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The Last Avatar

Aang by Shtut  Legendary by c-dra  fire like ice by chuwenjie <da:thumb id="310790687"/>
The Legend of Azula by kelly1412   Avatar boys by ming85  Healer by Aleccha
<da:thumb id="65494775"/>

The Blind Bandit by tissine  MUSHY GIANT FRIEND by Marina-Shads  Royal Mai - Four Chinese characters series - by kelly1412  Avatar Suki - Fire nation by GENZOMAN 
Avatar - Katara Fire nation by GENZOMAN  Avatar - Toph Bei Fong by GENZOMAN  Blue Spirit by Quirkilicious  Prince Zuko by Ninjatic 
Toph by palnk  Momo Yojimbo by Booter-Freak  Avatar Aang by kira-meku  Portrait of Zuko and Mai by missbennet 
Aang meets Appa by KimchiCrusader <da:thumb id="313233416"/>  The Painted Lady by LightUpMyPalette  Avatar - Katara by GENZOMAN 

The Legend of Korra

Legend of Korra by FabianMonk <da:thumb id="308067425"/>  Amon by RadulfGreyhammer  Bolin and Mako by palnk 
wwwwww by jebiblue  Go Fire Ferrets! by yuumei  .Avatar Korra by IsaiahStephens  When We Were Young 3 by charmful
<da:thumb id="343703679"/>
   Legend Of Korra by EdgarSandoval  Korra: Ascend by danielledemartini 
 <da:thumb id="327018227"/>   Aang and Korra by ChristyTortland  Mako - The Legend of Korra by leonwoon  KORRA by chocosweete
  Chief Beifong by Lunar-Graphite
   Puppet Master by kattors  Makorra by palnk  LoK: Fire Ferrets by AzureStarr
Avatar Korra by Artylay <da:thumb id="299950435"/>  mask by CarrotCakeBandit 
.:Mako by IsaiahStephens  korra, our little angel. by freestarisis  Legend of Korra - Poster by MarcelPerez  Street by Shtut
Baby Bending by keebrusier  Legend of Korra by MeTaa <da:thumb id="307368600"/>  Korra - Fight the Breakdown by ChristyTortland
    Lieutenant by RadulfGreyhammer  Amon Will Equalize Benders by tsbranch  Korra: Peaceful Days by danielledemartini  Of Earth and Fire-Complete by euclidstriangle
Korra and Naga by maxbat  Hey Makoooo by frozentofu <da:thumb id="307045296"/> <da:thumb id="298408443"/>

So, this is my FIRST feature!  It took me 3 hours to make, but I think it turned out pretty well anyway.  How about you?  In any case, this is the journal for every and all Avatar fans!  Please ENJOY! :D

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looks like there's a lot of talent in that post! Also thanks for featuring the Linzen :)