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Alternate Powerpuff Girls

2013: These designs are outdated.
New revision is here [link]

This one came out of no wheres.

Again I play around with my little alternate world
I redesigned the alternate-powerpuff girls a bit. Not too much of a change from my past drawings of them, but still.

Adding some info on them because I can.
Comparing them to the original PPG.(O-PPG)

The A-Powerpuff girls, in their home world, live in a small continent that is ruled and regulated by a single, yet, large and powerful kingdom. Like the O-PPG, they are considered young, yet noble warriors that keep the peace in a place in which many beings wish to corrupt the kingdom from within and rule it and the continent as their own.

The A-PPG are similar to originals by having enhanced abilities and powers. Unlike the o-ppg though, they use wings to fly, as they have no natural ability to truly fly freely.

The girls are born as sisters like the O-PPG, but to due to difficult circumstances, they each live separately in 3 different communities in the continent, with a different-specie ally to stay with them(each). Though they live separately, they keep regular contact with each other and the King/Queen, mainly through Blossom, who lives within the main castle of the kingdom.

Living in this place as their guardians, they gained many friends and enemies. The most noticeable of them all is their mixed relationship with their male rivals, the A-Rowdyruff boys.


Too lazy to do individual info.. |D

Oh, age wise I think the girls are a bit on the older side. Not quite sure how much exactly. I guess that's up to our imaginations, heh. =)

Anyway. Satisfied with this. Blossom looks a little funky though. Something about her face.
And her right hand. I found it pretty difficult to make it appear that her hand is pointing at the viewer. Well, I tried.

Drawn in oekaki.

PPG are © Craig M.
Whole custom alternate world idea © Me, of course.
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Nice twist on these characters. Me likey :).
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buttercup is best
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I love the wings! :3
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OMG the powerpuff girls w/ wings looks radical
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Is it weird that I like this one better then the new one? Haha, but seriously this pic is awesome! :clap:
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When I was younger I adored them
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cool you did a good work i like it
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Wow they look amazing!!! :D
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Nice sketch of the feathered angel wings. :thumbsup:
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i love this pic <3
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i love it!! they look like gothics!
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can i redraw it in another ver plz
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