi8or Gladiator :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 9 0
The Frost Bringer

Frosbyte Jr. (Pre God of Destruction)
Initial PL: 9.4 Billion
(x3) = 28.2 Billion
(x9) = 84.6 Billion
(x20) = 188 Billion

(Post God of Destruction)
Initial PL: 12.2 Billion
(x3) = 36.6 Billion
(x9) = 109.8 Billion
(x20) = 244 Billion
(60%=x4 of x20) = 976 Billion
:icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 2 0
A Lord's Wrath

Lord Ocus
Initial PL: 11.4 Billion
(x3) = 34.2 Billion
(x9) = 102.6 Billion
(x20) = 228 Billion

Lord Deiras
Initial PL: 12.3 Billion
(x3) = 36.9 Billion
(x9) = 110.7 Billion
(x20) = 246 Billion

Lord Matiloto
Initial PL: 10.8 Billion
(x3) = 32.4 Billion
(x9) = 97.2 Billion
(x20) = 216 Billion
:icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 2 0
An Experimental Generation
+ --->
Frosbyte Jr.                       Elon                                                               Tefah
                                               Age: 17
:icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 2 0
Gudvaer Kjallaksson (ALT) by DragonGladi8or Gudvaer Kjallaksson (ALT) :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 5 0 Beholder of The Realms by DragonGladi8or Beholder of The Realms :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 6 0
The Next Generation
Kakke                                               Elon
                                                        Age: 37
                                                        Ht: 4'9"
:icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 2 0
NEW... MEME by DragonGladi8or NEW... MEME :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 6 2
Royal Legacies

Lord Ocus
Kakke                                             Zam
Age: 78 yrs                                     Age: 60
Ht: 6'11                              
:icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 1 0
The Three Lords

Age: 80,000 yrs
Species: Majin
Ht: 7'8"
Wt: 530 lbs
P.L.: 11.4 Billion

Age: 65,000 yrs

: Human?

: 6'11"
Wt: 340

: 10.8 Billion
MOU (Matiloto's companion)
Age: 54,700 yrs
Species: [Unknown]
Ht: 11"
Wt: 15 lbs
P.L.: 11,000

Age: 80,500 yrs
Species: Hakaishin
Ht: 8'6" (NOT including ears)
Wt: 590 lbs
P.L.: 12.3 Billion
:icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 2 0
My Dragon Ball fan Characters + Geneology
                                                                           + ???
                                                                Lord Ocus                                         Ocarin
:icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 3 3
My Testimony
Though still a relatively new confirmed member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints since 16 yrs old, my overall curiosity, hunger, and outlook of the scriptures had grown. With this being a big contributor to the strengthening of my faith that there is a Father in Heaven, and The Savior also. For the latter is our advocate before The Father. For without him, and a divine plan, we all would succumb to justice. For we all transgressed Heavenly Father's commandments, therefore it would all be just and fair for our damnation.
    For all of humanity is overall imperfect, and are made to have to rely upon our Father in Heaven and his mercy. With this mercy, The Plan of Salvation was brought forth. And one of its most fundamental components is Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice. With the other, I believe, is whether or not we accept Jesus Christ and his gospel whole-heartedly. For thru Jesus Christ, and only thru Jesus Christ, may we hav
:icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 4 1


I wish I could jot down "Awesome" 100+ times. But that would be too repetitious and overall boring I guess. But I absolutelylovr the de...

The colors used here and the pronounced shades of them really stood out to me, the sleepy pose geos pretty darn well in contrast of the...

by Quinfu

Oh boy... The Lighting, the shading, and the light reflection are very well done. The shading I feel, is well spread among the wings, t...

Where to begin? I guess I'll start with what I noticed first (Emphasis). One of the things that caught my eye was the "aura" surroundin...


[c] Sly Tom by Rustyx3x [c] Sly Tom :iconrustyx3x:Rustyx3x 17 3 Jack Headshot by Deathsnail Jack Headshot :icondeathsnail:Deathsnail 4 0 Tiger-sleep by phation Tiger-sleep :iconphation:phation 2,213 80 Trash by HoveringAbout Trash :iconhoveringabout:HoveringAbout 12 4 S36 by HoveringAbout S36 :iconhoveringabout:HoveringAbout 11 10 Head shots! by Art-delta Head shots! :iconart-delta:Art-delta 27 3 Frisk in my style and UnderTale AU: The Guardian by Art-delta Frisk in my style and UnderTale AU: The Guardian :iconart-delta:Art-delta 3 0 Ghost A Nino 2 by Art-delta Ghost A Nino 2 :iconart-delta:Art-delta 40 1 Golden Frieza Vector by Brinx-dragonball Golden Frieza Vector :iconbrinx-dragonball:Brinx-dragonball 93 11 Hyper Perfect Cell by Blood-Splach Hyper Perfect Cell :iconblood-splach:Blood-Splach 539 145 Chilled FinalForm by Blood-Splach Chilled FinalForm :iconblood-splach:Blood-Splach 341 79 SSJ Blue Vegito VS SSJ4 Gogeta by LordAries06 SSJ Blue Vegito VS SSJ4 Gogeta :iconlordaries06:LordAries06 30 8 spidergirl saiyajin - commission by salvamakoto spidergirl saiyajin - commission :iconsalvamakoto:salvamakoto 388 21 Superman vs. Son Goku by EverlastingDarkness5 Superman vs. Son Goku :iconeverlastingdarkness5:EverlastingDarkness5 181 40 Dragon Ball Super: Toyotaro Poster (Anime Recolor) by BlitzWare518 Dragon Ball Super: Toyotaro Poster (Anime Recolor) :iconblitzware518:BlitzWare518 77 0


DragonGladi8or's Profile Picture
Alejandro D. Pelayo
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
:iconwolfblade111: :iconmega-gear: :iconfireballofdstrxn: :iconshadowknight49: :iconpalmflower: :iconhides-in-sands:

I'm a fan of many things from horror, action, sci fi / fantasy, comedy. Now some somewhat useless stuff 'bout me! :D :D :D

Faith: LDS
Favorite food(s)-
Tuna sandwich, mashed potato's, pasta/SPAGHETTI,
PB sandwich, hot dogs, hamburgers, choc. muffins, and

Favorite Games-
COD:WaW to COD: B. Ops 1, DOOM, Skyrim, HALO, 1066, Warfare 1917 to Warfare 1944, and Checkers.

Favorite Movie's/Shows-
Princess Bride, Predator, Rocky 1 2 3, Pacific Rim,
Real Steel, Godzilla 2014, The Simpsons, Ajin,
Star Wars 4 5 6 7, Hulk Vs, Transformers,
The Water Horse, Terminator 1 2 5, Alien, Avengers, Guardians of The Galaxy.

Sports I've been in-
Track & Field, Wrestling, Archery, Baseball,
& Martial Arts.

Favorite Youtubers-
Markiplier, Jackcepticeye, TomatoGaming, KuleDud3, M3RKMUS1C,
FaZe Jev, BedBananna, Sky Does Minecraft, Vanoss Gaming,
H2o Delirious, Mini Ladd, ERB, Tiger Productions, WHZGUD2, and Matthew Santoro.

Favorite Bands-
Disturbed, Metallica, Skillet, Three Days Grace, Five Finger Death Punch, Thrice, September Mourning, Sixx:A.M., Escape the Fate, Papa Roach,
Hollywood Undead, and Adelitas Way.

Favorite Superhero(s)/Anti hero(s)-
Hulk, Thor, Punisher, Deadpool, Hercules, Namor, Superman, Sentry,
The Flash, Spider Man, Toxin, Black Widow, Black Panther, Iron Man,
Captain America, She Hulk, Star Lord, Black Bolt, Dr. Strange,
Blue Beetle, Wolverine, Doom Guy, Master Chief, Riddick, Kratos,
Johnny Cage, Lu Kang, Moon Knight, and Colossus.

Favorite Villain(s)-
Doomsday, Carnage, The Lizard, Joker, Deathstroke, Venom, Thanos, Killer Croc, Dormammu, Red Skull, Juggernaut, Onslaught, Boba Fett,
Darth Vader, Dr. Doom, Task Master, Galactus, Anti Monitor, Bane, Ultron,
Lex Luthor, Shao Kahn, and Hannible Lecter.


Name: Queen Beowulf, The Beast Slayer

Height: 6'4" (1.98 meters)
Weight: 186 lbs (84.4 kg)

- Name Evocation (Grendel, The Dragon, Wiglaf)
- Magically Enhanced Physiology
- Penance Stare
- Supernatural Voice
Anybody remember JonTron?



Because I, like many people searching the internet for a few minutes have found out his occupatiin outside of YouTube.

Many months ago, the sea floor broke open. And from its cracks came forth goblins in the hundreds of thousands! In which a small band arrived at his humble abode... and ravaged all that was in it. Including Jon's closest ally... Jacques!

And thus, a spark of hatred towards Goblin kind was started. And thus, The Goblin Slayer was born.

Jontron IS the Goblin Slayer!
Dragon Storm (NEW) 2.0
Name: Marcus O'Hurst

Nationality: Irish

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 224 lbs

Gender - Male

Date of birth: 2/14/1892

Age - 49 years (Technically 2,445 years)

Affiliation - Neutral Good

Little Backstory:
Marcus O'Hurst had a decent living, he was an only child of a farming family with a very rowdy reputation. In his younger years, Marcus wasn't as tall or athletic looking as his classmates, having slightly below average muscle mass. But no matter what, he always surprised everyone with feats of strength and endurance in which he always excelled at. At age 23, World War One had already begun, with the production of terrifying weapons of that time including gas raids. After earning the rank of Officer, many tales started to role out from both sides. These stories told of a man who has survived running through a gas wall only to come into the enemy trench and fight like a mad man, forcing many to give up their posts and retreat. Another states that he dragged four enemy officer's, two in each hand all the way back to the artillery posts despite being complete chaos that surrounded him, without realizing he had been hit twice in the shoulder and a graze over his hamstring. Nearly two decades later, Germany kicks off the second World War, which interrupts Marcus' farming and trade business. Not even a year later, he accidentally accesses a private military message in which states the horrible acts being commenced to millions deemed unworthy of the "Aryan Race." Which quickly became the final straw and re-enlisted into the British military once more in 1941. Along the even more grueling battles with weapons far surpassing what he saw in the first, he still remained defiant to retreat or pain. Marcus had survived in air, on ground, and at sea, being at the European and Japanese fronts. Still retaining his sanity while still bearing the mad fighting he went through, he was given more "trophies." But was far above relieved when the war had finally ended with victory going to the Allied Forces... after being defrosted after being captured during a battle on the European front in German hands.... Half a millennium later that is.

Master Hand to Hand & Swordsman-
Dragon Storm has been mentored by The Protector for many decades which is the main reason for his vast knowledge for combat. Another reason is because he can learn very well, about 1.5 or two years at most for half a dozen styles.

Super Strength-
Though as "small" as he is, Dragon Storm is among those in the 100+ ton category. He is also able to stand his own with the likes of Hercules in a technical bout, in many occasions even beating Hercules.

Enhanced Speed / Reflexes / Stamina-
Though covered in armor, Dragon Storm can easily reach speeds of 310+ mph. As for his reflexes, he is more than capable of dodging multiple .220 Swift rounds, which clock in around 1,200 m/s (4,000 ft/s).
The stamina that Dragon Storm possess can allow him to run vast distances, he has ran ran up and down the most difficult path on Mount Everest more than 3 dozen times with mild exhaustion.

Enhanced Durability-
One half of Dragon Storm's durability comes from his armor, while the other half was put into him by the beyond intense training The Protector put him through. He is able to withstand rounds fired by tanks at point blank without flinching, then it goes up to him being able to take a medium sized nuclear bomb like a champ. Dragon Storm has also taken blows from high ranking powerhouses and low level cosmic beings.

Weapon Summoning
Lazarus, Marcus' main weapon and companion, acts in a similar way to Thor's Mjolnir when called back into his hands. While being Marcus' sword, Lazarus is also his companion summon when called out of the sword.

Wielder Empowerment
Lazarus is able to grant the wielder (Marcus) increased already existing skills and abilities 7 fold, while also granting them slightly above average energy projection, which includes limited Cosmic, Electricity, and Heaven fire.

Marcus himself was born with a certain fire, a fire that belongs to a dragon like deity who seems to have put it there for a purpose. Known as Keltarr, Marcus' secondary form is a nigh replica of the dragon deity, though Marcus is a dark green variation of the real Keltarr, god of Courage and Lightning.


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293 / 1,300
Donate if ya feel like, any amount is very much welcomed.
Trying to get a three month core as some goal.

Have a nice day!!!

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