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The War of Flames Sheet Guide: Water Dragons

Welcome to Guide Sheets of War of Flames! We're you learn the knowledge and facts of the three dragon species, the origins, magic, lore and history including the war its self!

Met the swift Water Dragons

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slp0001's avatar
Is it possible for Water Dragons to breathe boiling or scalding water, or steam?
Brickticks's avatar
Uh, "more swifter"?  Watch the grammar there PFG.
NightStreakDA's avatar
Sorry if I seem too nit picky, but liquid ice? Ain't that just water?
DragonDogFilmsG's avatar
Technical in human terms its liquid nitrogen I just couldnt think of another word in dragon terms
holkok's avatar
Hmm. I've been thinking about this for a while: Why didn't the humans nuked the world to kingdom to come when they realized they as a species were losing the war?
DragonDogFilmsG's avatar
Cause the dragons took away the nuke before they could do anything, they were always one step ahead of them
holkok's avatar
But how? I mean... apart from the logistical problems, how do they even stand a chance in combat? AA guns, ground-air missiles, planes that outrange and outspeed them, naval fleets...
GBHtrain's avatar
dragons with nukes.....

how is the human race not dead yet
DragonDogFilmsG's avatar
no they didnt use the nukes on them, the used it on their magic with the nukes to create something that I can't tell you sorry ^^;
GBHtrain's avatar
magic + nukes = human race is screwed
Night-BlizzardSky's avatar
These guys,are awesome as well.
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