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Frosbyte Adventures by DragonGladi8or Frosbyte Adventures :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 1 0 Martial Arts Isn't The Only Thing He Knows by DragonGladi8or Martial Arts Isn't The Only Thing He Knows :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 1 0 Adam... by DragonGladi8or Adam... :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 3 1 Remedy: Boredom Quencher mini comic by DragonGladi8or Remedy: Boredom Quencher mini comic :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 6 0 The Dream Keeper Armor by DragonGladi8or The Dream Keeper Armor :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 6 0
Goliath V.S. Garlic Jr.

    *Following similar events as in the Garlic Jr. Saga*

    "... Krillin, get Gohan out of here!" Goku demanded, Krillin followed up with a nod and a hasty blitz away from the action between Goku, Piccolo, and Garlic Jr. "look at this... Goku... Piccolo... two truly great fighters sacrificing themselves for the inevitable. What a waste..." Garlic Jr. said smugly. Though was followed by a moment of primal grunts and growls, causing that Goku and Piccolo sense an rapid rise in Garlic' power... until the dwarfed stature they possessed abruptly came to an end and caused that both Goku and Piccolo were the dwarfed. Within seconds, a hulking Garlic Jr. blitzed the two before phasing behind their flanks and striking them in the back with his elbows, causing both to be launched forward before catching their balance. The duo was then quickly met with an incoming blast that they both narrowly evaded, Piccolo was the
:icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 2 5
Screw It... (Mini War Schedule)


   July 13th: Goliath vs Garlic Jr. [Full Power]
July 15th: Goliath vs Perfect Cell
July 17th?: Goliath Vs Frieza/Freeza [Full Power]
July 19th?: Goliath vs Burter
July 21st: Goliath vs Androids 17 & 18
July 23rd: Goliath vs Hercule and Krillin
July 25th: Goliath vs Broly
July 27th?: Goliath vs Cooler [Final form]
July 29th: Goliath vs Bojack
July 31st?: Goliath vs Mira
August 2nd?: Goliath vs Great Apes
August 4th: Goliath vs Dyspo
August 6th: Goliath vs Hit
August 8th: Goliath vs Toppo
August 10th: Goliath vs Jiren
:icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 1 4
Another Adoptable by DragonGladi8or Another Adoptable :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 7 0 Design/Character Frame Adoption by DragonGladi8or Design/Character Frame Adoption :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 6 0 Friezian Slumber by DragonGladi8or Friezian Slumber :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 2 0 Doom Weaver by DragonGladi8or Doom Weaver :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 8 9 Friendly goodbye by DragonGladi8or Friendly goodbye :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 5 0 Neutral/secretly seething with rage pose by DragonGladi8or Neutral/secretly seething with rage pose :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 6 4 Frosbyte jr. by DragonGladi8or Frosbyte jr. :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 5 0
The Nova War: Part 3

    Within the first skirmish, countless casualties hammered upon the forces that were to preserve or cause obliteration. Though even after Damus' attack, The Living Tribunal rose in accumulation of themselves and worked alongside Omni-Dreamer, Xion, Void, and Llor in holding off the very father of an entire dimension Damus. Upon the fronts, Ethereal Rangers stood ground against the monstrosities spawned by Meddler Prime, whose opposing general of an equally massive force was Tronicus, father of Allastir whom was also ny their side. 
    Saaos III alongside Quantum, Extremis, and Johnathan stood upon the other flank and dealt with Darksied, Thanos, Marque of Death, Galactus, and an endless legion of Death's head guards. Saaos III was the first to charge in and stood as the catalyst to wreking havoc upon their legions. Quantum and Extremis followed behind to equalize the sudden punch of sheer offense nrought by Saaos' axe. Ven
:icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 2 5
Responsibility by DragonGladi8or Responsibility :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 7 4


I wish I could jot down "Awesome" 100+ times. But that would be too repetitious and overall boring I guess. But I absolutelylovr the de...

The colors used here and the pronounced shades of them really stood out to me, the sleepy pose geos pretty darn well in contrast of the...

by Quinfu

Oh boy... The Lighting, the shading, and the light reflection are very well done. The shading I feel, is well spread among the wings, t...

Where to begin? I guess I'll start with what I noticed first (Emphasis). One of the things that caught my eye was the "aura" surroundin...


Crash and Spyro Asks by EmmaSmudge Crash and Spyro Asks :iconemmasmudge:EmmaSmudge 7 13 EmmaSmudge Pic by EmmaSmudge EmmaSmudge Pic :iconemmasmudge:EmmaSmudge 8 9 Vaynoo and Emma HUGSS by EmmaSmudge Vaynoo and Emma HUGSS :iconemmasmudge:EmmaSmudge 5 19 Freddy Krueger vs. Shadow King by OmnicidalClown1992 Freddy Krueger vs. Shadow King :iconomnicidalclown1992:OmnicidalClown1992 3 2 Vegeta vs. Aquaman by OmnicidalClown1992 Vegeta vs. Aquaman :iconomnicidalclown1992:OmnicidalClown1992 4 2 Cichlidae by zagiir Cichlidae :iconzagiir:zagiir 59 14 VSakuraPetalV Commission by Ashwhisker-Draws VSakuraPetalV Commission :iconashwhisker-draws:Ashwhisker-Draws 41 1 Punk Boi by wendigoboi Punk Boi :iconwendigoboi:wendigoboi 5 0 Gumball Watterson VS Dark Emerald by The-Grey-Boo Gumball Watterson VS Dark Emerald :iconthe-grey-boo:The-Grey-Boo 6 34 Annoucement by Jeyawue Annoucement :iconjeyawue:Jeyawue 28 7 MechaGodzilla Anime sketch by KaijuKid MechaGodzilla Anime sketch :iconkaijukid:KaijuKid 17 5 2018 Sketch Series 28/52 - Roy by ThyWordIsTruth 2018 Sketch Series 28/52 - Roy :iconthywordistruth:ThyWordIsTruth 2 0 Sonic.EXE vs. RED by OmnicidalClown1992 Sonic.EXE vs. RED :iconomnicidalclown1992:OmnicidalClown1992 3 3 Link vs. Korra by OmnicidalClown1992 Link vs. Korra :iconomnicidalclown1992:OmnicidalClown1992 3 4 Devoratrix MYO by Howlers6 Devoratrix MYO :iconhowlers6:Howlers6 4 4 When You Say You Love Me by FoxDragonLover When You Say You Love Me :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 6 3


DragonGladi8or's Profile Picture
Alex Christy
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
:iconwolfblade111: :iconmega-gear: :iconfireballofdstrxn: :iconshadowknight49: :iconpalmflower: :icondesert-stalker:

I'm a fan of many things from horror, action, sci fi / fantasy, comedy. Now some somewhat useless stuff 'bout me! :D :D :D

Faith: LDS
Favorite food(s)-
Tuna sandwich, mashed potato's, pasta/SPAGHETTI,
PB sandwich, hot dogs, hamburgers, choc. muffins, and

Favorite Games-
COD:WaW to COD: B. Ops 1, DOOM, Skyrim, HALO, 1066, Warfare 1917 to Warfare 1944, and Checkers.

Favorite Movie's/Shows-
Princess Bride, Predator, Rocky 1 2 3, Pacific Rim,
Real Steel, Godzilla 2014, The Simpsons, Ajin,
Star Wars 4 5 6 7, Hulk Vs, Transformers,
The Water Horse, Terminator 1 2 5, Alien, Avengers, Guardians of The Galaxy.

Sports I've been in-
Track & Field, Wrestling, Archery, Baseball,
& Martial Arts.

Favorite Youtubers-
Markiplier, Jackcepticeye, TomatoGaming, KuleDud3, M3RKMUS1C,
FaZe Jev, BedBananna, Sky Does Minecraft, Vanoss Gaming,
H2o Delirious, Mini Ladd, ERB, Tiger Productions, WHZGUD2, and Matthew Santoro.

Favorite Bands-
Disturbed, Metallica, Skillet, Three Days Grace, Five Finger Death Punch, Thrice, September Mourning, Sixx:A.M., Escape the Fate, Papa Roach,
Hollywood Undead, and Adelitas Way.

Favorite Superhero(s)/Anti hero(s)-
Hulk, Thor, Punisher, Deadpool, Hercules, Namor, Superman, Sentry,
The Flash, Spider Man, Toxin, Black Widow, Black Panther, Iron Man,
Captain America, She Hulk, Star Lord, Black Bolt, Dr. Strange,
Blue Beetle, Wolverine, Doom Guy, Master Chief, Riddick, Kratos,
Johnny Cage, Lu Kang, Moon Knight, and Colossus.

Favorite Villain(s)-
Doomsday, Carnage, The Lizard, Joker, Deathstroke, Venom, Thanos, Killer Croc, Dormammu, Red Skull, Juggernaut, Onslaught, Boba Fett,
Darth Vader, Dr. Doom, Task Master, Galactus, Anti Monitor, Bane, Ultron,
Lex Luthor, Shao Kahn, and Hannible Lecter.



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