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        The soft etching could be heard as the blaring noise from the lit screen was completely ignored, drowned out by the inner working of two girls. One girl sat one the couch, quietly stitching up the multicolored fabric placed before her. The other teen was near the noise that filled the room with a painfully sweet melody. Painting a grotesque half-sphere was nothing to her, as she could feel that something was off. The eerie calmness of the room supplied enough tension, while the crafts continued. Not just the physical crafts that the girls were creating, but the mental games that both were playing with each other. Sadly, one teen’s hand was set up for failure, becoming the other girl’s marionette doll for the hours ticking by.
        “Sage, Kimi said something to me. . .,” the puppet master began, looking towards the brunette that flicked the paintbrush, looking downtrodden at the mention of her best friend’s
:icondragonfire1024:Dragonfire1024 2 3
       Laughter echoed throughout the dimly lit yard as the little orbs slowly turned, passing each teen by without a care in the world. Slowly, the laughter died down as the rustling of the grass came to a stand still and whispers flooded the girls senses. Tensing quietly, the brunette inhaled sharply behind the thick brush she was hiding behind.
       “Where's Sage?” There it was. Hazel eyes hardened as she heard her name being mentioned in their do-or-die game of hide-and-seek. “No one knows? We need to find her!”
        Quietly, as the rustling of footsteps could be heard crunching beneath the grass and dirt, she giggled. Sage thought she was a goner when she heard her ginger-blonde friend laughing next to her, but they only caught her friend luckily. Now, it was her turn and she knew it, although she had to give it up to herself for not being found yet amidst the veil of black.
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   Buzzes ring out among a silent audience in a chilling white room too clean to be this perfect. Surrounded by white that makes it seem like an asylum many should find it odd, but many pay no attention to the odd color scheme. Instead, gazes are turned towards the match before them that has just ended by a one-point lead. Somehow, as one figure moves quickly across the room to the winners, each pays no mind to it.
    The lithe brunette moves flawlessly among the desks that lined the room, should-length chocolate locks bouncing with her every step. She congratulates her team, hugging all members for making it to finals. Yes, they have moved forwards from last year as she laughs, mocha eyes sparkling. Although, as many scramble out the tight room to welcome the crisp, night air she stays. The scene is nothing out of the ordinary, her helping to remove their equipment to move to the next room for the final stage.
    Yet, as the girl finishes to welcome the
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The teen, no older than fifteen, looked in the mirror gazing at the reflection she knows- or once knew. She swayed her head, trying to get her hair to move, but alas to no avail. Her chocolate locks were stuck, tightened and placed between her neck and the high-necked, lacy white top she wore with a light blue sweater vest.
Hazel eyes flickered down trying to see her favorite dark black slacks, yet her vision was blocked by the pink-black checkered sweatshirt tied around her waist. A sigh escaped her lips as she tugged on the tightly bound sweater, almost looking as if she was ready to tear it off of her.
Instead, she tried to sweep across the room, moving anything from the abnormally tight attire. Although, she found herself almost tripping and only barely caught herself on her dresser. Afterwards, she found herself growling slightly, kicking off the black heels that landed halfway across the room, both moving to opposite corners of the room as if banished to the corner like a child p
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Shattered Time Prologue
Scarlet eyes lit up as sparks across the tattered battlefield, the Charizard and Rhydon currently locked in a battle of strength rather than skill. A loud scratch was heard as the claws of the red dragon scraped against the gravely skin of the drill Pokemon. The orange blur spread its massive wings for intimidation while still pushing against his dinosaur-like opponent then releasing a small flamethrower in its face.
Across the field a mysterious figure smirked. Dressed in a clean black suit with white undershirt and a jet black tie, surprisingly clean from the battle that had been commencing for longer than he could remember. The man seemed to not be phased that he was losing- a snarky glint even occasionally appearing in his eyes.
“You're doing better, Red,” he commented while their two partners duked it out. “Better than that weak boy I once saw before.” The boy, not looking an age over thirteen, gritted his teeth as he saw his partners pain when a lone stone
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“Oh yeah, Claire’s not coming this year,” a voice crackles among the dead silence from the room. The phone lays in front of a brunette girl, no younger than in her mid-teens. Her eyes flicker from the phone to around the room. “Saph? You there?”
“She can’t leave!” Sapphire screams an octavo higher than she should. She takes a breath before speaking again, this time quieter. “I mean, Scarlet, you already told me that Belle’s going to another school and now Claire?” Her voice starts to thin and she blinks once or twice. Tears. They’re threatening to fall out.
“I’m sorry,” Scarlet says from the other end of the line. Scarlet can sense her friends sadness, knowing two of their closest friends were leaving. “I should be there to tell you, but here I am doing silly summer school work!” A loud pounding noise followed by a crackling.
“She, she just never said goodbye. . .” Sapphire
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“Ski, ski! Skitty!” a tiny pink cat-like Pokemon trilled bounding across the Opelucid City streets. The Skitty sprinted with agility as it rant towards its owner,  a tall, white bearded man standing in the middle of the quiet town.
“Ah, Lila!” the man bellowed as he kneeled down and spread his arms open wide. Lila bounded over to her owner and jumped into her owner’s waiting arms. The two shared a tender moment, the Skitty mewing happily as she nuzzled into the large man’s neck while he hugged her softly, but all moments must come to an end.
“Dra-Drayden?!” a purple- haired girl shrieked from behind him. The said gym leader quickly turned around to see his apprentice and fellow champion. The older gym leader blushed, although not seen due to his massive beard.
Clearing his through, he began to speak, “Ah, Iris, White, please forgive my sudden outburst. Lila was quite a surprise.” He looked down to his Skitty, who he was s
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Sentences and words become a blur and a jumble of incoherent whispers as I escape to my own world. My eyes flicker across my disarray of friends spread out among this amphitheater. Landing on many of the “pairings” of the mingling groups, I try to grasp the scene- my peers squished together in one place or another. I can’t stand another moment though looking at any single person; it hurts.
Jealousy. The first word that appears in my mind. That emotion that tugs at my heart for days. A sense of longing protrudes throughout the sea of emotions and jealousy too. Although, I can’t help but wonder to myself why.
How can I be jealous of something I’m scared of? Scared enough even to realize what I need.
Confusion sets in as I realize what I crave- the touch of another who cares just as deeply for me as I do he. It seemed plainly obvious, the couples littering a bright, sunny morning snuggled deeply into each other and whispering sweet nothings into their ears.
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A Queen's Battle
The queen’s eyes falter, looking upon her opponents. She settles on one particular rival- the joker. He was unexpected, for she never knew he would join in the game. He is a wild card, a person that makes the unexpected reality.
The joker notices the stare she gives him and smirks back, giving a small wave as a gesture of sarcasm. The queen’s reaction is quite unusual and unruly for her highness stumbles, causing the ball she clutched tightly to falter and bounce.
The rough asphalt rattles and loud thud could be heard. Small chunks of gravel shake and a blur of blue passes quickly before anyone could have a chance to react. The game has been set and a deadly match has begun.
Quickly, the knight, a brilliant brunette, reacts and gracefully hits the spherical object roughly onto the hard terrain. The ball is passed onto the fumbling princess, who clumsily kicks the object away. It rolls down a large slope and into a roughish grassland where it goes near a pipe-like passageway
:icondragonfire1024:Dragonfire1024 1 0
People and trainers alike gather around the tree
Odd amounts of presents flood under the trees
Kitchens are filled with Pokemon and humans producing Christmas goodies
Everyone is jolly, decorating everywhere alongside their Pokemon
Christmas carols are sung about Sawsbuck on the roof and jingling bells
Hoards of people rush to buy last minutes gifts for loved ones
Ringing of bells and tunes of songs can be heard from around the tree
Ice covers the outside world, making it frozen and letting the children miss school for the holidays
Stantler and Sawsbuck tales are told by the adults to the little ones of how they pull the sled
Trees, houses, etc are lite up for all to see
Mistletoe is hung, waiting for the couples, Pokemon or human
All of the children and Pokemon alike are laughing and playing in the snow
Santa comes to deliver presents on the magical 25th of December
:icondragonfire1024:Dragonfire1024 1 2
"He did what?!" Hikari shouted over the phone with Mars standing next to her. "Yes, yes, I understand. I'll be over as soon as possible." Hikari sighed and turned to Mars, frustration clearly etched on her face.
"What was that all about?" Mars asked Hikari, who marched right past her scurrying to grab all her essential items before heading out. Mars soon followed Hikari finding her ready in a flash and by the door.
"Something about Flint trying to cook again at the league. I got to go and take care of this. We're supposed to have a challenger at noon! See you Mars, maybe you should go and find Lucas, I think he should be leaving about," she looked out the window, "now."
With that final comment, Hikari was out the door and on her Togekiss' back flying to the league. Hikari sighed and ran a hand through her hair. How could Flint mess up cold eggnog and set the kitchen on fire? All these thoughts went in and out of her hair head as she reached the league.
Hikari burst through the door, Em
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Christmas Chaos
"Why did I not listen to Crys this time?" Gold sighed bitterly. He was shopping for Crys' gift and the store had to be packed, after all it was Christmas Eve. His trusted partner, Typhlo the Typhlosion, was watching his trainer mumble incoherent things to himself and try and dodge many other trainers looking for last minute gifts.
Honestly, it was a funny sight to many of the innocent bystanders, but in his mind Gold was possibly the most crazy he's been in years. You see, shopping on Christmas Eve was not only a death wish, but Crys would almost kill him for three reasons: he did not listen to her advice, he was getting her late, and he was shopping on Christmas Eve of all days.
Looking at many of the gifts he could buy, none of them seemed to fit Crys' personality quite and he sure was getting frustrated. He looked to Typhlo and shook his head. He walked to a different isle seeing if there was anything there, but soon saw that it was filed with all kinds of girly stuff, like the drea
:icondragonfire1024:Dragonfire1024 1 5
A boy sighed as he drowsily awoke from his slumber and got ready for the day. It was going to be a normal day for him, at least that's what he thought. After getting up and eating Lucas would go to the Professor and check on how he was doing, just like any normal day.
Fixing his beret and making sure his Pokeballs were concealed safely in his bag, Lucas checked the time to see that he was running later than usual and decided against breakfast. Slamming the door behind him, he tried to make a mad dash for Route 1 when he was stopped by a sarcastic and snarky voice.
"Late, are we, Lucas?" an auburn haired female stated. Lucas turned and looked at the girl, in denim jeans and a red winter coat with boots, which the outfit made sense since it was the middle of Winter. Lucas sighed.
"Yes I am, Mars and if you would kindly move out of my way I will be on my way."
Ever since the Sinnoh incident with Team Galactic Mars has been living in Twinleaf Town with Lucas, Hikari, and Jun as a roommate
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Drawing for Silverstonepokegirl by Dragonfire1024 Drawing for Silverstonepokegirl :icondragonfire1024:Dragonfire1024 1 3 Drawing for shadythedark by Dragonfire1024 Drawing for shadythedark :icondragonfire1024:Dragonfire1024 1 3 Drawing for NintendoPie by Dragonfire1024 Drawing for NintendoPie :icondragonfire1024:Dragonfire1024 1 7


Pokemon 20th Anniversary: 151 by Eversparks Pokemon 20th Anniversary: 151 :iconeversparks:Eversparks 156 14 UnderLOVETale - An Undertale Dating Sim GAME by Chibixi UnderLOVETale - An Undertale Dating Sim GAME :iconchibixi:Chibixi 768 1,316 [SPOILERS?] In this world it's stack or be stacked by zarla [SPOILERS?] In this world it's stack or be stacked :iconzarla:zarla 5,162 954
Wow guys CORE is expensive
i remember when i could get premium membership for less than half of the price of core membership its pathetic guys
:iconxmintea:xMintea 1 0
Amazing Turn of Events. by Kirlia424 Amazing Turn of Events. :iconkirlia424:Kirlia424 1 6
Groot X Reader X Rocket
Groot smiled softly down at you, watching as you made a little present for him. Noticing that he was, again, breaking the rule you set, you patted the behemoth on the arm from where you sat.
You were on Groot's lap currently, one leg placed on either side of his own. To anyone else the scene would have been rather suggestive, but the two of you were merely showing to whom your affections were for.
"Groot, I told you. No peeking." You giggled, reaching up to close his eyes. He smiled a bit wider. You continued to weave the thing in your hands, making sure it was nice and tight before giving it to your lover.
It was a regular Saturday morning on the ship, your hair was down, cascading over your shoulders. Your body was covered with a(n) (F/C) tank top and a pair of maroon sweats.
"Alright. Open." You smiled, (E/C) orbs shining in happiness up at the behemoth. You reached your hands, a floral crown hanging from them. You beckoned him to lean down to your level, which he did happily. You p
:iconforest-whispers:Forest-Whispers 386 59
Old Rivalries by MineralRabbit Old Rivalries :iconmineralrabbit:MineralRabbit 10 5 Axent Wear Update by yuumei Axent Wear Update :iconyuumei:yuumei 15,497 544 ACEO Birds by Sysirauta ACEO Birds :iconsysirauta:Sysirauta 79 7
Deviantart search data!
2/23/15::Let's type some words into the search box and get some data for the fun of it! Let's see if there are any surprises!
Truth: 565,792
Lie: 896,443
Conclusions: We are all liars.
Love: 19,968,555
Hate: 2,716,329
Conclusions: On the plus side, we are all lovers. Yay bonobos! 
Life: 6,008,443
Death: 3,820,310
Conclusions: Considering the fact that most people who post on this site are alive, does this really surprise you?
Why: 5,069,204
How: 9,851,290
What: 15,846,448
Who: 8,745,150
Where: 4,497,297
Conclusions: We don't know a whole lot, do we? We seem to know less about "What" is than "Where" is.
Past: 1,525,009
Present: 1,233,026
Future: 1,361,525
Conclusions: Pretty equal results for each topic. I don't quite know what to extrapolate from it, but the result is still fascinating. 
Sex and Gender
Male oc: 206,932
Female oc: 242,800
and just to be sure... 
Boy oc: 260,550
Man oc: 176,836
:iconcataclyptic:Cataclyptic 2 3
Performer Self by Eversparks Performer Self :iconeversparks:Eversparks 59 6 Pkmn: The Original Dragon, VAHIROM by ky-nim Pkmn: The Original Dragon, VAHIROM :iconky-nim:ky-nim 2,277 367 Rising Flames - Prologue 1 - OR Gijinkalocke by Mad-Revolution Rising Flames - Prologue 1 - OR Gijinkalocke :iconmad-revolution:Mad-Revolution 140 48 Kristoff's Family Christmas by NightLiight Kristoff's Family Christmas :iconnightliight:NightLiight 3,656 211
Pokemon Epic Emerald: About
This journal will be updated if something new comes to light.
Version 1 Now available!

Pokemon Epic Emerald is a hack, of obviously, Pokemon Emerald that was released in 2003. It will be a standard .gba file, meaning you can play it on most emulators like VBA. This hack will contain numerous new features in order to make it more epic.
This is a 386 hack so all 386 pokemon of gen 3 will be present in the game at least once somewhere. You get the national pokedex from a man near route 102. 
Type changes added in X/Y are added to the game- Steel does not resist dark or ghost, and all aspects of the fairy type have been added as of version 2 (coming soon).
Because I play Pokemon competitively, some of the moves within the game that are useless and or cheap have been altered within reason to give better effects. For instance, Fissure, which usually causes a OHKO, has bee
:iconcataclyptic:Cataclyptic 2 12
The Drew Issue by Cascadena The Drew Issue :iconcascadena:Cascadena 55 27


Hello to all my fellow watchers and friends on DeviantArt. I will not be making excuses about my absence, because I could have come back sooner, so I'm sorry. Instead, I will be the one to explain the main points of which that I have went through the past year.

January 2015- early June 2015: Finishing up my junior year of high school and having emotional breakdowns. Kind of a bad time period for myself, but I made through it. I love the support though via my deviations from you all, so I want to thank you all for that. These six months were really about finding myself and preparing for senior year.

late June 2015-early August 2015: When I was supposed to come back full throttle. Instead, I was boggled down with summer homework for my school and writer's block. I could have posted something, but it would have been horrible. 

late August 2015-present: Time period spent between friends, family, and schoolwork. Not much to say but trying to enjoy my senior year and prep for college. I really contemplated during this time about quitting DeviantArt altogether. However, I remembered all the memories on here and how all of you made such an impact on me for seven years now of my life, which I am ever grateful for. 

So, what now?

New Year Resolutions:
  • Start posting more frequently (at least once a month)
  • Actively start replying to what I have left of you guys
  • IRL stuff like college
That's all I really had to say after this, so I just want to leave one final note: If you still remember me, Dragona, after this past year of absence, please leave a comment/note. I really want to hear from all of you again. 

Thanks and have a good day everyone.


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

Hi! I want to say welcome to my page, and I hope that you like my literature. My main fandom, as seen, is Pokemon although I have taken a liking to other fandoms. Please feel free to talk to me, I enjoy making new friends here on deviantArt.

dA Family
:iconmasqurade-chan: is the last fat rainbow farting unicorn that can puke pokeballs.
:iconcherabby: is the mentally unstable hedgehog.
:iconleteveryoneoverarip: is the little brother who loves penguins.
:iconthemadhatterscup: is the aunt that is a ramen eating hippo.
:iconevefarrel: is the insane older sister who every day has a new character she tries to act like for the entire day.
:iconclawthehedgehog11: is the french toast.
:iconxnocturnallightx: is the pet hermit crab.
:iconmikikimio: is the human child that can turn into a baby panda with awesome ninja powaaz!
:iconlolipoploid: is the spoiled bottomless pit of food that drags you to wonderland and disguises herself to be that one random creeper that borrows bananas from Masq.
:iconxmintea: is the pet cat that is quite quirky and likes having lots of fun!
:iconandrogynousrabbit: is the insane, psychopathic, pyromaniac tomboy sister who loves fire and beanies.
:icontheliekmudkipz: is the creepy, overexcited yet subtly awesome little sister.
:iconsomnambulantriparian: is the reincarnated alligator from Saskatchewan who has a fetish for Smoothies of all species.
:iconimmortalfire367: is the redneck Pichu half-brother from Uranus.
:iconimachi120: is the mail lady who is secretly a spy from the CIA who is also secretly a space traveler from plant AWESOME.
:iconamyrosenumerouno: is the little sister with the creepy smile.
:iconthecatgirl246: is the crazy tomboy/rouge who has awesome magical powers and can transform into any animal of her choice.
:iconsnowcocoa: is the tsundere cocoa cup.
:iconsynovelle: is the stabby tonberry with a mustache.
:iconkiddopolis: is the malteser obsesseed, tsundere, awesome Celebi.
:iconsirus7009: is the long lost big brother who enjoys shooting things and writes Pokemon Romance fics like it's a dying trend.
:iconhi-hikari-byouga: is the Unworldly Tsundere Curled Up In A Dark Corner Keeping Herself Alive By Playing Pokemon On Her DS, Reading Fanfiction To Giggle/Weep About Her Feels Afterwards And Eating Happy Colas.
:icondragonfire1024: the crazy smart, Pokemon obsessive, little sister that annoys everyone by telling them random facts of the day at random times.

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot Can't draw? Pfft nonsense! by yassui :thumb190418072: Pokemon Stamp by In-The-Machine Every Generation Stamp by In-The-Machine Viridianshipping.:Stamp:. by ForbiddenchasmX Xerneas Stamp by DraconaVampira Bunnymund Fan Stamp by shadyGIFs Vivillion Stamp by Okami-Norino

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