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Standing Together by Me4Fan
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King of the bottle shooters. by Wei723
[gif] A kiss for you. by Wei723
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Grey Warden
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Dragon Age Companion Card: Clarisa Surana by FlockofFlamingos
sketch by CrystalGrazianoArt
Grey Warden by CrystalGrazianoArt
ME Humans
Krem by mappeli
Aria T'loak by Lun-acy
Turian Gardiya Krint by DVAS12
Tali Zorah Unmasked by Euderion
View with a Side of Fish by efleck
Unlimited Power (Mass Effect) by SallibyG-Ray
Mordin Solus by HelavisKrew
Nobilitas by Just-Jasper
Protheans, Collectors and Reapers
Terminus Enigma by Str4ngeFarseer
Legion by mindcvermatter
Other races Volus, Elcor, Hanar...
The Jellyfish Stings! by clc1997
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Jump Zero Station Overview by Euderion
DA Human
The Commander who styled his hair... by GerryArthur
The Wolf at the Door by CrystalGrazianoArt
Qunari by LuckyFK
Other race Mabari, Golem, Dragon...
An Anguished Cry by SlaveToTheMocha
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Run!! I'm not ready for this!! by miriamrez
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Dragon Age cosplay by HydraEvil
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Commander shepard cosplay by FonteArt
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BioWare Fanzine - Pre-orders Available Now! by charlestanart
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Inquisitor [Dragon age] by Kaamossorrow
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[long post] The Ring. -3 by Wei723
Dragon Age Comics
Dragon Age: Warden Legacy Page 1 by Devileve
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Can't it wait for a bit? by JuliaNemo
Dragon Age Others
Trials by Maiqueti

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Monitoring the Crew by Vitezislav
Black Pearl

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DA:I _Cullen and Rayne Amell_War Room by Agregor

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Mass Effect: Mordin Solus by ruthiebutt Mass Effect: Mordin Solus :iconruthiebutt:ruthiebutt 842 31 Mass Effect: Jacob Taylor by ruthiebutt Mass Effect: Jacob Taylor :iconruthiebutt:ruthiebutt 294 12 Mass Effect: Javik by ruthiebutt Mass Effect: Javik :iconruthiebutt:ruthiebutt 1,312 31 Mass Effect: Miranda Lawson by ruthiebutt Mass Effect: Miranda Lawson :iconruthiebutt:ruthiebutt 483 11 Mass Effect: Garrus Vakarian by ruthiebutt Mass Effect: Garrus Vakarian :iconruthiebutt:ruthiebutt 1,869 64 Mass Effect: Thane Krios by ruthiebutt Mass Effect: Thane Krios :iconruthiebutt:ruthiebutt 1,521 51 Mass Effect: Tali'Zorah vas Normandy by ruthiebutt Mass Effect: Tali'Zorah vas Normandy :iconruthiebutt:ruthiebutt 1,224 19 Mass Effect: EDI by ruthiebutt Mass Effect: EDI :iconruthiebutt:ruthiebutt 1,013 20 Mass Effect: Kasumi Goto by ruthiebutt Mass Effect: Kasumi Goto :iconruthiebutt:ruthiebutt 1,190 32 Mass Effect: Samara by ruthiebutt Mass Effect: Samara :iconruthiebutt:ruthiebutt 954 20 Mass Effect: Commander Shepard by ruthiebutt Mass Effect: Commander Shepard :iconruthiebutt:ruthiebutt 630 18 Mass Effect: Jack by ruthiebutt Mass Effect: Jack :iconruthiebutt:ruthiebutt 1,224 33 Mass Effect: Liara T'soni by ruthiebutt Mass Effect: Liara T'soni :iconruthiebutt:ruthiebutt 1,318 43 Mass Effect: Aria T'Loak by ruthiebutt Mass Effect: Aria T'Loak :iconruthiebutt:ruthiebutt 925 23 Blood mage by weremoon Blood mage :iconweremoon:weremoon 949 68 Shepard by Geirahod Shepard :icongeirahod:Geirahod 758 176

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Hi guys !

I wanted to apologise for the long inactivity on this group. We've been very occupied by our respective lifes, and we couldn't find time to deal with this group administration. I saw a lot of you tried to submit some fanart, unfortunately no one valid them on the right time.

Well, I'll try to do regular updates but I can't promess it will be very often.

See you,

Le site Gamekult, en association avec EA Games et XBOX One, organise un grand concours de fanart avec des lots très intéressants à gagner : éditions collectors, le casque de l'inquisiteur, des invitations à la soirée de lancement.

Pour participer il vous suffit d'envoyer vos fanarts ou de voter pour vos œuvres préférées jusqu'au 11 novembre à l'adresse suivante :…

On vous souhaite bonne chance (et on espère voir vos créations dans notre galerie :) )


The french website Gamekult organises, in collaboration with EA Games and Xbox One, a fanart contest where the prices are verry interesting : collector edition, the Inquisitor helmet, tickets for the DAI launch event in Paris.

If you want to participate, send your fanart or vote for your favorite one until the 11/11 at the following address :…

We wish you good luck (and hope to see your submissions here :) )
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