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Congrats! You have earned 9 blooms and 5 halo tokens and 3 bad bits!

Fausts Gambit

"Congrats you get the utmost gracious honor to spin the slotto,“ Faust steers your body towards the machine, lights bright and blinking. As you get closer, the lights get brighter with Faust’s grin. “Well go on, she won’t bite!” with a slight push you stumble forward. Righting yourself before cautiously pulling the lever, the light’s and images spin before finally it lands on…

'2 bad bits'

The slot machine finally ends it’s spin and proudly proclaims your prize, Faust gives it a side eye and cracks a lopsided grin, her teeth poking out from her lips, you can practically hear the charm in her voice, as she wolf whistles “That’s a pretty nice spin, but-” she drags out pointing her claw at the slot machine. “For just 5 more blooms, you can get an extra spin, what do ya say?”

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YOO thank you thats more than enough bad bits i need for a tb project im working on gfaik

Also I'd like a extra spin please!

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"Thank you very much, let's see what you get...“ Faust motions you to once more pull the lever, you do, the light’s and images spin before finally it lands on…

'10 Blooms'