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Off Duty Guard - FlashLight

it has been a VERY long time since I indulged in some classic shipping. After finishing working on a large sketch yesterday, I just started doodling and this popped out.

Poor Flash, giving his A game but all he manages to do is make Twilight laugh.

You're welcome to make up a dialogue if you want!
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el poder de la música XD
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Hey Foxgirl! I have a question.. will you continue the FlashLight fanfic. I'm desperate to know! :happybounce: 
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sorry. but that aspect of my life has passed XD I was young and obsessed with flashlight. I don't think I'll continue it. But I'll keep drawing them when inspiration strikes
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Glad to see that pictures like these still exist.

Twilight: So what if I asked you what you wanted first between "quality time with me", dinner, or a bath? 

Flash: Hmm... I'd say... I'd want YOU for dinner with me in the bath! Yeeheehee~!

Twilight: *Can't hold back laughing* Heheheheheh~! Oh, Flash! Stop!

Flash: Do you REALLY want me to stop?! 


Flash: Heheheheh! That's what I thought~! *Kisses her on the cheek and she kisses him on the nose*
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While I'm more of a "Flash-immer" shipper myself, I cannot deny how adorable this ship still is.  Heck, I was one of the few guys who LIKED Flash from the beginning. 

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i'm obsessed with flash sentry XDD ;-;
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Aw so cute! I love this! Flashlight is a good ship!
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so cute! Exactly wht I wanted to see 
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How cute! I know the Flashlight ship isn't really liked in several parts of the fandom, but I don't mind it. This is adorable.

The only grievance I have with this piece is Twilight's left wing. It looks detached and floating away from her main body. Her right wing's okay though.

Otherwise, I like the colors, shading, and expressions.
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awesome and adorable^^
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This is so perfect! Thank you for sharing this adorableness with us!
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Awwwwwwwwww I missed these two together >w<
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It's beautiful, thank you

Even though Hasbro's the one that started it, it seems like they don't intend to follow through it. It's sad to think that this ship seems to be dying, that the producers will not canonized this kind of thing due to the "dislikes" it gets from "critics".

But thanks to fan arts like these and artists like you, it's what keeps it alive.

So again, thank you and keep up the good work.
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Por fin, alguien que entiende mi idioma...
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I don't really ship those two but neither can I deny that this is absolutly adorable^^
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Flash (imitating Bon Jovi): I'm a cowbow... in a steel horse I ride. I'm wanted... dead or alive...
Twilight: Flash, stop it! *////////*
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I don't ship these two, but it's still a cute drawing.

Any chance of more Apple Bloom/Tender Taps?
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Always love your FlashLight art
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This is so adorable. :D
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