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I got a lot inbox thanks all support. Sorry I have stop artwork and videos anymore. Those websites closed my account and took down my all videos a few days ago. They against me violented Racism / Fetish / No Sound aren't allowed, but I worry probably next trolls will writing to them try close my accounts here Deviantart and facebook soon.
Everyday, I want say Happy New Year! I was busy all my life. Now I back start work on my comic page. Thank you :)
My dog passed away yesterday. Chihuahua name is Page, she always played with me and she loved sleep with me. Now I am crying miss her. I hope feel better soon.
Now I have busy a lot. I do work more comic pages later. Week ago, I created 3d animation video Goddess Grants Another Life story like a reincarnation means to die and to be born again. I uploaded in youtube. Here link…

Thanks all comments
Good New! My computer back work fine. I want say very thank to my aunt. Now I do need copy my comic files put in WD save long hour then I back work a few hours soon. :-D
Bad news I am upset that happen my computer yesterday, It won't open not work. I have hard working my comic 63 to 80 pages almost finish %50 I worry, don't want lost my files comic. I pray wait see my aunt come today or weekend, hope fix my computer and take save my file. If she say can't fix it, I will stop work comic 1 to 62 the end. :-(
Everyone, I need to break work my comic. I am very busy my new movie deaf giantess part. Maybe I move live with my mother house or only me own home next year soon, because I have problem with my aunt is my roommate had miscommunication me all time.
Everyone, sorry I miss get a lot notes them long wait months. If you want talk to me better use my Facebook always everyday, but I sometime here. I will upload submit my The Lost Golden Staff of The Dragon Queen page 49 on Monday soon.

Thank you.
Everyone, all my friends. I finished my work 3d animation movie the deaf giantess I was working hard six months. I am rest and back here more work page The Lost Golden Staff of The Dragon Queen. My birthday April 30 today I am 33 years old :)

I was uploading video in youtube, too long than 10 hours because my video had 5GB with HD 1920x1080 37:37. If you want watch video, you can go check here… Please more up thumbs. Thank you.

My facebook page…
Everyone, sorry I not finish pages still long work 49 to 56. I just play game Skyrim Dragonborn, I hope take soon.
Everyone, I must stop play game Diablo 3 made me hook week, I miss my work comic. I do work now, very sorry..

Thanks comments :D
Everyone, I was busy weeks ago. Now I back work on my comic more pages. I noticed some comments, I want say happy new years!

My page Facebook…
Everyone, I was busy month and I upload my old 60 videos and 20 pictures in my Facebook. I will back work on comic next new year 2013 soon. Here link, more like me and I can more post feed news.…

Thanks all suppot me!
Everyone, sorry long weeks I was have problem my internet. I will sit watch dogs her house week. My aunt and I want go to Black Friday soon, I think want get new computer apple mac. I don't know when back work on comic 30 more pages.

Thanks all.
I have busy my family for Halloween, I want to break work comic next weekend.

Thank you.
I live Arizona little cold pretty day. Let my computer mouse was broken, I will get new one mouse. I have work page soon, may not Monday next a few days. I have busy all time. I just work 3d animation new movie the deaf giantess.
I just get sick now, and little dizzy by my aunt made cake with rum I ate. I drinking a lot water and rest down bed. Maybe not work comic Friday, next weekend.

Everyone, I am here now, I was busy week. My aunt let me went out look at sky, I noticed that contrails check here link… that is beautiful from Rocket Shot Off In New Mexico. I will do work 3d animation my new movie The Deaf Giantess 2012 soon. This Friday ago, I was upset those more than five deaf people religions judge bothering me. They worry no want me go to hell. I have to cleaned, and I kicked them out from my FB and YouTube. No respects, my own life and artist noting wrong.

I do work on my comic pages now, my place look pretty day!
Everyone, I feel little not good still sick. I want break next week back work comic soon..
Everyone, I not work on comic a few days ago, I was busy, I went to doctor again and I visit my family, she had birthday tomorrow. I hope upload on Wednesday or Friday. Thanks :)