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Finding Your Inner Spark to Succeed
I get a lot of messages from people asking about the work I do.  What inspires me to make videos.  How did I join the brony fandom.  What do I hope to see in MLP’s future.  But one question that has been getting more frequent lately is how I find the drive to keep making all these videos so consistently. I suppose I could talk about the process I go through for each project and how it really isn’t as hard as some people make it out to be.  And one of these days, perhaps I will show everything that goes into making a video.
But the more I look at these questions about how I find the time to keep up this kind of schedule, the more I come to realize that the answer isn’t really so much about teaching my process.  But rather, about building better habits.  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen messages from people saying how they wish they had the time and/or motivation to create projects of their own.  Now I
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Oh wow I just made an interest page on my Facebook for My Little Pony cosplayers going to Katsucon this year and then I remembered a LOT of people at my school are my friends on Facebook and that those people actually check their Facebooks more than once a year welp tomorrow should be fun.

In other news, I made an interest page for My Little Pony cosplayers going to Katsucon this year. It's not an organized meetup or photoshoot or anything but like I thought I could at least make a page where bronies could at least TALK about it and then maybe a meetup could birth from that? Who knows, but here it is.…

If you're going to Katsucon and cosplaying MLP, please share and comment! If you're going and just a fan, please share and comment! If you've never even heard of Katsucon or My Little Pony? SHARE IT PLEASE!

Point is, I'd love for this to get around, because I really wanna help bronies get in touch (and I'd like to talk to some myself also!)! If you don't have a Facebook, well uhhhh you can probably comment or something and people can see this and your response or something? I'M NO PROFESSIONAL SORRY but I love y'all I promise
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Great Emerald Dragon
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(Why there no Froggit Stamp?)

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

Which Death Note Guy Are You?
Which Death Note Guy Are You?
Hosted By Anime

What Homestuck Kid Are You?
What Homestuck Kid Are You?
Hosted By Anime

What Alicorn Princess Are You?
What Alicorn Princess Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Air – the Element of Freedom
With a enthusiasm for fun, laughter and a life detached from worldly concerns, you find your perfect niche as a bender of the element of air. Encompassing a social and lively spirit, you – like your element – thrive off freedom and to constantly experience of new things. Air is a fast and pliable energy, and while capable of destructive offense close range, it is a predominantly defensive power, used to deflect and dispel – very much like your preference to avoid confrontations and keep the peace.

What Warrior Cat Are You?
What Warrior Cat Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Terezi Pyrope
Terezi Pyrope
Take What Homestuck character are you? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.</p>
Terezi is alternatingly civil, flirty, manipulative, derisive and outright sociopathic in her interactions. She is almost always grinning and in many panels it appears as though she is cackling madly. From her conversations with the kids, Terezi's attitude differs depending on who she is talking to: she acts helpful towards Rose, dubs them 'hatefriends' and tells her about Sburb (To be fair, according to Karkat the word for 'friend' in the troll language is the same as that for 'enemy'). This approach may be a part of her trolling of John by pretending to be helpful towards him (through insulting him a lot in the process and using a kind of angry politeness) and giving him advice that leads to his death in the alternate timeline.

After John avoids his death, Terezi seems to have since shown remorse for her actions and claimed she felt awful for 'killing' him; even helping him through the second gate into the Land of Light and Rain to earn his trust. Her trolling of Dave has been bizarre but effective, causing him to completely lose his cool. She often takes images of Earth pop-culture characters she thinks are similar to Dave and (crudely but awesomely) draws over the picture, claiming to make it look even more like him. It is worthy to note she may have an interest in Karkat Vantas. During one conversation with Terezi, John jokingly said that Karkat was "basically in love with you," and she reacted with surprise, asking him if Karkat told him that in confidence and even asking him to copy/paste the exact words, a road which John refused to go down.

She takes interest in law and justice, has studied Alternian law thoroughly and holds a particular fascination for orchestrating the demise of the wicked, although that might not be why she caused John's death. The incident might have simply been a vain effort from her point of view, because in a conversation with Davesprite, she states that she knew John wouldn't die, as she could see him alive in the future from her timeline application in Trollian, and given that she felt guilty about the way John trusted her trolling, this is most likely the case. She also has more lighthearted interests like dragons, or collecting plushies and scales to put on her walls. She has a habit of using chalks to draw on walls for use in her live-action roleplays, and later also uses them to communicate with the exiled Black Queen. Her favorite color appears to be red and she notes that it is the most delicious color, probably contributing to her attraction to Karkat and to Dave.

Terezi is very interested in other people's blood color, but that may be more out of psychotic curiosity than hierarchy. Terezi's own blood is in the tail end of blue, keeping her out of the aristocracy's conspiracy games until she's over her head in Sgrubbenings.



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