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Hey everyone !!

We want to wish you a Merry Christmas !! We hope you had a lot of presents today and you had a lovely Christmas meal :aww:!

Merry X-Mass Effect to everyone and Happy Holidays in Thedas !!!
Hey everyone !

A little entry to tell you one of our member is collecting data for a school project about Mass Effect, and the choices the gamers have made through the trilogy.

Your can help in answering to her survey here : masseffectdragonage.deviantart…

Thank you :)
Hey guys !

It's time to vote in order that Dragon Effect Saga become Super Group !

All you have to do is to go on this page and vote for " :icondragoneffectsaga: Dragon Effect Saga " in the comments (copy-paste the text between the quotation marks).

-Don't forget to add the icon of our group, or the vote will not be counted-

Thank you for your support, and keep fingers crossed :D !
Hey everyone! :dummy: This is an announcement that we're joining dATrade's Super Group Giveaway in order to upgrade our group to Super Group! Check it out here:

However, in order to win, we're going to need your help! :eager: Once the registration of groups is closed on Sunday, October 20, members can go to dATrade to vote for the groups that they think deserve to win.

Make sure to watch :icondatrade: to get all the updates, and please vote for this group! :#1:

Thank you so much for your support, and see you on :icondragoneffectsaga: !
Alors que nous commençons à avoir des informations officielles sur Dragon Age : Inquisition, il est temps de nous intéresser à nos futures coéquipiers. Après Varric, Cassandra et Vivienne, qui rejoindra les rangs de l'Inquisiteur ?

DAS vous propose de faire le point sur les dernières annonces concernant nos compagnons.

Pour lire le dossier récapitulatif, c'est par ici :…


As we begin to have official informations on Dragon Age: Inquisition, it is time to look at our future teammates. After Varric, Cassandra and Vivienne, who will join the ranks of the Inquisitor ?

Unfortunately, this article is in French, but you still can get informations with the names and pictures :…

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