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Duskwing Reference, Robot Mode

This is the robot mode reference sheet for my planned re-paint of Classic Starscream into my hapless Seeker, Duskwing. It was created by scanning in the line art from the Classic Starscream instruction sheet, cleaning it up a lot, and coloring in the image. I used layers and the vector pen to "mask off" the paint stripes on the wing, and blended the paint stripes using "darken" mode, to retain the joint lines underneath the paint. I added a neutral background for display purposes.

Revision: Adjusted the colors to match Wayward's original art a little more closely.
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I bet this guy gets mistaken for Skywarp all the damn time. :meow:
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I've been reading your stories. He's a really pretty seeker too. I like his stories alot, even if he's not the brightest crayon in the box.
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Oh, my! I think this is the first time I see some pic made for you! It looks great! However, why did you chose that colour scheme? It looks like very siilar to ' character.
And, not, I'm not good drawging TF, I think.
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The original I had up there was a quick & dirty approximation of the final color scheme that I plan to use for the re-paint. I just picked a purple and a dark blue off the pallette to tinker with the layout.

I have reposted Duskwing with corrected colors, to look more like Wayward's original version (or the later version she did for me).

Duskwing's colors originated with Wayward; I merely adopted the character.