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Promises: Chapter 4 (pt 2)
Chapter 4: An Oath and a Betrayal part 2
   Jacob greeted them as they entered the briefing room. “Welcome aboard, Samara,” the man said, stepping forward to shake the Justicar’s hand. “Your biotics are impressive. You’ll be a great asset to the team,” he added. “High praise from an organizations such as yours,” the Justicar replied evenly. “Where should we put you?” he mused. She turned back to Shepard.
   “Somewhere that looks out upon the great empty void,” she suggested. Shepard nodded,
“How about the starboard observation deck?” The Justicar seemed very pleased with the arrangement and excused herself. “Dismissed. Miranda, you and Garrus be ready to head out in an hour. We’re going to find Thane,” Shepard ordered, giving a nod to Miranda and Jacob as she left the room. Kaidan had been nowhere to be found upon their return, and she could only guess what he was doing. Deciding not t
:icondragoness-of-night:Dragoness-of-Night 5 7
Promises: Chapter 4 (pt 1)
Chapter 4: An Oath and a Betrayal (part 1)
   With all the movement and nightlife just beyond the docks, Nos Astra was the exact opposite of the ship currently docked in its port. The Normandy stood quiet, those still aboard were confined to their own interests. The only ones out in the open were Yeoman Chambers and the crewmen working in the CIC. This didn’t suit Kaidan though. His search through Cerberus files hadn’t amounted to much, and EDI had been very little help with her AI shackles. He hadn’t been able to find much on Shepard, and had abandoned the search for the moment. Finding himself on the crew deck, the Staff Commander stood just outside of the medbay. Looking across the way, he spotted what used to be Shepard’s quarters on the SR1. Now it belonged to the XO, Miranda Lawson.
   The Cerberus operative had left, along with Garrus, to assist Shepard in finding the two possible recruits. From what Kaidan had read, the dossiers were impressive; even if
:icondragoness-of-night:Dragoness-of-Night 6 9
Promises: Chapter 3
Promises Chapter 3: Limitations
   The haze of smoke was so thick it was hard to see. Flames licked at her armor. Another explosion rocked the limping Normandy, tossing Shepard hard into the wall. She staggered back, shook it off and headed for the cockpit. She had to get Joker. Kaidan had gotten the other crew onto the evac shuttles. There was no time to think of herself. The crew came before her. The scene abruptly shifted, and Shepard found herself clinging to the remnants of her ship, even as the vast ocean of space pulled at her.
Then the dark and the cold.
The penetrating darkness.
   It swirled around, wrapping its tendrils around her around her like some hideous monster, pressing icy hands across her chest, her throat. She couldn't breathe-
   Shepard woke, panting, a cold sweat on her body. She ran her hands through her hair and took a shaky breath, sitting upright. She was alive again. But that dream.. that nightmare... it hadn't been a figment of an overstressed mind. Shepar
:icondragoness-of-night:Dragoness-of-Night 5 14
Promises: Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Troubled Times
   Having walked about the ship for the first half hour after being released from Mordin’s lab, Kaidan knew where nearly everyone was. He had seen Miranda headed back into her quarters, which was where the old CO’s office used to be on the SR1. Mordin was still in the lab, running simulations and organizing data. Jacob was in the armory, Chambers was still in the CIC, coordinating Shepard’s messages, and Garrus was holed up in the main battery. Having been forewarned about the “convict” on board, by the Yeoman, the Staff Commander had avoided going below to the sub deck in Engineering. Actually, he avoided the whole deck altogether. No one there he wanted to talk to, anyway. Just Cerberus personnel. Standing by the aft table in the mess hall, Kaidan was faced with the path ahead that would lead him to the turian. Taking a breath, he headed for the forward battery.
   It was a strange feeling to be here, on this ship, Kaidan mused.
:icondragoness-of-night:Dragoness-of-Night 7 18
Promises: Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Reunions
   Horizon, a peaceful colony world in the Lera System of the Shadow Sea, had been their desired target. The Collectors had sent their swarms down in waves, paralyzing the colonists and preparing them for their abductors. Having found several people frozen where they stood, she had moved past quickly, hoping to find any other signs of the Collectors' presence. In a sense, she had. Encountering a few of them just past the underground generator, she had fought her way to the defense canons that the Alliance had set up; that he had set up...
   With them activated and the Collector ship warded off, she and the team were left with one major obstacle, one that she hadn’t thought she would encounter in the Terminus Systems. The initial contact had been more or less peaceful, though tentative. Standing in the face of his possible departure however, Shepard saw something of a slim opportunity to try and prove to this man, her former squadmate, her former lover, that s
:icondragoness-of-night:Dragoness-of-Night 9 12
Memories of Ilos
A/N: Just a little something I felt I had to write after playing Horizon and getting the letter Kaidan writes. (Especially after listening to the audio that Sbarge released)
Disclaimer: I don’t own Mass Effect, or the characters within.
Bunk here tonight, Kaidan... with me.
   Kaidan Alenko woke, drenched in sweat, from an all too familiar dream. Her voice haunted his memories, her touch haunted his body. That night haunted his soul. He closed her eyes. Two years. Shepard had been dead two years. But there she had been, standing in front of him. On Horizon. Alive. He’d gone to her, embraced her, found her real, solid. Not a dream. Or a ghost. But, things had changed… were different… She was with Cerberus. With the enemy. Against the Alliance. And that thought, that sudden realization that the rumors he’d been hearing, the rumors he’d been praying were wrong, were true. The fact tore his heart into pieces. She was a traitor. Or was she? Kaide
:icondragoness-of-night:Dragoness-of-Night 5 6


Mass Effect Valentine Sampling by silveramysaurus07 Mass Effect Valentine Sampling :iconsilveramysaurus07:silveramysaurus07 118 0 Pure Light - Isky reference by RusCSI Pure Light - Isky reference :iconruscsi:RusCSI 101 48 ME3 Happy Ending by LadyIlona1984 ME3 Happy Ending :iconladyilona1984:LadyIlona1984 63 19 Yes, I do. by SilverTidalWave Yes, I do. :iconsilvertidalwave:SilverTidalWave 225 154 Sci-Fi Movie and TV Shows by LadyIlona1984 Sci-Fi Movie and TV Shows :iconladyilona1984:LadyIlona1984 9 3 RPG is Team Work Stamp by LadyIlona1984 RPG is Team Work Stamp :iconladyilona1984:LadyIlona1984 39 7 I love Raphael Sbarge stamp by LadyIlona1984 I love Raphael Sbarge stamp :iconladyilona1984:LadyIlona1984 5 4 Sci-Fi Artist by LadyIlona1984 Sci-Fi Artist :iconladyilona1984:LadyIlona1984 13 7 Female Gamer by kiddietyte Female Gamer :iconkiddietyte:kiddietyte 5,498 857 MakingOCs by LadyIlona1984 MakingOCs :iconladyilona1984:LadyIlona1984 115 24 Proud Sci-Fi Fan Stamp by LadyIlona1984 Proud Sci-Fi Fan Stamp :iconladyilona1984:LadyIlona1984 85 35 I Support LGBT by LadyIlona1984 I Support LGBT :iconladyilona1984:LadyIlona1984 35 5 Star Wars Fangirl by LadyIlona1984 Star Wars Fangirl :iconladyilona1984:LadyIlona1984 73 16 Sbarge Fan Stamp by Tatooine92 Sbarge Fan Stamp :icontatooine92:Tatooine92 10 14 Iveta Jalyan - Homecoming by Aphrodite-NS Iveta Jalyan - Homecoming :iconaphrodite-ns:Aphrodite-NS 326 25


My first try at doing a full background. I botched the stripes on the left shoulder, but I'm pleased with how this all came out, overall. Tips and comments are more than welcomed.
So I haven't been around here in forever... damn. Years. I have made art, yes. Not a lot, but some. Life has been crazy busy.

I gave birth to a son, my first child, last year, so yeah.. some huge changes. More changes to come. Anyone still here? I'm back!
Yeah so I have now been married about three months. We had some rocky moments, but have come out stronger. Pics will be up here on my journal soon.

My sailor is now working on base so that's awesome :)

Sadly my dad was unable to attend due to his spinal issues. He can get surgery but it's about 25k out of pocket. So, I set up a gofundme for him: any little bit helps.

Will have art at some point, been busy with that pesky thing called life.


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