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It's a secret to nobody that I haven't been posting very often. I've been drawing every day, but nothing has been submitted to my deviantART account. There are a number of reasons for this. First off, more of my time has been dedicated to programming. I want to work as a programmer so much of my time has been spent learning game development, GUI applications and mobile apps. Obviously, I can't submit any of this to dA. And when I do make art, I rarely have the patience to submit it.

Which brings me to my next point. dA just isn't convenient for submitting art. Everything needs a description and tagging which feels like a chore. Most of my friends like TonyZeCorny have jumped ship to Tumblr and I've been posting on forums like TIGSource, MFGG and It's a lot less work and you're not locked out of basic site features because you lack a CORE membership.

Lastly, my drawing style doesn't lend itself well to submitting. I don't draw isolated pictures. I work on large projects for months at a time and don't like to show things until they're finished. And very often, I don't finish these projects so I don't post them. But enough is enough! I'm going to do something about this.

Starting tomorrow, I will be submitting a few pieces of art a day for the next few weeks. How many, you ask? I'll post one and then however many pieces of art are directly related to that one. So if I post a mockup, I will post all of the sprites, tiles and sketches that go with it. I don't want to overwhelm my watchers so I will slowly work through this backlog. In the end, my gallery will reflect how good of an artist I am now. Most of this art will be unfinished, but it will represent a lot of time and hard work.

So what exactly prompted this? Well, I recently had a dip in artistic confidence. I felt like I never went out of my comfort zone and I wasn't challenging myself. So I played this amazing game called Drawception. It's like figure drawing on crack! You get a completely random concept and are asked to draw it in 10 minutes. And after churning out this garbage for 3 days, I came to a realization. I'm no longer worried about showing people my art no matter how incomplete it is. I've put my best into everything I do and this is true for everything I've drawn from the oldest, cringiest piece of art to my newest pieces I'm very proud of.

So that's it. Expect a slow trickle of deviations for a while. Once I'm done, I'll update with another journal. It's gonna be a heck of a ride through my past two years of artistic growth! See you at the end.
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Heeeeeeeeey! Guess who's got the guilties from not writing their journals regularly?


School...The abysmal hole that sucks all joy out of your life...If you aren't me, that is. :lol: But nevertheless, my Senior year of school is shaping up to be pretty hard! I've got classes in AP Calculus and Physics, so those are starting to take their toll on me. AP Calculus is as hard as Pre-Cal was, but Physics...Is actually surprisingly easy. When you get down to it, it's just getting an equation like (vf^2 = vi^2 + 2(a * d)) and plugging in the numbers of the problem. Knowing what equation to use for what program is tricky, but after that it's smooth sailing.

On the less academic side of things, Band is has been pretty frustrating. Despite being a Senior and a marching vet, it's pretty hard getting Freshmen to listen to you...It's always rough when you're trying to get a point across, and people just ignore you. This year's show is fun, though. We get to dance! And by we, I mean I'm actually the only one who has the guts to do the dancing that's supposed to be in our half-time show! :XD:

Ohh! Ohh! I'm also in Creative Writing now! Since I've gotten a good grade in my English classes, I get to take a super-fun class where we learn good writing techniques! Things like "don't use adverbs when you could use a strong noun" or "show, don't tell". I already knew the latter, but I've been having a lot of fun in this class nevertheless. Very much unlike band, the students who are in Creative Writing are real artsies. Pretty much every other person in the class is into MLP/Adventure Time/Homestuck, and our nerdy teacher herself is obsessed with both Homestuck and Attack on Titan. And you can imagine what a class like that would be like. :P

Expect me to submit some of my Creative Writing stuff to dA, soon. A 10-page short story set in Terra Confundo is currently in the works!


Rogue-likes have always intrigued me. From the very moment I picked up "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team", I was completely and absolutely obsessed with it. The same goes for Spelunky. Both of those games have an incredible replay value, and are challenging to boot! But what really surprised me, was that I had been playing a genre of RPGs called "rogue-likes", the whole time! Imagine how let down I was when I first picked up Rogue, and discovered that the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series is just a direct ripoff of rogue-likes. :/

So after finding out that depressing fact, I set out to find the root of this amazing genre. After playing a bit of Rogue, I discovered a game called NetHack...And it is AMAZING! Yes, the graphics are bloody terrible (A text-based terminal version of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon) but the game has the most depth I've ever seen in a game. Games like Minecraft or Dwarf Fortress don't even remotely compare to the complexity of this 28-year-old gem. It's been in development (mostly fan-made) that entire time, and booooy is there a lot to it!

Save, I haven't actually PLAYED the game, but I've been meekly lurking on the wiki, absorbing as many spoilers as I possibly can so that I won't go ignorant into the game. Oh! And much like how I started my Fantasy Chess project a few months ago, the absolutely horrible graphics of NetHack INSPIRED me to take on a new personal project! Currently, I plan to revamp ALL 1056 TILES OF NETHACK, as well as tiles pertaining to a few mods such as SLASH 'EM, Unnethack and SporkHack. You know, the major mods out there.

If anyone's interested and/or is into this kind of stuff, go ahead and PM me so I can get a crit on my tileset so far. I don't quiiiiiite feel like submitting my WIP to dA, yet. :I


To wrap things up, back to my programming progress! It's haven't really done much lately! ^^; It's kind of occurred to me that I might actually never be able to program. I sat and thought for a bit, and it's like this...

A looong time ago, I always wanted to make my own pixel art, and animate sprites to make my own graphics! With hard work, dedication and a LOT of time, I'm where I am now! But I needed a story to fit all my graphics into...So I researched great resources like TVTropes, practiced a bit, and now I think of myself as a decent writer. And music...This one evaded me for much time despite being a musical person, but after a few months of work I eventually learned how to churn out a tune or two. In case you haven't listened to any of my stuff, I've got a SoundCloud for that.

But when it comes to just doesn't feel right to me. When it came to the other mediums I wanted to learn, I just put in hard effort and I learned how to work with them! But learning programming is much different...As you learn and experiment, you don't really see/hear/read any progress. Programming is a long, frustrating process where even a rough product only emerges after a few hours of work. Not to mention, to learn programming, it's not like learning other mediums. You have to practice, practice, practice doing boring things like programming Pong, or Breakout, or a spreadsheet program...It's just...I don't feel like my artistic wings can SOOOOOOOAR! You know what I mean? So...I might want to lay off the programming tutorials for a bit. I'm not really getting anywhere, and they're using up my time quite a bit. One day, if I can learn to cooperate with people and pitch an idea, I might find a nice programmer to do things for me, and I'll handle all the rest. ^.^

Teachers and Reflections

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 19, 2013, 8:45 PM
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You know, it's kind of odd. I used to loathe writing these journal entries, and had to kind of force myself to write them as a sort of scrapbook. But later, I kind of started enjoying it! But no matter how much I hate or love writing these, I always seem to output a journal entry about every 20 days. Hmm...Well, lets get to things!

Senior Year

Guess who started their senior year of high school today! Tons of people! Oh, and me. :shifty: But I really don't feel like a senior. I'm still bossed around by seniors a bit and there are kids in way lower grades than I with like a kajillion times more charisma. It really makes you wonder...but I've never really been a glutton for attention, so I digress...

My senior year actually started about 2 weeks ago, in band camp! If you've been keeping up with my journals for the past 2 years, you'll know it's about this time every summer that I head down to my high school and march around in the simmering sun. Buuuut it's a lot more fun than it sounds, and I'm really glad I've stuck through band all of these years, as well as 3 different music teachers.

As for my teachers this year, I'm pretty happy with each of them. We have some new faces like my English teacher and coa— I MEAN History teacher (Really, what's up with coaches and history?), as well as some returning faces like my AP Calculus and Creative Writing teachers, both of whom I've known for quite a few years. But I'm especially excited about my physics teacher, as he seems like quite the fun guy. He was freakin' playing around with propane and matches when we came in the room on the first day! What a weird guy.

Music Composition

My musical talent is slowly shaping up nicely. Just the other day I composed yet another song, entitled "Quatorian Climb". If you want to hear more thoughts on that, go ahead and check it out on my Soundcloud page. But what I have to say here is...I'm wondering what's in store for me in my musical future.

I went ahead and showed this song to :icontonyzecorny:, and he stated it sounded a lot like my other songs. This got me thinking...Am I running out of creativity? Did I have any to begin with? Is the growing linearity in my songs a result of my own callowness as a musician or a slowly emerging composition style? How good is my music? How does it hold up to other game music? I've got a lot of emerging questions as I slowly settle down into improving, and I've recently applied to become a member of the forums. I think there I'll get a few answers. :D

Videogames as Art

A lot has happened to me recently, game-wise. I've started playing Cube World a bit more, picked up Minecraft again, and I've been slowly chugging through my Python tutorials. I've done a lot of cool stuff in MC, like an Adventure map and really cool Hide-and-Seek map submission to The Hive! I do lots of artsy things in Minecraft, but it gets me thinking sometimes...and it really doesn't help that I stayed up until 1 A.M. last night reading THIS...So let me go ahead and dump this befuddling mess clouding my head so I can go and focus on more important school...

You might think of me as silly, but I've been thinking for the past day over the subject of videogames as art...There are a lot of predicates for something to be art, but I have kind of my own definition that I've set myself. In order of importance, a piece of art must...

...Evoke emotion.
This is the most deep, primal component of art. ALL art evokes emotion in some way or form. A movie might excite you, a book might sadden you...An interpretive dance may freak you the heck out. EMOTION! :dummy: But do video games elicit emotion? Can the foreboding organ symphony of Ganon excite you? Yes! Can the untimely death of Aeris sadden you? Yes! Can Mr. Prog from Chibi Robo freak you the heck out? VERY YES! :dummy: So I am positive videogames have this one in the bag.

...Satisfy a need beyond necessity.
One of the things that separates man from animal is that they strive to do more than survive. I'm certainly positive that you, dear viewer, sitting all cozy in front of your computer, have the necessities of life. A nice roof over your head, 3 meals a day, at least a middling-average social life, the things that everyone needs. But one thing that people do not need, is art. It is completely superficial, not necessary for survival. And that is what makes art the appendix of our being. It lies there, deep inside all of us, but it serves no rigid purpose. And do video-games serve a purpose? Yes! One of the most important components of being a mentally healthy human being is recreation. This need could be fulfilled in many ways, from playing football to toying with a Rubik's Cube to playing Banjo-Kazooie. And NONE of these things are art. They are sports, they are toys, they are GAMES! And this is one thing that keeps games from being art. They serve a definable, needed human purpose. Emotionally, art fulfills a purpose that goes beyond that of the physical and mental.

...Be Subjective.
Think of a time when you saw the same movie, or heard the same song, or ate the same food as a friend. In most cases, both of you will draw different opinions of the same thing. One of you may have loved Inception, and thought it was a thrilling endeavor into the human psyche! Another one of you may have a strong distaste for the movie, calling it nothing more than a poorly-explained action flick. And that's a defining trait of art! It can be interpreted, dissected, critiqued, argued and much, much more! Let's take a look at "Street Cleaning Simulator", a game recently made by a German game-development company. All throughout the Gamespot forums, there have been ridiculous arguments surrounding this game. Some look it as a bland simulation game, doing nothing more than giving us a bland experience we could otherwise drop out of college and experience ourselves. Others look at it as a hilarious marvel, a true unorthodox demonstration of physics when modded and altered. Some hate the game, many absolutely love it, even if only for a passing moment. So are videogames subjective? Yes!

...Be Unwinnable.
I could argue endlessly with myself and present innumerable points, but I shall show one final one. When art is created, it is made to convey a point about human nature. To argue a point, to persuade us, to experience the same feelings as it's creator, to give us sympathy or empathy to a person, place, cause, effect or whatever! Art can do some of these or all of them at once! Art is also art in the fact that there are no goals involved! You watch a movie, observe a painting, read a book. There is no "winning" art. But what are the purpose of games? To be played. A High score, earned. A Final boss, beaten. An objective, finished! It is common logic that you cannot "win" art. You can interpret it and argue your points until you are blue-in-the-face, but there is never a rigorous, rules-defined, set-in-stone way to "win", art.

There are many, many more points I could make in my argument, but I have not the time nor the patience to explain them. You might say "What of games such as Journey, and Flower?!? They fulfill ALL of these predicates!" And I shall agree with you! As we progress into the 21st century, videogames are slowly progressing towards being an art form. Something you experience, without goals, rules, or bonds...crafted not for money or commercial purposes, but to display and argue a point...exactly like art! But this is a snake eating it's own tail. As videogames loose their purpose and become more art-oriented, they loose their definition and take on a new one! Once a "videogame" has achieved it's status as art, it is no longer a game! It is not a videogame! Videogames...are not art! And never will be! And never can be! Never! Ever!

And yet...they are still so amazing...

If it were not for videogames, I would not be here today, sitting here at my keyboard, pouring my thoughts onto this keyboard. I wouldn't have an account on this site. I WOULD NOT BE THE ARTIST I AM TODAY! And why? Because, videogames PROMOTE art! They encourage it! While not art itself, videogames have created a deep, nerdy culture that has spawned many new art forms, including chiptunes...pixel art...interactive novels...Look all around you, you are on the biggest fanart website on the internet! Many of you were brought here by games, and our shared passion for them. You have videogames to thank, so who cares if games will ever be art? No matter where the industry stands or what the critics say, they will always be imaginative and fun! Videogames are perfectly fine as games, and they will continue to grow all throughout this century as one of the most involved forms of recreation! Thank you, thank you, videogames!

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Stories and Finishes

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 13, 2013, 11:18 AM
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Wow...these past few weeks have been wild. Despite the fact that only a week or two has passed since my last journal, a LOT has happened...

Echoes of Eternea

Firstly...some absolutely amazing news, people. I've got a legetimate job now! It doesn't pay fantastic, but it's a very "cushy" home job that lets me just sit at my computer to earn cash. And what might this job be, you ask? I'm now a character spriter for Echoes of Eternea! :squee: Now, before people start harping on me, no. This is not "Tales of Eternia", and I am most certainly spelling that right...with an "ea".

Echoes of Eternea is a modern 16-Bit JRPG revival of SNES series such as Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy. It's a twist on the old formula, with pepped-up graphics, more dynamic character designs and a more engaging battle system. It's an indie game being developed by Ryan Harmon and is currently being funded on Kickstarter.

Just wow...from what I've seen of this game, I'm incredibly humbled that I was chosen from all of the portfolios on the PixelJoint forums to participate in something like this...And it's quite fun! Ryan sends me some character art, I open up ASEprite and 3-4 hours later, he gets a full 4-direction walk cycle and I score myself some cash! It's a great gig and I'd love to be doing this even if it was unpaid. :D

New Computer for some good/bad news. It was about 2 years(?) ago that I got my fumbly old refurbished HP Laptop. It was a good computer, but it's harsh past life as a computer began to show through as the months dragged on. The monitor connection was weak, so it would white over  at random annoying intervals...It was poorly repaired, so it would constantly overheat, and in the past few days it overheated twice and I lost 4 hours of work on an EoE sprite. :rage:

At that point I put my foot down, and decided to search for a new computer. Something bigger, chunkier, and faster so that it wouldn't overheat. I really didn't want to get a laptop in the first place because of the aforementioned reasons, so I went for a desktop. I searched all over the interbutts for a few hours, before settling on another HP Desktop.

I set the sucker up, moaned when I saw Windows 8 but actually got used to it very quickly. I got my laptop up, sat it next to a box fan so that it wouldn't overheat, and set to starting up Windows Easy Freakin' Long Transfer. The whole process took 18 hours to move the 28GB that composed my day-to-day life, and right now it has another 30 minutes or so on it. In the meantime, I played around with my registry a bit, got a few hacks, accidentally uninstalled an audio driver and screwed around with the computer for a bit. The end product is something that looks and feels 100% like my old Windows 7, except for the higher screen resolution and MUCH APPRECIATED higher speed. It's huge, quiet and works very cooperatively, and I'm very happy with it. I'm also insanely proud of myself, because the tower and everything that went with it cost only $612, and I've almost paid it all off with my EoE sprites. :D Currently, I'm updating Minceraft so that I can see what kind of an FPS I'm going to get. I'm thrilled, and I'm positive it will be at least a manageable 15 FPS.

Pokedex Complete!

Wow...what else? I'm aware a large amount of my watchers are Pokemon gurus, so they'll understand how amazing it is when I say...

MY POKEDEX IS COMPLETE!!! Wow. I know that's such a little thing in life, but I can't help but feel amazed that after 4 years of work, I've managed to catch all of the 635 Non-event 5th Gen Pokemon. I can remember looking at my Pokedex a long time ago and saying "Meh, no way I'll ever do it". But I persevered, and over the years I slowly pulled together a complete Pokedex with Emerald, Firered, Diamond, Soulsilver and Black 2. And you know what? Out of all of those games, none of them had Misdreavus in it. :rofl: The last few Pokemon were tough, because I had to search around in the horrible abomination that has been known to be GTS Negotiaions, and I had a few punks sit there and shove their shinies in my face instead of giving me something I wanted...but I did it! :D

And what did I get? :O A color upgrade for my Trainer Card (I'm gold right now), the egg charm, the shiny charm and a pat on the back. Whee. :unimpressed: If anyone out there needs a Poke they can't get themselves, note me and I'll see what we can arrange. :D

Critique Commissions

Despite my recent business with EoE, I'm still finding some free time to be working on my own story, Super Dragonsin Saga. It was recently that I became aware of the importance of critiques, and I got VERY nervous when I was thinking about how people would react to my story. So I've decided to open up critique commissions, and this is how they work...

I will send you a little backstory, and the entire script for the prologue of Super Dragonsin Saga. Overall, it should take someone who's a fast reader about 30 minutes to finish it. After (or while) you read the prologue, just jot down what the story makes you feel in 300 words or more. Even if you're a fantastic writer, I DO NOT want suggestions. Just tell me basic things like "This action scene wasn't suspenseful enough" or "I didn't laugh at that joke" or "So-and-so character gets on my nerves because..."

After you write your 300 word critique by these guidelines, I'll give you something in return...You may take your pick of...

:bulletblack: 10 dA points (I only have 20)
:bulletblack: An unanimated 50x50 avatar.
:bulletblack: A 300-word story critique, less if the story is short.

I'll take longer critiques, but keep in mind you won't get anything special. I'm a very busy guy and if you ask for an avatar, i will take me a while to get to it. ^^;

Critique Commissions Que


3DS: 1177-6665-5385
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Returns and Programs

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 29, 2013, 2:09 AM
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San Antonio

To kick off this journal, let's see what I've been doing this past month, hmm? Well, for starters, I took a family trip down to San Antonio! (Southern U.S. for all you non-Americans) And it was great! Headed down there with my bro, sis and pop, and things went just great. On the way down there I mostly just slept and played Pokemon Black 2, but stopped intermittently at 2 or 3 hotels. We got to see wicked-a things like a fancy hotel, the Alamo, the Ripley's Museum (entrance only) and the trip there was overall very memorable. But what made it best was...The San River Walk! My gosh! Probably the highlight of the trip! If you've ever heard of Venice, Italy, it's a lot like that but more...Spanish...In short, a large river runs smack-dab through San Antonio and it's probably the most cultural place I've ever visited. They have a river tour, restaurants crowding both sides of the river, a mexican mariachi band parading around and taking tips and ducks. LOTS OF DUCKS. Jeez, they were funny at first but got pretty annoying when they beg you for cornchips while you're eating...

After we left San Antonio, we headed down to ██████████ to see my gramma ████. We also ate more Mexican food and met up with my millions and millions of spanish aunts, uncles, cousins and nephews. DX Yes...Things get silly when you're parading around a stranger's house hundreds of miles away from home and every 10 minutes someone who's supposedly distantly-related to you just pops in the door and greets you like an old friend. :confused: But aside from that, it was fun! We headed back to my hometown after a week at my aunt ████████'s house, and things settled down after that...

Python Programming

And right after coming back home, I went back and kicked off my second attempt at learning a programming language! It always seemed like a waste to me to have all of these graphics and music and not be able to do anything with them, so I've been working hard on a wonderful series of tutorials called "Invent With Python". Personally, so far I've liked working with PyGame much more than Java because handling operators and functions in Python is a much more streamlined (alebit a little less powerful). Invent With Python is also great because it doesn't just say "Hey, here's some vocabulary and terms you need to know. Now away with you, you little featherless programmer!". No. It actually gives some really in-depth tutorials on how to make things like memory puzzles and simple space-shooters. And trust me, programming either of those is a lot harder than it sounds...

And for my first game made in PyGame, I've decided Super Dragonsin Saga would be a little bit too big of a first project. And I REALLY don't wanna make an Arkanoid clone, because though that would be a good place to start, I wanna do something that'll be a little more...engaging for me. So I sat and thought for a while, and I brainstormed up an interesting little sidegame! It really isn't strongly tied in with Super Dragonsin Saga, but it takes place in the same world. It's a Gameboy-styled game titled "Orchestra Castle". The graphics will be similar to that of Link's Awakening, and the game will also handle in a similar matter. I've already thought out quite a few puzzles for it and sprited out some character designs, so expect to see some Gameboy-related stuff wandering into my gallery in the near future.

8-Bit Music

And what would a Gameboy-styled game be without some great 4-Bit Chiptunes? :D Hey...people! For the millionth time, I HAVE A SOUNDCLOUD FOR MY MUSIC STUFF. I DON'T JUST MAKE SHODDY PIXEL ART, YOU KNOW!!! And now that I've screamed that at you in bold caps, I will now assume my SoundCloud fanbase will increase by 1 or two people. ;.; *Ahem* Anyways, I gave NES and GB chiptunes a try recently and both attempts went pretty well. I've always loved working with limitations (go ahead, take a guess why I make pixel art) and apparantly that also shows up in my music. For NES songs, you're limited to 2 pulse instruments, a triangle wave, scratchy noises for percussion and a DCPM channel for pre-recorded sounds. Not a lot, but I managed to make it work in my composition for :iconmidday-mew:'s robot master Smorgasbordman. But...just barely. I struggle with making full-sounding NES chiptunes...GB chiptunes work much better for me, though, because the instruments sound much fuller, you have more control over how they sound and they are generally simply better quality. Heh, you'd kind of think the NES would have better sound quality, eh?

And that's really what's been going on with me lately! I know a month is a while to go without another cynicism-loaded journal entry, but really there isn't a whole lot of motivation for me to write any journals...But what do you guys think? Anything you'd like to see me write about? Should I try hosting commissions in my journals? Make them more subject-oriented? Host a contest? Hmm? For all of you that stuck through that giant wall of text to read that last comment, drop me a comment below to tell me what you think!

3DS: 1177-6665-5385
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Pokemon Black 2: 3569-0739-6458
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Breaks and Commissions

Journal Entry: Sat May 25, 2013, 10:16 PM
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Man...there's been some real cobwebs collecting around here, eh? Time to start up another journal of mine! I'm gonna be quite busy for a while, so it seems I'll really only be able to get these things out on a bimonthly/monthly basis.

School's Out!

What can I say? I'm thrilled! It's only saturday, and it already feels like summer has picked up full pace for me! The end of school seemed to drag out a bit, but the last few final exams went well and I feel I made quite nice grades despite not really ever attempthing this strange thing you call "studying". :lmao: Gonna miss hanging out with my friends, though. I've got some IRL ones, but they're not really the type I can invite over. One of em's very religiously busy, and the other has a bit of a reputation for roughousing con mis hermanos y my parents really don't want :iconthekeeperofpeace: to be hanging out over here...a shame.

But enough about do you guys feel about summer? Everyone here PSYCHED to be out of school? I'm aware that outside of North America people depart for summer on different days, so if you've been out or are going to be, just pretend you're American when you answer this question. :meow:

Undertale This game so far is amazing. I heard about it via :iconthe-knick: and I'm gonna say that I'm pretty glad he got the news of this game out. It' experience. The game is somewhat surreal in the Earthbound sense, and it was made by one of the musicians for Homestuck. If you really like the music of Homestuck, I suggest you give the game a try. It's an RPG that looks deep into the relationship between the player and their opponents. Instead of FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT a monster or boss to death, you actually have the option to negotiate a win or grant mercy to your opponent. Doing so avoids fights and can change the storyline, but makes you give up the potential exp and permanantly remain at lvl. 1. It's a game of choices, paths and every playthrough is different...even if you make the same descisions. It's kind of hard to explain, but you'd have to see the game yourself to understand.


Commissions and Portfolio

And in other art-related news, since it's summer I'll be taking up commissions again. And what led me to begin this? wouldn't believe it, but a major Indian game-developing company called LycusArts actually commissioned me to sketch some tilesets for over $120!!! I took up the job and did it in a week, but they asked MUCH MUCH more of me...many sprites I'm not sure I have the skill nor the stamina to make. I had to sadly turn them down, but I may end up reconsidering at one point if no more commissions turn up. And how would I host these commissions, hmm? Well, I want to primarily host them on dA, but I find that my talent has reached a point where I really need to start branching out and seeking clients in other areas. And to do so I decided to make a PORTFOLIO! :squee:  I was super-nervous about making one at first since there are so many super-pro artists out there who would over shadow me, but I decided to give it a shot anyways. And the first person I sent this puppy to? The maker of Undertale. :o


And to wrap things up nicely and leave that little cliffhanger HANGING FROM A CLIIIIIIIIFF~, I'll go ahead and pipe up about my new SoundCloud account. To put it nicely, DEVIANTART YOU SUCK!!! Lol JK. :lol: deviantART, you're great to me and you give me nice things like custom portfolios and a way to share my art, but you are oooooooohh sooooooo picky about letting us submit music. I what? A person or two submitted a copyrighted song! SO WHAT? People do it ALL THE TIME with art and nobody gives two cares! But nevertheless, I got tired of submitting all of my stuff in mystifying .ZIP folders (which nobody downloaded) so I decided to make a SoundCloud (which nobody listens to). So head on down and no listen to my music here!

3DS: 1177-6665-5385
(My little brother's)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 4511-6290-4680
Mario Kart Wii: 3953-6227-4369
Pokemon Black 2: 3569-0739-6458
Pokemon Battle Revolution: 3868-1023-3525
(Only 4th gen game)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky: 2451-2199-7002
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass: 5371-5378-5961
Animal Crossing Wild World: 4641-3448-6585 (I cheat a lot)
Guitar Hero World Tour: 3266-5891-4802

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Classics and Trips

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 19, 2013, 4:40 PM
  • Listening to: My Own Music
  • Reading: Don Quixote
  • Watching: Zelda Classic Tutorials
  • Playing: Link's Awakening
  • Eating: Chicken
  • Drinking: Coca-Cola's been quiet around here for a while now, hasn't it? Let's see what I've been up to!

Georgia Trip

Well, this spring break I had to do SOMETHING, so for a whole day we went sightseeing in Atlanta, GA just a few hours away from where we live. My dad had to pick up a car engine for my mum, so he decided to be very generous and take him along with us so we could have some fun on the way.

Georgia Aquarium

After we checked in at the VERY FANCY hotel, complete with indoor and outdoor pool, we left for the Georgia Aquarium. And it was...amazing! They had small tanks with river fish, tanks full of frogs, a walkthrough water tunnel, 4D cinema, food court, giant saltwater tank, otters, dolphins...and we saw it ALL! Probably my highlight of that part of our trip was the walkthrough water tunnel, because they had these colossal stingray which would skim along the top of the tunnel, and you could see their weird smiley faces on their undersides. Oh, and they had these big 'ol grouper which were about as big as your outstretched arms. They looked impressive, but they didn't move a whole lot. :I Oh, and there was a sea anemone-touching area and another for manta rays and another for small babby sharks. Overall, it was great!

Coca-Cola World

Meh. I really like undersea life a lot more than soda (I really don't drink garbage like that) but nevertheless it was a great place. We went through a guided tour with my dad, bro and sis, and it was quite informative! First we went in a big room full of old memorabilia, including this antique glass jar from 1890 in which you had to stir up your own Coca-Cola. Next, we saw this short little 4D movie which was kind of corny, but nevertheless arguably a lot better than "Deepo", from the Georgia Aquarium. You can see it here:… Ah, then we went to the more interesting part of the trip where we got to choose what exhibits we wanted to see. First we went to the Coca-Cola vault, where they had a bunch of silly touristy stuff like drawers you could open to learn more about the secret recipe's history. Then, at the end of the vault trip, we were taken into a big 360 degree video room, where we saw a short history of Coca-Cola, and then a pair of big doors opened and we got the see the ACTUAL SAFE CONTAINING THE COLA RECIPE. And don't believe me? Just look at the Wikipedia page:… Oh, and we wrapped that leg of our trip up with a visit to another 4D movie and the Coca-cola tasting room, where we got as many samples as we wanted of 60+ kinds of Coca Cola from all over the world. Overall, South and Latin America had my favorite drinks because they were all really fruity, and Italy had my least favorite because they only had boring drinks like seltzer and...BEVERLY. *DUN DUN DUUUUUN* (Look it up on Youtube...lots of barfing videos.) I really honestly think the only reason the employees kept Beverly in the tasting area is because they wanted to see the reactions on people's faces upon drinking it. XP

Zelda Classic

In case you have never heard of Zelda Classic, it is the single most amazing Zelda fangame in existence. Why? Because it can be almost anything you want it to *cough cough* long as it's top-down, that is. Anyways, it's a Zelda game maker which can be as simple or as complex as you want to use. The game is built off of the engine of Zelda 1, so when you play the game you'll realize some similarities, such as push block behavior and how enemies are knocked back. Whoa, but let's not stop there! There's a lot of fun to be had in this game, and it was recently that I got back into it. You can import custom graphics with as many colors as you want, use items like the hookshot, roc's feather or hammer, and do just about anything you'd want with the power of scripting. It's a really smooth-working game with great controls and a lot of creative leeway, and I highly suggest you check it out on along with all of the resources I've been making for the game on And if you don't wanna, I'll go ahead and upload them to my dA account.

Top 200 SNES Soundtracks

It's done!!! ...Kind of...In case you haven't been keeping up with my journals, you might have heard that I'm making a list of the Top 200 SNES Soundtracks. Any why not songs? Well, the list only takes one song from each game, has incredibly strict rules on qualifying for the list, and even has little sub-lists for each of the games. And after a few months of hard work on it and deciding to up the ante from 100 to 200, I finally added 200 songs to the list after listening through at least 230 entire SNES soundtracks. Currently, the list in a Beta phase, and I'm going back and revising any placements I thought were too low or too high. I'm also adding caption commentary on each song to show why I chose it. In case anyone's interested, I can give some of my trusted friends a copy of the list and they can tell me what they think of it. Ah, but I'd rather not hand it out to random people, as they'd probably just rip it off and take it for their own. :hmm: PM me if interested!

3DS: 1177-6665-5385
(My little brother's)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 4511-6290-4680
Mario Kart Wii: 3953-6227-4369
Pokemon Black 2: 3569-0739-6458
Pokemon Battle Revolution: 3868-1023-3525
(Only 4th gen game)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky: 2451-2199-7002
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass: 5371-5378-5961
Animal Crossing Wild World: 4641-3448-6585 (I cheat a lot)
Guitar Hero World Tour: 3266-5891-4802

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Sickness and Tags

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 16, 2013, 6:59 PM
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  • Reading: Flatland
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  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Water

The-Knick Commissions Feature

First and foremost, I'd like to direct ya'll to my artistic idol :iconthe-knick:. He's an experienced artist who's been making art for years now, and a lot of my style has been humbly ripped off derived from his work. I'd definitely not be the artist I am today if I had never had that fateful encounter with that first deviation I saw from him:
KA:CA Ominazzerd by The-Knick
Ah, but I digress. The reason I'd like to bring attention to :iconthe-knick: is that he's currently in college, and is running a bit low on funds for basic things such as food. He's also been a little down lately because of this, so I promised him I'd give him a commission feature to cheer him up. :meow: If you're interested, here is his commission information:
Commission Chart (as of August 16th, 2013) by The-Knick
...and some examples of his most recent work:
Fruits Hazard: Fruit Force Four by The-Knick Monster Month II, #13: Aerneck by The-Knick Monster Month II, #10: Greater Ice Weck by The-Knick

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Do'h, I've been tagged! (Kind of) by :iconcyberguy64:. The dude's pretty cool, and recently he did a journal thingie. I'mm c/p it from his journal here...

1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your page for 10 seconds.

2. Tell you a color you remind me of.

3. Tell you what element I believe you belong to (water, fire, air, etc.).

4. Tell you what OC(s) of yours is/are my favorite(s).

5. Ask you a question, and you must answer.

6. Tell you something I like about you.

7. Give you a nickname.

8. Tell you what am I doing right now.

9. Tell you what food/flavor/smell you remind me of.

10. Dare you to do one of these in your journal too, if you haven't already.

Requests Productivity

:cough: Ugh...I really like cold seasons, but it stinks when you catch sicknesses. Recently my family caught a stomach virus, and I think I have a minor case of it too. My throughts been hurting for ages, my eyes are watery, and I really don't want to do anything but stay in bed. Nevertheless, I still have all of my requesters in mind, and after I come out of this temporary lapse of artistic energy, it's back to requests for me. So...yeah. Just hold your horses people, no matter how much I want to work I can't just will my body to be healthier. :icondragondepressed: And on another side note, I absolutely hate to be idle. I always have to be doing something, even if it means I'm in bed all day. And recently I decided I would read a somewhat famous sci-fi novella that deals with the 4th dimension called "Flatland". It's a good, short story that deals with the problems of social castes and the possibilty of a 4th dimension. I found it a great read, but others might be turned away because it's in public domain. Which means it's old. REALLY OLD. On the other hand, if you've ever read any H.G. Wells or other kinds of contemporary fiction, you might be able to decipher the rather outdated Old English...

3DS: 1177-6665-5385
(My little brother's)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 4511-6290-4680
Mario Kart Wii: 3953-6227-4369
Pokemon Black 2: 3569-0739-6458
Pokemon Battle Revolution: 3868-1023-3525
(Only 4th gen game)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky: 2451-2199-7002
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass: 5371-5378-5961
Animal Crossing Wild World: 4641-3448-6585 (I cheat a lot)
Guitar Hero World Tour: 3266-5891-4802

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Parades and Features

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 18, 2013, 2:28 PM
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  • Drinking: Water
First and foremost, I'd like to give a feature for :icondahub:.

In case you haven't heard of :icondahub:, it's an automatically run, completely legal service which allows you to get free points! In order to get said points, you need to give feedback to featured deviants in the form of faves and +watches. I know it sounds like a scam, but :icondahub: has been running for a year now, and I've used it quite a bit myself. And if that isn't enough to convince you something like this is too good to be true, usually you get about 3-10 points after giving like a godzillion faves, which amounts to not that much. Oh, but you can get more points if you do a journal feature for :icondahub:, which is why I'm doing this. But moving on...

Inauguration Parade

In case you don't live in America, every 4 years we elect a president. This president, Barack Obama as of now, forms a 3rd of our national government, along with our congress and house of representatives. Just a few months ago, Barack Obama was just reelected for another 4 years, and will be "sworn in" January 20th. What that simply means is there will be an official ceremony seen by hundreds of millions of people where he will officially become president. And, as it happens, I am one of the few thousand people who will be marching in a celebratory parade! Quite a prestigious parade, only one school from each of the 50 states was chosen to march in it! And in case you didn't know, I'm going to be marching in Alabama's parade with about 200 other people.

What does this mean for you folks? Well, primarily I won't be able to get on dA until next Wednesday, so don't panic if I don't respond. I'll be leaving 7:00 EST, so if you need to tell me anything, tell me it before then. Also, it means I'm gonna BE ON TELEVISION!!! :squee: You can see me by tuning in to the presidential inauguration parade or checking in on Youtube after it's all done. My band is going to be the guys in blue and black. I'll also be playing a saxophone, and you can probably recognize my face from my deviantID. Well, see you then!

Other News

Requests have been slowly picking up for me...I've got 1 request I'm currently working on for :iconbyebyewonderland: and 3 more that might be coming soon...expect the requests cue to be more full in the future. Also, my style's been progressing nicely, and right now I'm putting the final touches on my spriting style so that I can start posting some animations in the future. Oh! And I've been reading lots of Romantically Apocalyptic, XKCD and TVTropes lately. You can thank :icondragonblade318: for introducing me to those. :roll: Well, everyone, have a nice day!

3DS: 1177-6665-5385
(My little brother's)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 4511-6290-4680
Mario Kart Wii: 3953-6227-4369
Pokemon Black 2: 3569-0739-6458
Pokemon Battle Revolution: 3868-1023-3525
(Only 4th gen game)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky: 2451-2199-7002
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass: 5371-5378-5961
Animal Crossing Wild World: 4641-3448-6585 (I cheat a lot)
Guitar Hero World Tour: 3266-5891-4802

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Presents and More Presents

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 25, 2012, 10:04 PM
Yes, I got many, amazing presents for Christmas, and no, I don't care that recently your inbox has been absolutely inundated with journals similar to this one. Deal with it.

Let's cut to the chase here, people. I'm also gonna name what my bro and sis got.

Wacom Bamboo Splash 6x4" - :faint: Wow. I was expecting some totally cheap, tiny, knock-off tablet for Christmas and I got a freaking WACOM!!! :squee: Couldn't get any better than this. The moment I got it I plugged the puppy up to my computer and checked it out. Need I say more? It's a great, responsive tablet with a very smooth pen and very natural-feeling grip to it. So psyched! Expect to see some Paint Tool SAI stuff in the near future from me. :D Oh, and stuff made in...

Anime Studio 9 Debut - What can I say, I was quite let down when I didn't get Flash, but this program held it's own. Turns out, it's quite a different program from Flash despite first impressions. It's primarily a VECTOR-based animation tool, and it let's you use .SVGs to make characters, and put bones in em' and stuff to easily animate them. At the word "easy" and the horrible examples included in the program, I became less excited about this program the more I used it. But, hark! On the horizon! I went onto dA and saw some amazing little clips that helped raise my spirits a bit, stuff like this:… But on the OTHER hand, that's Anime Studio 9 Pro...Anime Studio 9 Debut is SUPER limited, and limits the exported size of .SWFs, the number of music tracks simultaneously playable and the length of exported movies. :iconwhywouldyoudothatplz: Guess we'll have to see if anything good can come from this program. :U

Nook Color - OMG A NOOK GUYS I LOVE READING AND-Awwww it can't connect to the internet...Stupid holiday internet traffic. Guess I'll try later so I can order all of those awesome books I can't get at my local library. :) My bro could get it to connect to the internet, though. How? I guess the thing just doesn't like me. :stare: I'll try and get the thing to work later, because my bro got Netflix on it. :D

3DS - My bro's. None too thrilled that I can't use to the stinkin' 3D for 10 minutes before my eyes start watering. And yes, I'm holding the blasted eyeblazer at ARMS LENGTH. I don't know what hurts more, my eyes or my arms. The pain of both are kind of cancelling each other out, though. Oh, it's got Netflix, a nice little Mii channel and a bunch of apps that try to get lazy gamers to get up and do bizarre human activities like going outside and walking. Really, Nintendo? It's like Warioware: Smooth Moves, trying to convince us to put the game down every 10 minutes before we kill ourselves with the overexertion of arm-swinging minigame madness. But I digress...And with the 3DS, my bro got...

Mario Kart 7 - Played one Mario Kart game, played em all. And since the aforementioned 3DS was reduced to a S because of it's inability to properly display stereoscopic depth, I could not use the 3D on this game, which is 99% the reason Nintendo made this game (The one 1% is to have a new Mario Kart.) Not impressed. :smoking: Nevertheless, :iconbluehibiskus: I will challenge you to a kart match to properly test my karting abilities after I've played each of these tracks at least once. ;)

DSiXLAUSLXITTMIHAP - My sis'. This large, unecessary acronym fully expresses my feelings towards this gimmicky *cough cough* Vista *cough cough* system. It stands for Developer's System is Xtra Large And Using Stuff Like Xtra In The Title Makes It Hip and Trendy. The giant, baby-sized pixels (:eager: *Hopes someone get's the refrence*) do make up for it's gimmickiness, though. Everyone knows I looove me some pixels. :meow:

A Big Ol' pair O' Stero Headphones - Excuse me a moment, I forgot my regularly scheduled Big Ol' Pair O' Stero Headphones head removal. One moment. *Removes Headphones* :headache: GOSH these things are tight. They keep out the noise quite well, though! I love me some Big Ol' Pair O' Stero Headphones just like I looove me some pixels. :meow::meow:

Un chaqueta (A Jacket) - Need I say more? It's quite warm and soft on the inside, and the outside has a wind-guard. The thing becomes waterlogged quite easily, though. Also needs moar hood. :shrug: Oh well. Still like it though.

2GB HP Laptop - Also my bro's. Not mine, sooo not mine because it's password protected for that same exact reason (Like I'd break the thing like those other 3 computers. PSWAH!) It looks unimpressive. It's a big ol' thick, refurbished laptop with a gig less ram than mine. Oh, and it runs Minecraft with 30FPS on all of the highest settings while mine chugs along at 15 with all the lowest settings AND OptiFine installed. No exaggeration. :spin: The reason I put this on my list is because I am jelly. Quite jelly. :evillaugh:

Other Misc. Stuff - You know how on Christmas, your parents always drag you away from your awesome stuff so that you can go to some "friend"'s house and eat a "dinner" with some "people"? And those "people" who hardly know you give you presents? :shifty: *Takes a deep breath* A blue M&M Laptop cleaner, an unsolvable 3D wooden puzzle, and a 500 piece puzzle. :icondragonfacepalm: Oh boy. And more candy eh too much candy :puke: oh my the floor it happened

Candy - And lots of it, chocolate, sodas, beef jerky (not candy), and other stuff I don't remember eating because of my current state of intense sugar rush. Did I mention I have little to no tolerancy for eating garbage? Oh look I still have a Reeses cup left!!! :iconkermityayplz:

Giana Sisters DS - My sis'. OOOMG!!! GET THIS GAME ITS AWESOME ITS GOT LIKE 80 LEVELS OF STUFF AND YOU KILL THE THINGY AND GET THE STUFFS LOOK IT DOESN'T EVEN TRY TO BE LIKE SUPER MARIO BROS!!!… But in all due seriousness, them pixels be sick! Shame skill like that had to be wasted on a game like this. :I </b> <--Oh look a misplaced piece of HTML code, how did that get there?

Rhythm Heaven - To end this year's cache on a VERY high note, this game is arguably the best game I got this Christmas, next to GIANA SISTERS DS!!! :cough: Ahem, lost myself a moment there. Got myself back together, though. This game is 10 different secret flavors of awesome, actually, 50 to be exact. 50 awesome rhythm games I've been closet obsessing over the past 2 years, ever since I first downloaded the Rhythm Heaven demo from the Wii Shop Channel. Since then, I have downloaded and perfectly completed the demo at least 6 times. Oh, and I beat Pixel Pop on Nitrome almost as many times, a game very similar to Rhythm Heaven, which still manages to be quite unique. I played this game to death's quite addicting, even when you already know how to play all of the games. It's fun, unique, challenging but never frustrating. If anyone here is sick of playing carbon copy games like MK7 *raises hand* then I HIGHLY suggest you pick up this very musical and rhythmic game.

What'd you folks get for Christmas? Anything as awesome as Giana Sisters DS? Anything close? Anything within a scope of this game's awesomeness? Eh? Hm? NO! Tell me anyways. :I

3DS: 1177-6665-5385
(My little brother's)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 4511-6290-4680
Mario Kart Wii: 3953-6227-4369
Pokemon Black 2: 3569-0739-6458
Pokemon Battle Revolution: 3868-1023-3525
(Only 4th gen game)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky: 2451-2199-7002
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass: 5371-5378-5961
Animal Crossing Wild World: 4641-3448-6585 (I cheat a lot)
Guitar Hero World Tour: 3266-5891-4802

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  • Watching: Mythbusters on Netflix
  • Playing: GIANA SISTERS DS!!!
  • Eating: Caaandy...
  • Drinking: Caaandy...spit.

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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 30, 2012, 4:08 PM
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Not really a tag, but I was told I had to do this so as much as it will pain me I will have to do this surprisingly decent journal thingy. :icontonyzecorny: never told me where it originally came from, but if anyone can tell me I'd be much obligued. Well, here it is:

Comment on this journal and I will tell you :

1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your dA page.

2. Tell you a color you remind me of.

3. Tell you the element I think you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, ect.)

4. Say something completely random.

5. Tell you what comic, movie, or video game character you remind me of.

6. Ask you a question, and you must answer.

7. Tell you something I like about you.

8. Give you a nickname.

9. Tell you the object that is to the left of me.

10. Tell you what season you remind me of.

11. Tell you what food/flavor/smell you remind me of.

12. Tell you to do one in your journal too. (If you want to)
So much punctuation I had to correct. O.e

3DS: 1177-6665-5385
(My little brother's)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 4511-6290-4680
Mario Kart Wii: 3953-6227-4369
Pokemon Black 2: 3569-0739-6458
Pokemon Battle Revolution: 3868-1023-3525
(Only 4th gen game)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky: 2451-2199-7002
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass: 5371-5378-5961
Animal Crossing Wild World: 4641-3448-6585 (I cheat a lot)
Guitar Hero World Tour: 3266-5891-4802

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Requests and Indies

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 26, 2012, 1:56 PM
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  • Playing: Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, Indie Games
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You guys know I'm doing flat color requests now...right? Go ahead and check out the details on my main page, and hit me up if you see the green requests stamp!

Welllll my return to dA has been a smooth one! I've finished submitting my recent stuff, so I'm gonna start submitting my periodically older stuff. Expect to see more pixel art, a few animations, maybe a bit of my vector stuff, a preview of my Minecraft texture pack and an excerpt from a novel I'm working on. Wow! So much stuff to submit! I can't wait to get it all in and see what people think, and mucho grande gracias to everyone whose taken the time to give me an opinion on my arts.


In case you haven't noticed, on a lot of my submissions I have been posting in the description a program used called ASEprite, yes? This is an amazing program for pixel art that I've been using for months now, with little complaints and absolutely no creative barriers so far. If you like pixel art, get this program. If you like indexed palettes, get this program. If you like pixel animation, stop pirating Adobe Fireworks and get this freakin' program! More on it here:


Nuff' said.

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Sooo...I was at a friend's house for Turkey Day (Thanksgiving), and my mum went into his garage and sifted through his stuff like the :iconcreeper--plz: she is. A day or two later she told me she had found a ton of cool stuff, including an old NES, an NES game or two she couldn't remember, an old gray brick (if you know what I mean), some games to go with said brick, and a copy of...Castlevania: Circle of the Moon! I immediately booted the game up to see what it was about. My expectations follied a bit, though, because I had never heard of Circle of the Moon, neither were the graphics nearly as large and fancy as those I've seen of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Overall, it's an above average game. It's got the whip-action of Castlevania, the basic role-playing mechanics of some of the earlier Final Fantasies, and a Dual Card system which gives really cool passive abilities. The music is OK-ish and the graphics are decent (though small and bit bit lackluster on the animation) but the real shining trait of this game is the challenge level. 10+ Game Overs already and I'm only about 2/3 of the way done with this game! If you like a good challenging explorative platformer, I suggest you give this game a look.

Indie Game: The Movie

Wow...just wow...I just finished watching "Indie Game: The Movie". Really, as I write this the credits are just finishing. Where do I start when I talk about this amazing movie? Well...for one thing, I'm not the movie watching kind of person. It takes something that looks really good, or famous, or inspirational to make me want to watch it, and this movie fit all three of those criteria. The movie is a documentary, a great one. It tells the story of 3 indie game developers, and their life stories as they work on famous indie games such as Braid, Super Meat Boy, and Fez. It's a touching movie, telling of how these people devoted their entire lives to being indie developers. No, it's not as simple as coming up with an idea and making the game. You have to put your life on hold, make the graphics, write the storyline, come up with the concept, put all of your eggs in one basket and fling it from a cliff. That's that being an indie gamer is about. This movie was amazing because I felt like I could deeply relate to it...these people's ideas came from childhood inspirations and fantasties, and they were later brought to realization in their adult lives. These developers are astounded at how they played games their entire life, lived them. Drew about them. Obsessed over them. Bought them. And then they grow up and they describe how it's so surreal that they are now on the other end...they're the people creating the experience, and passing it on to the next generation. I could sit here and lecture about how amazing this movie is if you're into indie games and want to see what gets put into them, but instead I'm just going to personally reccomend you did what I did. Open your Netflix, check out this movie, and live it for yourself! Ah, but just a word of warning. If you're a bit of the ideologically sensitive type, some of the previews of some of the indie games featured are quite gruesome, so just keep that in mind before you watch. Other than that small sully in this otherwise great movie, I'd give it a 4/5. Wait...Actually I should do that, and I just did. Click.

3DS: 1177-6665-5385
(My little brother's)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 4511-6290-4680
Mario Kart Wii: 3953-6227-4369
Pokemon Black 2: 3569-0739-6458
Pokemon Battle Revolution: 3868-1023-3525
(Only 4th gen game)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky: 2451-2199-7002
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass: 5371-5378-5961
Animal Crossing Wild World: 4641-3448-6585 (I cheat a lot)
Guitar Hero World Tour: 3266-5891-4802

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Apologies and Comebacks

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 23, 2012, 10:56 AM
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Oh gosh I miss these emoticons so much... :tighthug:

Nooow what was I going to say? :? Oh!

I'm returning to deviantART! Let me just start with that, and now, an explanation.

When I left half year ago was it? My state of mind was that in order to be a good artist, I needed constant reinforcement from my peers...I needed motivation in order to continue drawing, and that was all I needed. DeviantART, though, did not provide this. I poured all of my time and effort into scrambling for popularity on this site, and all the time I had only gained little since I was so intent on doing so. What I was missing, though, was the art! I would comment, comment, comment and critique and expect to get watches or the sort in return. But then I took a step back, and realized that the only people I watch are those with amazing galleries full of great art. So I thought about it, and decided that's what I would need.
But alas, it was already too late and I had made my exit from deviantART. But suddenly I got an urge that I did not know was possible. It was inconceivable! I got the urge to draw. :D So I drew. I noticed my weaknesses, and I attacked them (and still am. Curse you hands! :shakefist:) I found a challenge in constantly striving to improve...and joy in the satisfaction of finishing a piece that took me days to create. I found over time that I didn't need people's approval to find happiness in art...I discovered what, for me, makes art such a large part of my life. And that's the challenge of it. The challenge of that blank canvas (or bitmap XP) that stares at you with maliciousness. You have an idea of what you want to draw, but that blank canvas is the biggest obstacle between you and your goal. So what do you do? You eat an elephant.
The process of putting your art on the canvas is a lot like eating an elephant...It's big, it's nasty, and it's something you really don't wanna do, but you must (If you find elephants tasty). But like anyone would take it on. Bite by bite. Stroke by stroke. You slowly conquer the task at hand, and hours, maybe days, maybe WEEKS later...and you conquer it. For me, that's what art is. A big elephant I need to eat. It's something crazy, that most people wouldn't do, and you don't HAVE to do in life, but the satisfaction of conquering such a momentous task, not the recognition, that moves you forward bite by stroke.
But I hear you say in your head, "What about your PixelJoint account? Did you not make that to show your art to the world?"
And to this, I say that art is a thing of extremes. You can bathe in the glamour and fandom of being an experienced artist, or you can be like :iconelemtos: and simply keep your art to yourself, and take absolute satisfaction in showing to nobody but you, yourself and thine. I for one, am not an angel of goodness capable of the latter, and almost all artists, however little, are always excited to share their ideas with the world. As am I.
In conclusion, I've discovered myself as an artist. I've learned what makes me want to draw. I've learned not to care about the community, just myself. And above all, I've learned how much I've missed dA. Despite it's flaws and drawbacks, dA is still an amazing site full of rare gems of artists who love art truly for the sake of it. And meeting people like that is what makes playing a part in this site all the worthwhile. :painter:

But things aren't gonna be like they were before...I there're gonna be some changes around here folks, and I'm gonna list em now. :)

:bulletblack: Shorter Journal Entries - I used to make my old journals for personal purposes, but I find that is quite time consuming, and I soon learned to dread writing journals. Journals are going to be shorter now, but just trust me when I say that I'm not going to spam people's inboxes with one word sentences. What you see in this journal entry is what I'd like to consider a LOOONG journal from now on, and most journals will be shorter than this one and feature little blurbs about my life at the end.

:bulletblack: Less Hatefulness - Furries...Bronies...Gays...There's a lot of things I used to be openly hateful about on dA, and looking back, I made myself sick with it. For pete's sake, people like this you see all around the world, and you can live with someone and be their friend for your entire life without knowing stuff like this! So for humanity's sake, I'm gonna be more acceptant of the quirkier people among us, but don't expect a hug or anything. :stare:

:bulletblack: Less Cluttered Home Page - Man...some people really go overboard and over-accessorize to the point where pages won't even load...I'm gonna work on making a simpler home page.

:bulletblack: Most importantly, Art! - My style has changed far over time. I've studied the best of the best, picked up some nice critiques on PixelJoint, and I've slowly gained more artistic confidence! My artistic style will be much more different than when I last left off, so expect some art to look like I couldn't have even made it back then. :XD:

:bulletblack: Finally, Requests! - I've got tons of projects, including the Super Saga Series, BinaryCraft, and tons of pent-up ideas ready to be put on the canvas! But...I think that in order to help increase my talent for things like this...I need to start getting out there and doing some requests. Save you, I'm not gonna hand them out like hotcakes! I still think requests are a silly load of nonsense...doing art and getting nothing in return...but of course, I'd like to start making people happy and improving, so I'm gonna open up requests very rarely.

Well, that's that! That's what you're gonna expect from me from now on! I'm a changed man! I've matured! And I'm ready to get back to submitting! Also, on a side note, I have dozens of pieces of art to submit I've stocked up over the weeks, but I'm going to spare everyone's inboxes and try and only submit one a week or every few days. I'm also going to sift through all of this group stuff I haven't gotten to. Kudos! :peace:

3DS: 1177-6665-5385
(My little brother's)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 4511-6290-4680
Mario Kart Wii: 3953-6227-4369
Pokemon Black 2: 3569-0739-6458
Pokemon Battle Revolution: 3868-1023-3525
(Only 4th gen game)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky: 2451-2199-7002
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass: 5371-5378-5961
Animal Crossing Wild World: 4641-3448-6585 (I cheat a lot)
Guitar Hero World Tour: 3266-5891-4802

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Leaving deviantART

Thu Jun 28, 2012, 2:50 PM
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Leaving deviantART

Well, you might think that this is happening all too soon, but I am going on a very long hiatus (if I ever return) from deviantART. I know this is sudden, but I feel that it is best for me, my well being, and my happiness in the future. I will be a stronger, more happy person in the future if I simply leave deviantART.

The reason is...popularity. Now, before you start telling me deviantART is not all about popularity, hear me out. When I joined deviantART 11 full months ago (Almost a year now! :wow:) the reason I because I wanted to get myself out there. I wanted to join this colossal network of people called the internet and share my thoughts and ideas with people (Super Dragonsin Saga specifically). I had these big ideas in my head and big plans, and I wanted to get them out and make something of myself before I became an adult. Most choose to simply enjoy themselves in life, or learn a hobby, but for myself I wanted something more. I simply wanted to show my artistic talent to the internet and become KNOWN as someone outside the small circle of friends I have at home. I simply wanted to gain some popularity.

But you might tell me, "Well look at so-and-so link and it will tell you how to become popular!" well, I've seen tons of those, but I think I will use… as an example. This link was sent to me just this morning by a close friend of mine on deviantART, TonyZeCorny as a sort of support. I'm going to cite this article to give examples at the blasphemy that is my lack of popularity.

I've tried!

:bulletgreen: Being a good artist: Its the most important thing to be recognized. Whats a good artist?
A good artist's someone who is always trying to improve his skills. He doesn't post just for updating. You can see the improvement in each new art;

Am I a good artist? In my eyes I am a pessimist. I look at the glass-half-empty side of things. This doesn't mean I'm moody, it's just that I expect the worst. As an artist, I think that I have a lot to improve. I pigeon-hole myself and only use very few programs, and limit the scope of the art I submit. On the other hand, I am always trying to improve my skills:

16-Bit Normal Platino by DragonDePlatino Platino Character Sheet by DragonDePlatino

On the left, you see one of the oldest deviations I have submitted. It was one of the first I've submitted. It is a simple portrait of my main OC Platino. On the right you see one of my most recent renditions of him, done using the same exact tool, MS Paint. Both are sufficient pieces of art, but honestly, the picture on the right is a GREAT improvement over the one on the left. For one thing, on the right my proportions are much more believable, my style is much cleaner and there is a bit more uniqueness to his character design. On the left, we have an ancient piece of work that took me almost twice as long to make! I made it entirely without any sort of sketch or frame whatsoever. I abused the curve tool and didn't even bother making a pre-sketch. Not to mention, I've far developed Platino over time and made him a more unique character in general, and removed many of his Mary Sue qualities.

:bulletgreen: Support: This is also a such essential thing to be popular.
For reaching popularity what do you need? Comments, favorites, watch, etc.. from OTHERS. Yes, from others. It means that you have to be supportive and kindly with all deviants you can. My advice is that your main support was to unknown and new deviants, because almost always since they are humbler, they give you more feedback.
Dont give support for obligation, people figure out when you do it. Its fool;
p.s.: Dedications are for people who you like not for famous that you want support. Sometimes they are stupid. Its better giving support for your friends. Trust me.

To be popular...I need to be popular? I don't understand what Pri-Santos is saying here, because essentially what she's saying is that to get lots of comments and favorites and +watches (which is being popular) then I need lots of comments and favorites and +watches.

Really really baffled by CookiemagiK

But the rest I understand. I'm always supportive of my friends and if you look through my favorites you can find some faves from some very new deviants. I never judge people based on how new to dA they are...I mean...look at my friend Elemtos's work! He's hardly submitted anything, and yet I've known him in real life for years now and know that he's a much greater artist than I will ever be, despite his inactivity on deviantART.

:bulletgreen: Activity: Strongly linked with support, it means how active you are in this community. The more active and supportative you are, the more people will visit you and give you feedback. Being active includes things like giving favs, submitting news, journals, featuring friends, making polls, posting in forums, commenting in others deviations/journals/news, chatting, providing resources and other stuff like that;

No arguments here, I win this category. I am a very active and supportive deviant. I am usually online, and I am constantly giving out constructive criticism to people. I constantly and thoughtfully fave, and always comment when I fave. Go ahead and look through my faves and you will find a comment by me about 90% of the time. I haven't submitted any news yet, as I don't know how to, but I do constantly release very long and thoughtful journals to show I'm active in the community. I also love to feature my friends, and if you look through my older journal entries you will find that they are constantly mentioned. Not to mention, I've done a feature or two in my time. Polls...I never found these incredibly useful, but I have indeed made occasional polls. I don't post in the forums very often, simply because I never had much to say in them, but now that I think about it that's one thing I could have done more. Commenting on other people's deviations? Jeez people! I give at least 4 comments a day! Not to mention I +watch very few people so that I can keep up with and comment on almost everything that comes into my inbox. Of course I've provided resources for people, as all of my comments are a consistent 3-sentences long, and I always make sure to help people with what they could improve on.

:bulletgreen: Clubs: Joining and submitting in clubs is a really good way to difuse your art. Always join clubs related with your art/style.. or you will have just a full inbox.

Clubs? Clubs? :rofl: I'm the admin of two very popular ones and one that I'm helping out gain more popularity.

I'm referring to :iconspriters-club: and :iconlowpolypix: and :icondefinition-of-art:

Not to mention, most of my deviations are in at least 2-8 groups, except the ones I'm not very proud of. Also, I'm a member of at least 28 different groups, about 80% of which I am somewhat active in.

:bulletgreen: Daily Deviation: Its the most practical way to become popular but your skills have to be really awesome and originals. A featured as a daily deviation gives you the right to be on deviantart end's page for a whole day. Its a dream *-*

Uhhh...don't I have to become popular to get one of those? I've seen some otherwise very bland or uninspiring daily deviations. All you need is an admin to come along who likes your deviation. It's like faving for admins. Not worth my time trying to get one of these.

:bulletgreen: Contests: Promoting and participating of contests is also a nice way to get audience. Usually, when you post or promoting it, people visit your picture and your profile.

Again...I'd have to be popular to host one of these. I've tried doing features to see if people would catch on, but of course nobody ever caught the bait. I never tried hosting a contest because I knew it would end in the same way. On the other hand, I have entered one or two contests in my time here on deviantART. Firstly, I tried entering the official deviantART 8-Bit Challenge, but with lukewarm results. Pretty much I got one or two unique comments with the rest being replies from me. You can see my entry here:

8-Bit Challenge Used Key by DragonDePlatino

Also, I entered JamesmanTheRegenold's contest. The theme was to design a new look for his main OC, James. I submitted 2 entries total, and got a comment or two from Jamesman. That went a little better but I'm not seeing any results from trying hard and entering contests. The entry can be seen here:

Captain James Design Contest Entries by DragonDePlatino

The Community

And that's that. I've made my mind up and I've decided that deviantART is not for me. I've put my heart and soul and all of my life into working hard to gain some popularity, and the bottomless hole that is the community has sucked up all of my sweat and tears and churned me back nothing in return. Let's face it, the deviantART community sucks. People get on here to look up anime porn and fetish art and little else. People always favor fandom over originality. Quantity is favored under quality. The community is ran by a bunch of mindless morons who have little interest for any variety, or giving anything into the community. Want proof of this? Let's take a look at a deviant I ran over a few months ago, tails4evr.

Let's see here...almost a hundred deviations of little to no good quality despite not being on deviantART 3 months as long as me...riding on the popularity of common video-game characters without any originality whatsoever...little to no improvement despite months of being on deviantART...and absolutely no variety at all in their gallery. What did he get? 4,000 more pageviews than I (even though they don't count), about 100 more +watchers, 40 comments for every 10 received, and less faves given than comments. That settles it. It's not my problem, it's your problem deviantART. I guess I just didn't luck out. I guess I should make a new account and draw nothing but Sonic and MLP, but I'm not going to do that...

I think I haven't enjoyed life to it's fullest yet. Looking at my life outside of deviantART, I have accomplished little. Sure, I'm an academic star (not to brag ^^;) and great at music, but I think my life needs something other than this hellhole to fill up the time I'm not spending at school. I'm going to become a more active person. When school comes out I'm going to take up more opportunities. I'm going to join the write club...jazz band...maybe the chess club...maybe a foreign languages club. Something that will benefit me and be much more secure than trying to gain popularity on this idiotic site. I just know that I'm not going to get on deviantART anymore...and now for me to wrap this up...

What Will Happen

Nothing. Nothing will happen for a long time. Probably forever. I'm going to go on a permanent(?) hiatus from deviantART. I know that I might be sounding dramatic, and that my depression at this site might be temporary, so I'm going to avoid doing anything permanent. All of my deviations will be kept intact, except for my SDS Graphic Novel, which will be put in storage and I will close all of my commissions until further notice. Also, I'm going to remove everything from my page except this journal entry and my comments box. I'd rather not try and get anyone interested in a leaving account. I might not leave forever. I might be back and active in a few years, maybe a month or two. Heck, I might delete this journal entry and get back to drawing within the end of the week. Only time will tell. All I know is that I don't want to draw...I don't want to submit art...and I don't want to try and pry for the attention of others like a pitiful monger. Goodbye deviantART, it was fun while it lasted.

What Has Happened

Well, popping in a month later here just to say that things have been going well. Everyone has commented I've become quite more outgoing since I quit deviantART and I've started hanging out with my family more. I haven't given up on art but I'm starting to take my time on my art and concentrate less on submitting it and more on making it good. I've delved into animation and vector art, and have started submitting art to the internet again.

I now have a Pixeljoint account, which can be found at the following link:

I feel that deviantART did not go well for me because quite simply, the artists on this site don't take art seriously. It's all about the fandoms on here, and not about the art itself. Sure, there are serious people, but they are too few and far apart to actually make the community any better. PixelJoint on the other hand, has very few but very serious artists. In order to even get a picture into the gallery, it has to be quality checked. Now, I'm not going to replicate my actions on this site as I did on dA. I won't be vying for popularity or expecting anyone to comment at least once on a single one of my deviations. I'm just going to give a comment for every one I get, and see how things go. I'll be submitting all my future art to PixelJoint, so befriend me on there if you wanna check where my art goes, and how I'll be improving in the future.

Kudos! :blowkiss:

Planets and Amputees

Tue Jun 26, 2012, 4:25 PM
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SDS Graphic Novel Series

So...I've finally started my comic series! What do you guys think about it? This is just about the first serious comic I've ever tried making, and so far there is little progress on it. It's very challenging for me to release each page, because I have to sketch and ink them all in MS Paint, then add in the word boxes in Paint.NET. I'm trying to aim for a unique graphical style for my graphic novel, and I think (despite it's limitations) MS Paint is what's going to give me this. I'm aware there are better other free programs like GIMP, Paint.NET or Graphics Gale, but I'd rather not take any suggestions. MS Paint is a fast and efficient program and I've tried other programs, but even with their keyboard shortcuts, they just aren't as streamlined as MS Paint. Back to the graphic novel itself, progress will be slow. What only takes a few seconds to read takes hours to sketch, ink, and color so please have some patience.

The story so far is only a little bit of the intro, and soon the story's actual first character will be released in 004. It might not make any sense so far, but just stay along for the ride and it will have a good storyline. It's all scripted out so far so don't worry about any wandering storyline. On the other hand, I haven't scripted out the battles or travelling parts, so those will be made up as I go. I also don't think I want to script them, because over time some ongoing jokes will be made up...and the story needs something to define it. I think the freedom of unscripted parts will be just what I need. There will be a lot of very balanced characters, of whom I will be releasing character sheets as they are introduced.

If anyone has any nice suggestions for what I could improve on in later pages, don't hesitate to ask in the comments.


My texture pack is progressing nicely. It's a 32x32 pack for Minecraft that only uses 3 colors, black, white, and transparent (TRANSPARENT IS A COLOR TOO!). It's a big challenge, because you can't color things like wool or the dyes. I'm having to be creative and label things with what they are. It's mostly a pack I'm challenging myself to make, not something someone would actually want to use. It's one of those goofy packs you use for a short time to see what everything looks like...I also wanted to be the first person to make this texture pack. :D

- As of 1.2.4 -
Achievement: 0%
Armor: 100%
Art: 100%
Environment: 100%
Font: 100%
GUI: 20%
Item: 50%
Misc.: 100%
Mob: 5%
Terrain: 100%
Title: 100%
Terrain.PNG: 100%
Particles: 100%
Animations: 0%

Anyone think I should upload the progress on I think I have enough progress to say that it could be uploadable.

Facebook a facebook...derp. I'd rather not share my name as nothing ever happens on it. It's not all it's cracked up to be. That is all.


I've recently started listening to the music of FlashyGoodness! Such amazing music! In case you did not know, FlashyGoodness composed the music of Tower of Heaven and Super Smash Land. Flashy has been composing music for years, and has been playing music since a child. Some of Flashy's songs are bubbly, some are intense, some are atmospheric, but all of them are great! My favorite songs of Flashy's are the Tower of Heaven soundtrack, Super Smash Land soundtrack, DevilHeart and Metropolitan Stream. :D

Flashy has been inspired by the Kirby series, the Cave Story series (Flashy once even used PxTone for a time, made by Pixel) and various other videogames. You can even hear the inspiration in Flashy's songs by just listening to them. Flashy also has some what of an oriental style, that incorporates a lot of japanese-sounding beats. If you are interested in listening to a fantastic retro artist, then don't hesitate to check out Flashy's deviantART profile and homepage:


Did You Know Gaming?

Did you know Gaming? Did you know that a certain popular Nintendo character is an amputee? Who all of the blocks in Mario Bros. are actually are? What happens when you pirate Pokemon Red? Find out mind-blowing facts like this and more on the Tumblr page for DidYouKnowGaming!

DID You know gaming?

Minecraft Skyblock Survival

Recently I have gone through a little Minecraft haitus. This was only temporary, as I finally "beat" one of the only maps I can actually play without lagging. Skyblock survival is an adventure map by Noobcrew that puts you on a little island in the sky. All you have is one of each plant, a tree, 3 sand, some dirt, and a chest. The challenge of the map is to survive and thrive when you have little to no resources. You have to grow a tree farm and make a cobblestone generator with a lava bucket and ice you are given. You have to make a farm, spawn mobs and animals purposely, and generally manage your resources much more closely than you normally have to in Minecraft. In Skyblock precious! But I haven't just been playing this map, I've been playing it on Multiplayer! There is a multiplayer Skyblock survival map made by Noobcrew that gives you your own island, where you can invite people to play with you and team up! There's also a mob arena you can teleport to to get incredibly rare items you normally wouldn't get in Skyblock Survival, like gravel, iron, or very rarely, gold and diamonds! I'm not playing on the server anymore, as I did such a good job making my skyblock that playing was getting too easy. On the other hand, if you go on the server and see "DragonDePlatino", most likely it is someone else using my account, as I do allow this with someone I know. Make sure you drop in and make sure they aren't causing any chaos. ;)

Skyblock Survival on the Minecraft Forums

Songs and Horrors

Sun May 20, 2012, 9:49 AM
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Haven't updated my journal in a while...thought I'd update it even though I'm probably the only one who reads these bags of wind. :iconimevilplz:

My First Song

Sprites, stories, I have dominated these artistic mediums so far. What I have yet to conquer though, is the world of music! I have made a first step though, and have composed my first complete song. It's a desert-ish loopable videogame track that I imagine would play in my still-unreleased original story Super Dragonsin Saga. It's written in Arabic key, so it does in fact sound a bit off-key to Western listeners, but that is pretty much the point. It has 4 tracks, uses a default soundfont (more on that later) and I made it entirely in Linux Multimedia Studio. I'm not going to release it yet, as I think it still needs a bit of polishing and a brand-spankin' new soundfont. When I compose a few more songs, you can expect me to start up some commissions for songs! It'll be awesome! I can make theme songs for OCs or battle themes for games! And the best part's not visual I won't have to discriminate against any creeps out there :meow:.On the subject of LMMS, I'd like to point something out to any aspiring composers out there.

As everyone knows, most people use a program called FL Studio, formerly known as Fruity Loops (had it's name changed to prevent copyright issues with a certain breakfast cereal :XD:). This program is a professional music tracker, and many professional remixers and composers use it. Three that I can name off the top of my head would be :iconjamesmantheregenold:, :iconthekeeperofpeace: and none other than PokeRemixStudio, which I'm sure many of my Pokemon-crazy watchers are familiar with (which is pretty much everyone on this site including me :facepalm:). Being such a famous program, many aspire to use it. There is a major problem with it must be bought! There is a freeware version, and it has all the features of the real FL Studio, with the exception of the most important part of ANY program, scratch that, ANY PIECE OF ART. The freeware version can't save!!! This leads to many people doing either one of two things:

1. Getting the freeware version of FL Studio, and quickly slapping down songs without being able to go back and make any changes, no matter how small.


2. Illegally pirating the full version of FL Studio, and ripping of the people who develop this program, that without of which we would not know many of the remixers and composers we listen to on Youtube!

Many argue that they are able to use LMMS to make good songs on the first try, but I say that if anyone applies themselves to something, then does it again, it is almost always possible to do it even better. By using FL Studio, many composers are ripping themselves off by either biting the hand that feeds them (pirating the program) or limiting their creative ability (using the freeware version). If you are the first of these two people, I say "SHAME ON YOU YOU PITIFUL PENNY-PINCHER". If you are the latter of these two people, then you might be telling yourself "It might not be able to save, but of course FL Studio is superior to LMMS in other aspects", and this I agree with them on. On the other hand, FL Studio is far inferior in it's saving aspect, because in fact, if you wanted could simply write down all your songs on paper like composers did long ago. What these ancient methods have that FL Studio doesn't have, is that they can save their work and rewrite it again if they want to later. So in fact, FL Studio is inferior to the good ol' pen-and-paper! And that is where I stand on my argument of LMMS-FL Studio.

Now, I'm also going to be blunt, and say that LMMS is not a fantastic program. I've used a bit of both FL Studio and LMMS, and I will acknowledge the fact that LMMS isn't as great as FL Studio. It's a very buggy program, crashes on me occasionally, and is quite complicated at doing simple things such as swapping out instruments or saving in formats other than .WAV and .OGG. The reason for this is because LMMS was developed with no budget money, and is still deep in development. So, TL;DR, LMMS has about 85% the power of FL Studio for 0% the price! :D


Now, in other (And less lengthy ^^;) news, I have recently become an admin of :iconlowpolypix:!!! A big thanks to :iconendlessillusionx: for going out on a limb and accepting me into the group despite my still-noobiness on this site! :squee: The group, while still only a week or so old, has probably been the fastest growing group I've ever seen on this site. It already has hundreds upon hundreds of deviations in it! :iconendlessillusionx: has been working hard on that little group, and round-the-clock I've been getting things in my inbox he's been submitting to the group by other deviants. The group looks very professional with it's decked-out front page and dozens of well-organized folders. If you have even a passing interest in either pixel art or Low-Poly models (3D Models with very few polygons on them, like DS or *ugh* PSP models) then I highly suggest you join the group, as we still need some more members to offset the sheer number of things we have in our gallery ^^;. I honestly don't understand the first thing about low-poly models, but I'm still trying my best to find some good pixel art to put in the group. If you want me to feature your work in the group, just go ahead and ask me! Also, shameless advertising for the win:

Need a Better Group icon. [Solved]Alright i Know you guys are all Professionals and don't have a lot of time to do random things but if anyone can come up with a better group icon then the current one and submit it to the folder that would be spec-map-tacular (spectacular) . A Mix between 3d Low poly and 8-bit Pixel would be nice.
-- Edit --
:iconDragonDePlatino::iconsaysplz:DragonDePlatino here, I took the liberty of making an icon for free for the group! I take commissions for doing icons, so don't hesitate to commission me! An giant animated group icon like this would run you 144 :points:.
:B Me likey advertising.

Also on the subject of groups, a good friend of mine, :icondragonblade318: (Also made his icon. I REGRET NOTHING!!! :dummy:) has recently started up a new group, :iconzephyrrp: that deals in fantasy/sci-fi role-playing. The main theme of his group is that there is a giant multiverse group of crime-fighters of all shapes and sizes...In a nutshell that's pretty much all I know about it so far. To me, the theme sounds a little too general to spawn any really deep RPs, but I don't RP at all myself, so I guess it could create some good RPs. :icondragonblade318: mostly uses the group as a way of organizing his close friends to RP, but I'm pretty sure he's still accepting deviants. His group is in desperate need of some more quality art to get it kick started, and I feel that it might die otherwise. If you find that you don't have a lot of direction to your art, and need a good storyline for it, I suggest you ask :icondragonblade318: if you could join the group and some RPs to develop your characters. While the theme is general, it also has a lot of flexibility to it, so I'm sure he's accepting all kinds of characters.

Yume Nikki

AHHHHHHHH This game is so freakin' creepy. It was made entirely in RPG Maker XP(?)'s engine, and oddly enough, it has no battles in it whatsoever. If that's a turn-off for you, then simply read the next section because the game gets stranger. It's entirely storyline (if you could say it has one) oriented, and is geared towards a horror-theme. If you don't like disturbing imagery or stressing situations, I highly suggest you don't pry into it more. OK, so you control this girl called Madotsuki (Japanese for "Window") and you start in her bedroom. From here, you have two things you can do, save at your desk by writing in a journal, like in Pokemon, or going to sleep. EXCITING! LOL JK. When you go to sleep, you arrive in your dream world, which looks similar to your bedroom. You explore a bit, and find out that you can now open a door that was locked while you were conscious. You arrive in the nexus...there are 12 colorful doors that lead deeper into the subconscious of your dream...the worlds inside each of these doors vary from nonsensical to realistic, and horrific to surreal. Exploring these 12 worlds, and the deeper worlds found inside them, you will find these strange objects called "effects". These transform you into various objects, from a stop sign to a cat to a hand-with-a-creepy-eye-on-it-what-is-this-I-don't-even. Using these abilities you get, you can either explore areas more easily (the light of the lamp effect or swimming quickly with the frog effect) or you can progress the storyline(?) by using effects such as the very mysterious kitchen knife effect, which is by far the creepiest and most useful one in the game. In order to beat(?) the game, you have to have:

1. Nerves of steel and a heck of a lot of time.


2. All 24 effects, which you drop in the nexus to gain access to the game's ending(?).

The reason I'm spamming the (?) is because I'm not entirely sure on most of this's so surreal that it couldn't have a coherent storyline and thus, a meaningful ending. I know the ending, but I have yet to see it for myself, and I'm not entirely psyched to see it either. This game's storyline is mostly explained in people's interpretations, of which I've heard some crazy ones. If you have a knack for playing horror games, I suggest you try this game out, and not rage me when it turns out to not be as creepy as I'm saying it is.


In other OTHER news, not related to creepy games like Yume Nikki, I've recently been playing a new game called Osu! suggested to me by :iconbluehibiskus:. It's a fantastic downloadable game, absolutely free (pretty much all the PC games I play are) with TONS of downloadable content. The game is essentially...Elite Beat Agents! In case you don't recognize the title, Elite Beat Agents is apparently a sequel to a Japanese game called Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan and the prequel to another japanese-only title called Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2. Man those are some long titles...Elite Beat Agents is a wildy fun game where you have to hit these targets and sliders as they appear on screen in time with music. The original game had about 20 or so songs and 4 difficulties. Each song had a storyline where the team would have to use the power of dance to solve people's problems, and the better they did the better the problem would be solved. There were even different endings for the stages when you passed in flying colors, did a good job, just barely passed, or failed. Don't get me wrong, Elite Beat Agents is a fantastic game I've played through tons of times, but Osu! is a far superior game in the gameplay department. It's essentially the same game, but it also possesses a much greater difficulty curve. I admit, I got bored of EBA after playing Jumpin' Jack Flash on HARD ROCK!! difficulty a few times perfectly, and Osu! is just what I needed! The game DOES lacks a lot of polish the EBA series has, mainly the storyboards, as most songs now have just a background picture and no storyline at all. On the other hand, this is made up for with the fact that you can find tons and tons of great songs (among all the hardcore and J-Pop garbage) that were made by dedicated users of the program. It's all user-created! A lot of the fast songs are also incredibly challenging, epic ones like Running in the 90's, I Can't Defeat Airman or Red Zone. Songs like these take incredible amounts of skill, mouse/tablet speed, and dedication, and in fact, I'm pretty sure :iconbluehibiskus: has all of these, as she's actually managed to beat I Can't Defeat Airman on the hardest (and only :lol:) difficulty! If you like video-game songs, novelty songs, rock, techno, pop, pretty much any genre of music, then GET THIS GAME RIGHT NOW!!! You have nothing to loose!


To finish this journal up, I'm gonna share a bit of IRL news. (OMG DRAGON HAS A REAL LIEF?!?) I'm doing fantastic at school, and, for the 7rd-ish year in a row I've managed to keep up my AB Honor roll status! I might play a ton of games, but I still manage to find a lot of time to study for tests and such. Band is also going well, and we are about to finish up this year by playing Pomp and Circumstance at year's graduation...over and over and over and over and over and over. Can't wait. :X Speaking of which, did you know I can play the Alto, Tenor and Baritone saxophone? I started on the alto in beginner band, moved on to tenor for marching and I currently am playing Baritone for concert band. I'm planning to go back to the tenor sax this marching season. I also can't wait for the end of school, which is will be this wednesday for me! :squee:

So, that wraps up this journal entry, next one will be due in a few weeks, as writing these takes a looong time!

Pelicans and Bros

Sat Apr 21, 2012, 7:19 PM
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Meh. I'm gonna write a journal because A CERTAIN SITE IS NOT LETTING ME HAVE ANY FUN! :iconragefaceplz:


120 in under 2 hours! THAT is how many llama badges I just gave out. The first 10 or so were from the llama trade (Yeah, sucker. That llama trade just got stolen in <5 seconds by ME!) but soon I decided to just go around and spread the llama love! I gave out another 110 or so badges in the next hour, and I ended up giving out so many I got an ERROR MESSAGE!!!

"Tripped spam filter. Badges have been given too quickly, and have tripped a spam filter. Slow down a bit. You won't be able to give more badges for a few minutes."

I feel so badge-uber! :squee: Oh, and if you want to know, I can share how I do my powertrading and powerlovespreading! To do good at the llama trade, I always devote 1/2 of one of my monitors to the llama trade. I put it in a tab and use an add-on called ReloadEvery to cause it to refresh every 5 seconds. I just chill and do other things, keeping the llama trade in the corner of my eye at ALL TIMES. When I see a trade I quickly deactivate ReloadEvery and get the trade. On some days I usually don't get the trade first thing, but today I did well and got a lot of the one-llama trades pretty quickly! OK, and if you want to give out llamas so quickly you get an error message, you will need to do 2 things. Firstly, bookmark… and put it on your bookmark toolbar. You will also need the llama badge button:


Simply click the bookmark, then click the button, then click yes. The bookmark and user script streamline the process and cut off about 2 seconds from each trade. Oh, I also got the pelican badge after my 2 months of hard work. I am so proud of myselfs. My pelican postcard will be coming in the mail any day now!




I'm not much of a tumbln man myself, but I made an exception for this hilarious and incredibly work-distracting blog. It's a Minecraft ask blog about Steve and an Enderman named Enderbro's nonsensical and random adventures. There's not a lot of structure to the blog, but it's very simple and easy to follow. People ask questions (you can ask anonymously, just make sure your question hasn't been asked) and the creator answers them! There are a ton of ongoing jokes (like that take on the SOON meme above) and the author generally always has a witty answer to just about any question. She's also good at playing both characters personalities. Enderbro is very derpy and childish, while Steve is the wild, masculine, 35-year old one. Part of the blogs charm, no, MOST of the blog's charm comes form the contrast of the character's personalities and likes. I highly suggest that if you are into Minecraft you check out this blog. Did I mention that the creator is also on deviantART and taking commissions? :iconthe-greys: Her commissions are fantastic, and if you do one related to Enderbro she will most likely post it on her blog! Her commissions start at $5 and are very high quality.


Yo peeps! Good news and bad news! Good news is...I GOTS SKYPE AND WEBCAM! Bad news headphones recently broke. :( I don't feel very comfortable talking to people on Skype without I might have to get a new pair before I start video chatting again. Oh, and my noob's impression of Skype? A fantastic program! I was a bit overwhelmed at first with the whole people-can-actually-hear-me-and-see-my-awesome-facial-hair thing, but I eventually got used to it. At the same time, it feels more and less natural than talking on the phone. It feels more natural because you don't have to physically hold any position, and there aren't any cords holding you down (I mean...who uses cord headsets anysmores?!?) but at the same time it strongly reminds me of the first time I had to yell at my DS to do something...yeah...

Ah...I might try staying online more often in Skype. Oh, and between that last sentence I wrote and this one (a span of about a half hour), I just got a more dignified Skype name. It's DragonDePlatino so if you want to tell me something, drop me a line there! My status (if I still keep it there by the time you are reading this) is on my front page. I really would like some moar friends or someone random to chat with, so as long as you're not a freak *cough cough* furry *cough cough* then I'd love to chat with you!

Dwarf Fortress (Continued)

Ah...I tried a bit of the Dwarf Fortress Adventurer mode, and it was pretty fun! I started as a Dwarf (many, many, many times) and died at least 7 times. I've heard Adventurer mode is the far more easier one, so I'm guessing if I tried playing the actual Dwarf Fortress mode then I'd get pwn'd by flying zombie whales. Ah well...Oh, and I haven't played the game that much lately. If I ever find myself very bored I'll try Dwarf Fortress mode and see how fun the ACTUAL game is. If you are a hardcore RPG fan (and by that I mean stuff like Final Fantasy I, none of that new kiddy-fodder casual stuff) then I suggest you try the game out! It can be found here at Bay12Games:

It's still being updated constantly (last update was yesterday...something about Dwarf/Stupidly-Fast-Minecart interactions), so you can expect to find a ton of new stuff every week!

Shirts and Parents

Fri Mar 30, 2012, 3:04 PM
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deviantART 8-Bit Contest

In case you've been living under a rock (or deleting all of your notices) then you know that deviantART is hosting an 8-Bit design contest! The theme is to make a design in pixel art, follow the rules and submit your entry to the contest gallery. I'm aware it's a popularity contest, but I thought I'd give it a shot to make some memories. My design was made entirely in MS Paint and reflects the garbled Engrish of the Dragon Quest games, as well as the limited palettes. My design also symbolizes deviantART itself, because it shows the diversity of mediums and our site's own Fella. :fella: If you haven't already, visit the deviantWEAR 8-Bit design battle gallery here!

Both me and :iconbluehibiskus: have worked hard on our entires, so if you like the design then click on "I'd Wear This!" on their deviation pages! Also, if you'd like me to feature your entry in my journal and it seems to hold merit for me, then I'll feature it!

:icondragondeplatino: - 8-Bit Challenge Used Key by DragonDePlatino
:iconbluehibiskus: - :thumb293108346:

Wisdom Teeth

Well. That was probably the most horrible experience I've had in my life. A week or two ago I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth cut out, and much suffering followed. I really couldn't even get on deviantART for a few days because I was feeling so bad. First 3 days were nothing but bleeding, bleeding, bleeding...the next 3 didn't have bleeding, but I was still in a lot of pain and the painkillers were making me stoned, and the last 3 days I felt good enough to get out of bed. Now, I'm just waiting for these stupid biodegradable stitches to come out, because they've broken and are now just getting tangled up in my teeth. If you want to know how I'm feeling right now, get some floss, wrap it around a tooth a couple of times so it stays, then keep it there for a week. I just want these things OUT!!! Well there's a lot to it, but considering I don't wanna gross anyone out that's the farthest I'm gonna describe my sitiuation.

Mother 3

:icondragonweep: SUCH A SAD ENDING!


Ehhh...not really. :icondragonlaughplz: From what I've heard of the ending, I thought it would be the most heart-breaking and tear-enducing ending I've ever seen to a videogame. Not really, it's just some weird plot twist that makes no sense and the world's longest ending cutscene. Final boss also didn't involve you even attacking it, so that was another major setback. The Epilogue also didn't make any sense, and it seemed kind of a tragic/comic ending to be honest...If you want a good ending to something, you either make it very happy (but not sugarcoat it like a Disney story) or very tragic (Like Romeo and Juliet). If you make the ending to the game a bit of just doesn't really work out.

Ending aside, the game was the most involving and just plain fun to play GBA RPG I've ever played. The Combo system in the battles was a blast, the enemies were wacky, the jokes were hilarious (though a bit vulgar in their fan translations) and I couldn't put the game down until I had beaten it. It really was a letdown, because the ending was nowhere as good as the main game itself. The game kind of just...fell flat at the end.

Dwarf Fortress

Ah...if you hear the name of this game, I'm sure the first thing that will come to mind is "That game that inspired Notch to make Minecraft" and, from what I've seen of it. Yes! It's the most complicated (but not most challenging) game I've ever seen with some absolutely mystic, entirely text-based graphics to boot! To make a very long story short, the game randomly generates a geography, civilization and history for you to play in. The world might be called Ghlarya-han and might be filled with Swamps, deserts and the Minecraft or Spelunky, it's a new game everytime you play it. You then take control of a team of 10 dwarfs, who's goal is to comandeer a giant fortress, which will become rich, renowned and quite the target! You will have to hold off hordes of dragons, vampires, goblins, and GIANT FLYING UNDEAD SPERM WHALES!!! Each dwarf isn't just a pawn to play with, they all have personalities, strengths, weaknesses, lives, histories, stats, equipment, family...the list just goes on! To do good in the game you have to secure water, food and the oh-so precious beer that the dwarves are so mentally-dependent on. You also have to make living spaces, manage your trash, hold off monsters, repair walls, deal out justice to criminals, host weddings...pretty much just live out a second life through the dwarves! The only setback in the game is that there are so many gameplay elements it's very easy to be overwhelmed when you start the game, and the graphics themselves! I mean, this is an image of a dwarf in-game:… Just...a smiley face. On the other hand, you can get texture packs and make it look like, you know, NOT A SMILEY FACE:

dwarf fortress tiles by atoji

I'll be working up the nerve to play the game in Adventure mode (the easier, less survival oriented mode of the game) any moment now, and next journal I'll tell you what I think about it!

Sagas and Swords

Thu Mar 1, 2012, 6:06 PM
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Super Dragonsin Saga!

It is nearing completion (or at least half completion of the general concept ^^;) My main story, which has since been renamed from "The Platinum Saga"! No more fan art for a while once I start get submitting on it. It's going to be set in a technological/magical world called Terra Confundo! The main plot of the story is that the 7 Deadly Sins, personified as glowing ethereal spirits, possess 7 different islands in Terra Confundo. Platino and The K, the two main characters, will visit the islands and beat the 7 spirits a la Megaman style. The game's story will be like that of a classic SNES JRPG, but will like Mother 3's (or at least what I've heard of it). There will be parts that make you laugh, make you cry, and parts that will leave you thinking afterwards. Characters will survive against all odds, some will fail to do so. Your decisions majorly affect the storyline and thus should be made very carefully. The game is a sidescroller, and I will be scratch pixeling all of the graphics and composing all of the music using a Mother 3 soundfont in Linux Multimedia Studio. I'm also collaborating with :iconthekeeperofpeace: on the storyline daily, and I think it's coming along quite well! Consider my current journal skin a teaser of what kind of characters will be in the game, though it is a bit outdated. I am sure you are unimpressed with the story seeing as how little information I have divulged about it. Don't feel unimpressed though. I have a .txt file (Wordpad FTW :iconsuperw00tplz:) with all of my story, ideas and character profiles on the game in it. The .txt file is...175KB so far. That's a lot of words. A lot. 15,379 to be exact. I'll start submitting pixel art, songs and the storyline to deviantART once I feel happy with how much I've developed it!

Epic TopHat Pokemon Desktops

In other news...I have found...the best collection of Pokemon desktops ever! They are by a person called TopHat and are hosted on a side called The desktop collection includes the all of the 4th gen's 493 Pokemon silhouette style! I have a Windows 7, so I put them all in a folder and set my desktop to randomly switch through them every hour! You can get your collection right here:

This Sentence Has Five Words


This sentence has five words. Here are five more words. Five-word sentences are fine. But several together become monotonous. Listen to what is happening. The writing is getting boring. The sound of it drones. It's like a stuck record. The ear demands some variety.

Now listen. I vary the sentence length, and I create music. Music. The writing sings. It has a pleasant rhythm, a lilt, a harmony. I use short sentences. And I use sentences of medium length. And sometimes, when I am certain the reader is rested, I will engage him with a sentence of considerable length, a sentence that burns with energy and builds with all the impetus of a crescendo, the roll of the drums, the crash of the cymbals–sounds that say listen to this, it is important.

Now, how could you read that and say prose can't be artistic? The information was presented fantastically too!

Axe Cop

Now this here is an interesting webcomic. It's the story axe wielding cop who teams up with a tyrannosaurus cop and they fight the bad guys...Literally. That's pretty much the entire story.

The storyline was "Written by a 5-year-old and illustrated by a 29-year-old". It's absolutely ridiculous, and I'm totally hooked on it. If you want to read it yourself then start at comic one. :iconwarningplz: This comic is the most incredibly idiotic thing I have ever read. Ever. If you are allergic to randomness or stupidity then please advert your eyes from this epic comic.

Axe Cop Episode 0:…

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

This game is absolutely amazing! I just got my Wii Motion Plus in the mail a few days ago, and in my opinion this game TOPS Ocarina of Time (and my old personal favorite, Wind Waker) as the best Zelda game of all time. If you disagree with me, keep in mind this game is one of Nintendo's first to feature the Wii Motion Plus, and it took (I think) 4 years to develop. Development started on this game right after Twilight Princess' release, and man, did Nintendo sure pack a lot of awesome into this game!

First off, the storyline is fantastic. It is chronologically the very first game in the Zelda Timeline, and it explains the origins of THE ORIGINAL Zelda and the Master Sword itself. It follows a nice structured plot of "Find the X X's and beat the main villan" so it isn't that hard to follow. The game also mixes it up a bit, and after you beat a dungeon (if you can even call them that in this game) then you don't get into the mindset of "OK! I'm one step closer to beating the game! Let's go search for the next dungeon!". No, it's much more amazing than that. The plotline twists and turns, you have to combat innumerable obstacles to progress in the story, and oftentimes your goals maybe seem much farther away than you think. This game's story keeps you guessing and has quite a few good plot twists.

The music and graphics. Both quite interesting. The soundtrack has more of Nintendo's orchestral music that they have been incorporating into their games lately. There are tons and tons of tracks too. The best ones are definitely the boss battles, as pretty much all of them have different songs. The mid-boss battle themes are also quite fantastic. The overworld songs are catchy, but are mostly just drums and beats and such, not really that great as songs. Of course graphics have little meaning when it comes to games, but definitely the STYLE of the graphics is a real jaw-dropper. Think Twilight Princess, with it's realistically proportioned people and dark-looking mood. Now take that style and give it Wind Waker's cel-shaded makeover, make some of the NPCs hilarious but believable caricatures of real people, and you have the amazing impressionistic graphics style of Skyward Sword. The dungeons also feel much more realistic like Twilight Princess', and very rarely will you ever encounter any two rooms that look alike.

On the other hand...the difficulty may let some down with it's Americanized-dumbness. You start the game taking one enemy on at a time...and they usually go down in 3 hits max. Later when you get better items then most will go down in one hit, even the tough, intelligent sword-wielding enemies! The dungeons are also quite short, and the hints are far too plentiful. You have a dowsing function for finding where to go next, a hint system with your partner :iconfi-plz: and a gossip stone that if asked, will hammer you with a video-tutorial of every dungeon in the game. Absolutely pitiful with the difficulty this game is. That was my first impression, but soon the game throws this strange learning-curve at you. They start you off at an almost childish difficulty, then slowly work you into a pretty hard game, of which you will die quite often in. After the game got a bit tougher, I had to use 3 bottled fairies, but have never gotten a Game Over, which is nice. I've also heard that after you beat the game you unlock :iconbrickdplz:

NO SPOILERZ 4 YOU! :shakefist:

Gary Stu Quiz

Ah...recently me and :iconthekeeperofpeace: have gotten quite interested in Gary Stus and Mary Sues. Me and him have put a lot of research into them, and I even got him to take the Stu test! :paranoid: Don't tell him but I kinda wanted him to take the test to see how much of a Gary Stu his main OC The K is, but he's gotten past that and matured as a character designer since then, as so have I. Without further adu, I give you my results for the Gary Stu quiz, of which I completed with Platino:

Mary Sue/Gary Stu Test
for my main OC, Platino!

[ ] They are possessed by an angel
[ ] They are possessed by a demon
[ ] They are a werewolf/vampire/faerie
[ ] They are physically strong
[X] They have a rare hair/fur colour
[X] Their eyes are an unusual colour
[ ] This happens to be red
[ ] Their eyes change colour
[X] They have wings
[ ] They can grow extra body parts/shapeshift
[ ] They are immortal
[ ] (if a female) they have large bra size
[ ] (if a male) they are very muscular
[ ] They are very attractive to the opposite gender
[X] They are telekinetic/pyrokinetic/etc
[X] They have sixth sense/can mind-read/etc
[X] They have an object of some sort that gives them powers
[X] They have a special ability/power, but they don't know about it yet
[ ] They were bestowed/cursed with these powers
[X] They are a healer
[ ] They are from a very rich/royal family
[ ] They don't know that they are from a very rich/royal background
[ ] They have lost one/both of their parents
[ ] They ran away from home
[ ] Their parents are cruel, uncaring, abusive etc.
[ ] They witnessed one/both of their parent's death
[X] They are part angel/demon/faerie/some other mythical creature
[X] They never knew their parents
[ ] They were abused/spoiled as a child
[ ] They are very attractive to the same gender
[X] They have lots of friends/no friends
[ ] They are emo/cutesy
[X] They look much younger/older than they really are.
[ ] They are currently in a relationship
[ ] They have lots if morals and state them a fair bit for example: 'I would rather be with my friends than with my boyfriend/girlfriend' 'Nothing matters more to me than my friends/family' 'I wouldn't hesitate to die in place of a friend' etc. It's fine if your OC has these beliefs/values, but if they constantly say them out loud/preach them to others, then we have a problem.
[X] They have a mental disorder
[X] They have an emotional disorder
[X] They struggle to stay sane
[ ] They are a psycho
[ ] They have multiple personalities
[ ] They are very intelligent
[ ] They have hallucinations
[ ] They can summon spirits/demons/angels etc.
[ ] They have an unusual/unrealistic pet
[ ] They have a guardian spirit
[ ] They have a 'special type' of soul
[ ] Their soul is not the same as them
[X] They can talk to spirits/ghosts
[ ] Some part of their body glows
[X] They have a rare/unusual name
[ ] They were born on an important date, such as New Year's Eve, Midsummers Night, The Winter Solstace etc.
[ ] They have a twin/sibling that they were separated from at birth
[ ] They are connected with a certain element
[X] They are connected with a certain animal
[ ] They always dress like a certain 'label'
[ ] They look quite a bit like a character from a popular anime/manga
[ ] They are a race/species that is discriminated against/misunderstood
[ ] They have a certain power that is misunderstood/feared
[X] They live/lived on the streets at some point in their lives
[ ] They are hiding from someone/something
[ ] They have a rare blood type
[ ] They cry blood
[X] Certain noises/smells/situations/etc make their powers activate/give them a nervous breakdown
[ ] They are from a different country to where they live
[ ] They are very mysterious/dark
[X] They are very lively/happy
[ ] Their mood changes a lot/very quickly
[ ] They are very patient
[ ] They are from a long line of (insert profession/power here)
[ ] They have a piece of jewelry/clothing that they always wear
[ ] They have amnesia
[X] They have some sort of permanent medical condition
[ ] The have a curse upon them
[ ] They are involved in some sort of prophecy
[ ] They are 'the chosen one'
[ ] They have insomnia
Overall points:

Point Reductions

Take points off your OCs overall score if they fit any of the following statements:

[ ] They smoke
[ ] They are an alcoholic
[X] They are overweight
[ ] They are addicted to drugs
[ ] They have a short temper
[ ] They enjoy bullying others
[X] They do not care much about others
[ ] They are emotionless

Final Score is: 20!

<5 -Anti-Sue
Your character may be a bit on the boring side. Of course, this does depend, but generally if they are scoring that low, it wouldn't hurt to 'spice them up' a bit ^^

6-15 -Balanced Character
If your OC scored around here, then they are probably quite a well-balanced and interesting character. Those scoring in the higher end of this category may be a bit too much though.

16-25 -Borderline Mary-Sue :shifty:
We have a problem. You need to tone your character down. They are most likely a bit annoying to others, too.

26< -Mary-Sue
Oh dear. Do I really need to comment on this?
I didn't like that test at all. I completed it as honestly as I could and Platino struck into the Borderline category. Originally, I had already knew about Gary Stus, and had intended him to actually be Anti-Sue, as a sort of protest against people's perfect characters. You know why I think he scored so high? There weren't enough point reduction questions! If they had more point reductions, then I'd think that Platino would score much lower. For example, he is physically weak, runs from battle often, has an overwhelming obsession with platinum, is illiterate and cannot speak, etc. etc. etc. This test is ridiculous! I mean, I even took the test twice, and the second time I took it I WAY toned Platino down. I'm afraid if I remove any more of his mysterious/powerful qualities then he would be a pretty lame character. Even before I took this test I've had people complain about how weak I made Platino, and I really am fine with that. I'd rather have an underpowered than an overpowered character.

Hey! Try taking the Stu quiz then linking me to how you did! I'd like to see how you score! If you want the original test, it can be found here: *fails to find original quiz after an hour of searching :iconcryforeverplz:*

Ah...some technical difficulties here. Apparently this test is no longer hosted anywhere on deviantART. What happened to it? I dunno. Just credit me if you steal and do it in a Deviation/Journal.

Pirates and Teeth

Tue Feb 7, 2012, 5:18 PM
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I just finished some new gallery icons and have started up point commissions! Check them out! As I am writing this journal entry I have no power in my home, so I have to finish this before the 37% of my laptop battery runs out. Things have been going fantastically lately!

Point Commissions

:woohoo: I just got my first ever commission from someone I have no ties to! :iconbearmonify: does not count because :icondragonblade318: told me about him. :paranoid: The commission was simple enough in itself...I just make a sprite of a (somewhat lackluster "sugi art") Broccoli giraffe called Girrush for :iconsnivy101:, and then animate it. Ugh...that's all I ever get commissioned to do. Pokemon this, Pokemon that, I'm getting sick and tired of all the Pokemon commissions! Someone give me something new to do for a change! I know! Try this Mr/Ms/Mrs. Anonymous Reader:

Think of your favorite original character you have, then an NES to DS era game you would love them to be in, I can make you an entire sprite sheet of that character in that game's style! Commission me for it! I love a good challenge!

Art Style

Ahhh...commissions are nice and all, but I'm not going to be going anywhere as an original artist if I'm just copying other game's art and other people's characters! So what I'm doing is that currently I'm working on an SNES-Style mock-up game called "The Platinum Saga". I will be making all of the graphics and music for it. I might even make a few mock-ups and animate them and pretend what the game would be like. :icondroolplz: In case you didn't know, then main character is my main OC Platino, the secondary character is :iconthekeeperofpeace:'s The K, and there are many more interesting characters in the works! I have about 4 other designed so far and I need 3 more before I start drawing them and finishing the storyline. But the problem is, I know how to draw them, but just not what style! I want something colorful, simple and built around a 24x24 tile side-scrolling RPG engine. I tried to develop my own style, but it failed pitifully. I most certainly know my human proportions, but nonetheless they came out horrible when I tried making the sprites. The colors are also always either too saturated or too pale. They also look so messy! :X Well I've been studying up on my SNES sprites, and I think I might want to go for a style like that of Link to the Past or Mother 3. Speaking of Zelda and Earthbound...

Skyward Sword

:iconfuuuplz: I don't have a wii motion plus!!!
I am much saddage. :iconcryforeverplz:
Nuff' said. :shifty:

Mother 3

This...this game...I...want it so much...the graphics! The music! What I've seen of the storyline so far! All so tragic and cartoon-y and awe-inspiring and magical-looking all at the same time!!! :faint: was never released in America due to America's main gaming interests composing of the likes of Halo and Madden. Wow. For a second there I felt a bit weeabooness trying to tear its way out of me. I actually felt unpatriotic for a moment there. Ah, who am I kidding...


:| Just kidding.

:iconweeabooplz::iconsaysplz:Did someone say weeaboo? I have a paddle!
I love American as much as the next hillbilly but the whole Mother 3 thing is tragic. I actually watched an entire 30-minute documentary on it's history of it's failure of a localization. I owe it to my main man :iconjamesmantheregenold: for featuring the game in one of his deviations. Well. I guess all I have left to do is simply pirate the game. I have never pirated a video-game in my life (If you don't count World of Goo before I even know you had to buy that ^^;) so I'm not entirely excited about doing this. And by that I mean I REALLY REALLY don't want to do something illegal...but I know for a fact this game will never be released in America because:

1. The game was released on the SNES, GBA and Virtual Console, but all three times was not localized.
2. The game is too cutesy and Japanese-y to suit the "hardcore" tastes of Americans.
3. The game would violate dozens of American copyrights by referencing the likes of Chuck Norris, Michael Jackson, ACDC, Batman, etc. etc. etc.
4. The game's prequel, Mother 2 was released in America and became a commercial failure.
5. Mother 3 is in the Virtual console lineup for Japan's Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but not America's, showing Nintendo did not want to get out hopes up.

Oh, and as for the game being too cute to be released in America, I attribute that entire to Ultimate Chimera's fault!!!

Oral Surgery

OH NO ALL MY TEETH ARE ROTTING AND FALLING OUT! LOL JK :B I am getting my wisdom be exact I've had them for about a year now. They need to come in but they don't have the room to do so, so I'm gonna have to get them cut out. I'm pretty excited to see what the surgery will be like afterwards. That I know of I've never really gone through any major surgery (Unless you count the time I had to go to the emergency room when I shoved a piece of paper up my nose as a toddler. :|) The surgery will take about 2 hours, and I might be out for at most 5 days afterwards. Amazingly, those 5 days may end up being the longest dA hiatus I might ever experience. Yeah! The only way you can keep me off of my deviantART is to knock me unconscious for a few days! :iconpunch1plz::iconpunch2plz: