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Dragonfire3k3 Brush Set 6

Dragonfire3k3's Brush Set 6
Description: Fractal Set 2! These are a 'harder' type of fractal, enjoy!
Brush Compatibility: Photoshop 7 or higher.
Brush quantity: 12 Brushes.
Notes: I really appreciate critique and comments, so please post them =). Also, please +fav and cite this page if you use them in some artwork. Thank you.

© 2007 - 2021 Dragonfire3k3
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I love playing with the free open source " and Chaoscope"
Lovely Thank you
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heh dragonfirek 1 of my favo brush creators :D
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Love the color you used for the preview xD
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Great brushes!
Used here [link]
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I'm glad you had a use for them =)

Dir En Grey is one of my friend's favorite bands, too :D
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they look nice, i'll give em a try
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Alright, I hope you enjoy!
Another great brush set, nice.
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your brushes are all cool! thanks!! ^__^
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Thank you very much =)
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This brush is sooo's gonna help with some of my pics...thanks a lot for posting them...i'll make note of you on my profile page ^_^
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i cant download it
can i ask this bruch for apple or pc
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You cannot download it? Hmm... I can send it to your e-mail address, if you want. This was made for PC, but there is no reason why it should effect your using of it.
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