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Cael Cyndar from Dragon Rage

This took me almost all day to draw. I had drawn him as he looked in the cutscenes not the gameplay. Background is not mine.

Link to cutscene [link]

Link to background [link]
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I love that game. Dragon Rage. Its such a shame it had such poor reviews and isn't known very much. I still replay it from time to time.
Beautiful picture! Glad I'm no the only one who loves Cael
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"Bad reviews", you say? IGN says it's an okay game. They rated it 6.2 out of 10.
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Well the fact that its incomplete makes it seem bad. So many complaints about an unfinished level and that you never know what happens to Galtron. But that's just from really picky game reviewers. I enjoyed the game very much, a true classic firebreathing dragon laying wastes to its foes and defending its territory! And we get to be the dragon!I am a dummy! 

 Plus its seems like its been a while since I made that comment that I can't really remember where I got the bad reviews part or why I said it. I can't remember back that far, hehe. Sweating a little... 

Maybe I was looking at Wikipedia about it? Oh well.

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It's true. Playing as a dragon is always worth buying a game.
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What's your favorite part of the game?
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Hard to say since I like all the levels, but my least favorite part was "The Hoard", when you were racing against the orc navy to claim Mandeck's gold. That took me a couple of tries.


What's your favorite/least favorite part?

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Now, when we're talking favorite character, I pretty much like Cael Cyndar himself. I'm not so sure I have a lest favorite part about any of it.
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