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Accidentally Frisky


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Quetzalcoatl Sketch


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Happy Birthday my muse


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Mael + Hades

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Weekly story Chapter 1

Chapter one: Demons and drugs When someone utters the words, here’s the thing, you know you are about to be screwed. That was exactly what Adrian Church thought when his stage manager, Ted longing, said “Here’s the thing about the sheet music. We can’t seem to find it… but we are searching every inch of the place, I assure you!” Adrian wasn’t known to be strict or demanding but the staff seemed to fear him anyway, perhaps there was an air about him. “It is alright, Ted. I can play without it but I would appreciate it if you found the sheet music.” He said calmly. His expression was placid but col

Adrian's story

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GA ch 36 - IwtV

“OK Sarah stop that. Please!”   Sarah stopped tapping her nails against the wall of the car. Instead her left leg stared bobbing up and down quickly.   “Sarah!!”   “I can’t help it!! I’m trembling all over!”   Apolon turned in his seat with a grin.   “You nervous?”   “Dying.”   Camael snorted.   “Oh the irony.”   Apolon smacked him across the neck.   “Zip Blondie. But you don’t have to worry Sarah. Adrian and Abby are really nice. Even though Adrian doesn’t wanna admit that he’s a good guy… But definitely you’ll like Abby I&


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Apolon and Camael

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20,000 Kiriban, for Glaurung

Tainted Child

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Garconer: His Feminine Side

Rivi Talespinner

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King Vs Prince

My OC's

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Roses Heart Finished


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I. He never really had much interest in philosophy. That was for people who got lost in their spiraling thoughts in search of truth and meaning. Such people were either wise beyond their years, or just plain foolish. Either way, they were people who were filled with doubt and uncertainty. And he would hope that they would come to realize that things were hardly as complex as their minds made them out to be. After all, "truth" was in fact something so clear one wouldn't need to look for it. And the truth was the simple uncomplicated fact that everything had its own place in the world, be it in the here and now or in the hereafter. God had out

Short Stories

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Give Kissles?

Strange Hero

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Deer Stock 17


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Thane and Zoa

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Wood-burned flowers

Jewelry and Crafts

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WWMRD? Stamp

Stamps I like

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Beautiful Tuscany 24


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Tutoral - Chocolate Box Cake


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JOKETOBER Drawing Challenge

Meme's to do

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Magic Circles Photoshop Brushes and PNGs


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[Sailor Moon] Princess Serenity

Sailor Moon

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Girl Genius Kickstarter Campaign 2018 Medal Design

Girl Genius

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Hot Men

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Aenwy- AoT Exchange

Captain Savvy

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Frost Me


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Relativity Updates

This journal is purely for notifications of new stories and content on the Relativity website (http://www.blacktorrent.us). Regardless of when content is posted on the site, our plan is to update this journal twice a month, so it won't flood your in-box. For the most current info, check the website and/or join our email list for notifications. June 27, 2018 - We've finished adding Book 2 stories to the Relativity site (ebook download coming soon). It's been a bit slow, since we've made some minor character and story changes which required updating of the episodes. Book 3 stories are being added now, and we will continue with all the episodes


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Page 107 Rueday

The Veligent

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GiS page 66

Guys in Space

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Consilium (Photoshoot)

Merial Art

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Smoke and Fire

Emotes and Pixel Art

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Gift - Zeena for Mirz333


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Dana's Journal, Entry 7

Entry 7            Eastside camp is just over three miles from the site where Jason and I had fought the golems. I wasn’t very concerned about the remnant of void I had left there, but I would be passing through the area on my way home anyway, so it was no extra trouble to check on it. I decided to travel on foot, because I enjoyed a relaxing hike. As soon as I got out of Eastside, I fired up a couple of lights and sent them into orbit around me. Then I put on some music. I could have done this with my tablet – it has nice sound and a huge library. But I made the music using a spell that we wizards call “formwave”.

Dana's Journal

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Serious Engineering - Ch. 6: Real - page 18

Serious Engineering

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Circe - fanart

The Pirate Balthazar

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Rune Style Challenge - 1

Art Nouveau

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Moth and the Flame 9

Stressed Jenny

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johnny lawrence (karate kid) custom figure


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A Tribute to Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman, an actor well-known and well-loved around the world, passed away last week. There have been many posts around the Internet about his passing, and we want to pay tribute to him as well by sharing works in honor of him from artists within the community. Chadwick Boseman’s first leading role in a feature film was Jackie Robinson in 42, portraying the first African-American to play in Major League Baseball. This was one of several instances where he portrayed a historical figure on screen, and he never shied away from that, having been quoted as saying, “People have said, 'You don't need to do any more biopics. You don't need to play any more real people.' I don't agree with that.” He took the importance of depicting African-American historical figures in film and theatre seriously, and he gave each and every role he played the knowledge and understanding that person deserved. Whether he was on the field as Jackie Robinson, dancing on stage as James Brown, or standing


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Princess Leia

Star Wars

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GIFT - Why Is Blood Always Gone?

OC's of Friends

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Glitchy Girl Icon 2020

Andrea Art

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Hot Cuppa Preview

Pose reference - male

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Day 2 - Trio

Pose Reference - couples and groups

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Preview - Book Pack

Pose Reference - female

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