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By Dragoness17
Name pronunciation: Ki-'zar-o, slight 'h' sound after 'o'

The final design of my OC Kyzaro. He is a retired warrior/army leader from a clan of griffons. It no longer exists and the scar on his side is a permanent reminder of how the clan was destroyed.

He is adept with a multitude of weapons but is particularly good with chained and double ended scythes.

I am always looking for fanart of Kyzaro, I just have a few regulations: PM me of your interest, I can't pay anything and please link the original in your finished piece.

The wings are only the second pair I've done in pastel (First was absolutely terrible, just a bunch of white...things) and I did not use any reference for them, so they may be incorrect.

I have also been gaining rather a lot of comments concerning proportions. I would just like to mention that I am fully aware of this and it will be fixed in future depictions.

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I'd like to say one thing:
The body is very large and the legs are very skinny, it would be pretty hard for him to walk like this. So, if you could improve anything, that would be it.
Other than that, this drawing is wonderful. I really like the texturing on the feathers and the fur, and the wing is very well drawn, all of the details are amazing and my work couldn't compare at all.
All in all, this is a wonderful drawing, although I have seen many griffon characters, I do really like this one, he has a pretty original design.
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Thank you ^^ I felt the legs were a bit on the small side, particularly the front ones. The hind leg closest to us is at more of a three-quarter angle, so yes, it would look on the thin side. All things to work on in future depictions of him >:3
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Absolutely stunning. Oh my gosh I love it so much...
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really lovely!! the colors are so great, I love it :D
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haha I know how you feel by having a character as 'just-a-tought' It;'s happening thhe same with me but I'm striving to make all those poor guys reality :XD:
I really love his design, I am guessing all his gray fur is due to old age, or just his normal color? I really like the tattoo on his back leg and his wings as well. Keep it up, this got me really interesting :D :heart:
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I always have the urge to draw whatever random character I come up with xD Sadly, though, sometimes I just have to say no :c

Glad you liek his design :D He's currently going through some huge design revamps to make sure his appearance is to my liking. The grey fur - actually feathers - is because he was originally a lion x unspecified African eagle I found on google. The stress of his life may contribute to greyness though ;)

Also happy you like the tattoo ^.^ It's a very significant part of the character.
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lol ik the feeling. I hate it when they turn out so wrong and not what you see in your head. the most frustrating moment in art ever!

Yeah, I understand, that's one thing I enjoy doing yet at the same time, makes me angry. I love being stable with designs and plots, instability could be a delay sometimes.
Oh, I see :XD: And that sounds interesting. I love art/fantasy stuff based on real research, not all 'magic magic magic' haha :XD:
I am too logical sometimes lol

:hug: :)
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Yup. Stability in design and plot is everything. Heck, I've even changed some roles entirely when the plot showed signs of derailing.

It drives me nuts when everything is based around 'magic' and stuff. Although I am admittedly bending rules a bit (eight limbed reptile, and cats with wings (aka griffons)), but I do try to make sure as much as possible is believable :3

I am too logical too lol

PM me if you'd be interested in seeing some behind the scenes arts... only you and nobody else, cos I already consider you a friend ^_^
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lol, I finally got a stable plot for a comic and then thought all like 'this is too awesome to be drawn in amateur comic art I'll keep this for later'

Then started stabilizing another plot. Still working on it, lol. And for some reason drawing something specific in mind always (or at least to me, almost always) turns out so wrong, if you draw instinctively everything is fine but not really what you want it to look like grrr xD
Me too, (well yeah a bit is okay, a lot is like...crazy lol) I am bending it a bit with chemistry and such (for the current plot) but I still got a lot of researching to do.

True that. That's what I wanna do to! :iconbrohugplz:

omglol my sister!

Sure, I'd love to!
And omg :iconaawplz: Awwww that's really sweet, you're a friend as well then! :D :heart:
I'll note you as soon as I can, I'm a bit busy preparing for my second semester, and later on when I have any work in progresses that look interesting, I'll surely share them with you as well :hug:
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I can't wait to see a new pic of him ^^
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:D I've sketched out a fifth redesign and am happy with it. Once I get another work out of the way I can start ^.^
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I actually tried to do the scene of him dying last night, and it turned out horrible. I couldn't get his eyes or position right, and I didn't remember how Lankharra looked.
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Aww x3 It sucks when things refuse to work out.
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I need me a ref. >.<
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I need me a ref. >.<
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I know it's been a while since you requested him, but I'd just like to say he's getting there. XD
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xD is okay, take your time :3
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This is honestly really cool and well-drawn. I love the bulk of him, it's very unusual and striking! And you did a really nice job on the wings, even without a ref! :D Great job!
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Thank you :D I hope my wings will continue to get even better with that super handy tutorial ;)
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he looks very dignified and I love the detail work! great job
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My favorite griffon of all time<3!!
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It's a amazing work^^!
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