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Veloce Visrin

Veloce belongs to shilin

And I want so say some words:

I follow Shilin for like.. (almost) 10 years! And all her work is really amazing. I Jus like...4 days ago I started to read Carciphona, I haven't read it before because english isn't my first language, actually, even now my english isn't that good as it should to post in the net, but I can manage to read it and understand it in some way. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH AND IT'S AWESOME. It's like "oh my-- I exist when she do this! How many years..?" and the answer is 10, when Carciphona was called "Blackbird" OMG.

I feel so proud to say "Shilin is my senpai, I want to be like her when I grow up" (and I'm 22 right now)

Some years ago I talked to here, and asked her if I can make a fanart, and I did so but I never like it ; -;, but now, I think I just sold my soul, so I CAN DRAW WHATEVER I WANT, AND I ALWAYS HAVE WANTED SOMETHING FOR SHILIN. I have struggled deciding between drawing Veloce or Blackbird, each time I read Carciphona I was like "I like Veloce, she is awesome...." and suddenly appears Blackbird and I went like "I WANT TO DRAW HER", but whenever Blackbird goes out of the chapter I turn so again thinking about drawing Veloce like "Hmmm, yeah, Veloce, I love her - comes Blackbird- AMORE MIO", at the end, I made Veloce Visrin.

Shilin, I hope you can read (and understand my english...) how much I love your art and I sure wil followe your Patreon when I can handle some money

Veloce Visrin by :iconshilin:
Art by me!
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thank you so much for this gorgeous drawing ;________;
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THANKS TO YOOOUUU!! :iconblushuplz: I love soooo much all your wooorks! ;0; you made that I wanted to be a better artist
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Looking good, good job.
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