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Happy New Year Everyone!

Wow this is actually my first Journal Entry o.0

ANYWAY, I started my Let's Draw Series again even though my hand isn't in tip-top shape.

Hooray for Season 2! -- :D

As you all know, a new DBZ movie will be coming out March 30th 2013 in Japan. (Called: Battle of Gods)
I want to put the decision in YOUR hands for this next episode.

---  HAPPY VOTING! ---
(REMEMBER: You may vote ONCE a day) -- The Poll will be up for about 3 Weeks and the DBZ baddie with the most votes will be shown on youtube and of course the finished work will be posted on my deviantart page!

LET'S DRAW SEASON 2 EPISODE 2: Which Dragon Ball Z MOVIE Villain Should I Draw?

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