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Hi guys !

I wanted to apologise for the long inactivity on this group. We've been very occupied by our respective lifes, and we couldn't find time to deal with this group administration. I saw a lot of you tried to submit some fanart, unfortunately no one valid them on the right time.

Well, I'll try to do regular updates but I can't promess it will be very often.

See you,

Le site Gamekult, en association avec EA Games et XBOX One, organise un grand concours de fanart avec des lots très intéressants à gagner : éditions collectors, le casque de l'inquisiteur, des invitations à la soirée de lancement.

Pour participer il vous suffit d'envoyer vos fanarts ou de voter pour vos œuvres préférées jusqu'au 11 novembre à l'adresse suivante :…

On vous souhaite bonne chance (et on espère voir vos créations dans notre galerie :) )


The french website Gamekult organises, in collaboration with EA Games and Xbox One, a fanart contest where the prices are verry interesting : collector edition, the Inquisitor helmet, tickets for the DAI launch event in Paris.

If you want to participate, send your fanart or vote for your favorite one until the 11/11 at the following address :…

We wish you good luck (and hope to see your submissions here :) )
Hey everyone !!

We want to wish you a Merry Christmas !! We hope you had a lot of presents today and you had a lovely Christmas meal :aww:!

Merry X-Mass Effect to everyone and Happy Holidays in Thedas !!!
Hey everyone !

A little entry to tell you one of our member is collecting data for a school project about Mass Effect, and the choices the gamers have made through the trilogy.

Your can help in answering to her survey here : masseffectdragonage.deviantart…

Thank you :)
Hey guys !

It's time to vote in order that Dragon Effect Saga become Super Group !

All you have to do is to go on this page and vote for " :icondragoneffectsaga: Dragon Effect Saga " in the comments (copy-paste the text between the quotation marks).

-Don't forget to add the icon of our group, or the vote will not be counted-

Thank you for your support, and keep fingers crossed :D !

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