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The Commander who styled his hair...

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The Wolf at the Door


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An Anguished Cry

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Run!! I'm not ready for this!!

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Dragon Age cosplay

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Commander shepard cosplay

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Space Qunari

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Inquisitor [Dragon age]

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[long post] The Ring. -3

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Dragon Age: Warden Legacy Page 1

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My Lady's Freedom

Title: My Lady's Freedom Author: Phsbarbie (Natasha Poe) Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition Characters/Pairings: Blackwall and Female Inquisitor(Mira Lavellan) Disclaimer: Dragon Age: Inquisition and all it's characters are the intellectual property of Bioware/EA.    I watch her from the ramparts, unable or unwilling to keep a smile from my face. Mira strides through the courtyard below, her gait assured and her bearing one of authority, as always. Today, however, she's leaving smothered laughter and smiles in her wake.    Traveling behind her, trying very hard to behave, is Da'len, the Mabari pup I gave to her last week. You'd expect a Ma

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Over Your Shoulder

Title: Over Your Shoulder Author: mpissott Game: Mass Effect Pairings: Adriana Shepard/Thane Krios Disclaimer: All recognizable content belongs to Bioware. Today is the end of the world. Or, rather, it was the end of Commander Adriana Shepard’s world.  She awoke to the shocking realization that the only person she ever truly loved in her life, was dead.  Thane always said that she awoke him from a slumber, but it was her who had felt awoken when she met Thane.  He gave her the confidence and will to continue fighting--whether the enemy was the Collectors or the Reapers--and she did not know what to do. And now she was sitting precari

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Can't it wait for a bit?

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