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The War of Flames Sheet Guide: Earth Dragons

Welcome to Guide Sheets of War of Flames! We're you learn the knowledge and facts of the three dragon species, the origins, magic, lore and history including the war its self!

Met the mighty earth Dragons

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slp0001's avatar
Your description says water dragons again
dailydragontrainer's avatar
This once looks a lot like the Earth Dragons from Spyro 
LightFury's avatar
This is the kind of dragon both my nightfurysona and classic dragonsona are. Minus the clud tale, earth is just  the element.
Alpha-Maia's avatar
It's like Terrador! Minus the earth powers
Night-BlizzardSky's avatar
Oh wow!Pandy,this one...I just love him.
 I have no words because.This is bae .3.

Hey i know this is ref sheet but,if you will do an art ''on'' papyrus.
I am sure you have layers in your art program?
You should add texture on the drawing*same texture as the background*
and make it bit transparent.
I tried it and it looks cool.
This is ref sheet.On these you dont need to  do it.
DragonDogFilmsG's avatar
Its not a ref sheet, its a guide sheet for our series
Night-BlizzardSky's avatar
Sorry for teh mistake.
Night-BlizzardSky's avatar
Oh,thats cool.
I can't wait tho .3.
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