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-my first emote ever-

my very first emote! no kidding! never even attempted before! actually, this is basically the first thing that i've ever even animated!

made with help from =CookiemagiK's tutorial! thank you so much!!

64 frames of fun.

which took me about 2 1/2 hrs. (this is my first one after all.) ;)

ok, finally got it to get rid of the white background. stupid gif files! still has a small white outline though...oh well.
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The animation looks really great to be your first emote :D
Good job! :clap:
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thank you! wow, props from the master! i feel so proud!

i do have a question adds that white background (i had it transparent) when i save as an animated gif, but saving it that way is the only way i know how so that it will load as an animation. do you have any tips?
ps: i work in fireworks, though i could use photoshop if i have to.
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I also use Fireworks ^^ and what you need to do is, choose 'Import Wizard' instead of 'Save' then after a few windows you'll get to a preview section where you can choose the transparency. Here you just choose 'Alpha transparency' and then press 'import' ^^
Hope that helps :)
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where is import wizard? i only see export wizard...
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oops :iconteheplz: that's what I meant xD
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ok. i figured it out now, thanks.

you might want to look at the emote again...see how it improved with transparency! :D
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Looks much better now ^^
Although there seem to be some white pixels around the emote and the rock.
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yeah, sorry, i used a soft brush so even though i had it on 100% opacity it was still a little blurry around the edges and made those white spots. i might go back and fix that later, but probably not until the weekend. so much to do now that school's started...
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nice joB for your first one! :nod:
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Huzzah!! Well done!! You captured humor in motion!

Plus.. the little guy engenders attachment. I fell in love with him! His clumsy self is endearing.
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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCH AND FAVE!!!!!!!!!!! :glomp: glad you like him! :D
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You are most welcome! Also, thank you for giving credit to Cookie for the tutorial! I respect that. I just looked at that gallery too.. some serious talent here.. including YOU!
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i always like to give credit where credit is due. it's not right to take credit for another's work, and you should always try to help spread the knowledge of the awesome tutorial! it really did help me, though i did change it a bit for my animation.

right now i'm waiting for permission to post my first bokeh picture because i wasn't sure how to make the patterned layer, so i copied it from the tutorial, so i messaged the owner to see if it's ok with her if i post it. it's been about a week though and she hasn't responded so i might have to send her a note...
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You are being incredible ethical. My bet is the tutorial owner would be delighted for you to use it.

No one puts out a tutorial unless they find joy in helping others develop their art work.

I'll watch for it to come out!
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ok, here it is! [link]

i went to her page and realized she had the texture from the tutorial posted as a deviation, and the comments said i could use it so long as i give credit and note her, so i'll note her about it now...

hope you like it! :rose:
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OMG!! It's just beautiful!! You did an awesome job with it!
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