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Pokemon BW Animation Style Tutorial

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sprites.pokecheck.org - Pokemon BW Animations
~Mauriziovit - Pokemon BW Title Font
~spaceemotion - Pokemon BW Text Font
ASEprite - Program Used

Resources Needed

This tutorial speaks for itself, so I'm not going to say much. Oh, and it's my first one! Yay! :squee: Yes, I'm aware that it's insanely long and detailed, but I'm trying to compress a complicated, expensive commercial process into a free one the common 9-year-old Fakemon designer can understand (No offense! I've seen some amazing stuff by 9-year-olds! :meow:).

In the unlikely case that you actually have any questions about anything not already thoroughly over-explained in the tutorial, don't hesitate to ask. But don't ask me how to do this in another program or how to use one of those blasted online GIF makers, because I used to do that and those things are slooow. :facepalm:
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LaRomanceWriterStudent Writer
This helps so much! Thank you!
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DeepzekromStudent Artist
This might come useful in the future, thank you very much for making this tutorial!
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yashu204Hobbyist General Artist
Just curious, what did you use to put this tutorial together?
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BoiraPlushiesProfessional Artisan Crafter
Wow! Its a PERFECT Tutorial! Thanks very much ^^
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Well, maybe...Four years later, I still very frequently use ASEprite. But it's not the best tool for animations like this. Manually rotating things frame-by-frame is a painfully slow and error-prone process. Nowadays, I would recommend using an animation tool like Spriter. The same basic process applies. Draw the sprite, break it up into parts then reassemble and animate them in Spriter.

You could probably use the same process for animated UNDERTALE sprites, too. I've always wanted to try. :)
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fakemon123 Digital Artist
It's not free anymore! T~T
DragonDePlatino's avatar
It never was free to begin with. The older versions can be downloaded for free.
fakemon123's avatar
fakemon123 Digital Artist
Yeah, sorry, I noticed that after I posted... I thought I saw on your tutorial that it was free, but now I realize you meant the older version. Thanks!
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Yashu204AJHobbyist General Artist
Every time I try to go to the ASEprite website, it says "Server not Found"
DragonDePlatino's avatar
Seems they're having a bit of downtime. First time I've ever seen this...They might updating the site for the upcoming version of ASEprite, so you'll just have to check in later. :/
Yog451's avatar
Yog451Hobbyist Artist
Amazing tutorial. I finaly managed to create a good BW sprite :D
darkzero779's avatar
darkzero779Hobbyist General Artist
so you use ASE sprite?
I have the older vrs and and 1.0.2 dev
Since idk how to compile the current one.
tbh,I want to use asesprite,but like another pixel art app names Moai,I havent been able to get used to it or get myself to use it more.
I wish i could more than graphicsgale.
also I am only following studying pokemon sprite animations from B&w for my own spriting...it needs work

either way i think this tutorial is nice .
DragonDePlatino's avatar
Yes! I use ASEprite for all of my pixel art, but some people have gotten some good results with Flash: tnguye3.deviantart.com/art/Sto…

You can buy ASEprite here and if you have already bought ASEprite, you can search your email inbox for "gumroad" to get the download link for the newest version. And if you do not want to buy ASEprite, I would not bother compiling it. Just use the older versions here. The newer versions have less problems, but ASEprite 0.9.5 still has many of the features the newest version has.
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darkzero779Hobbyist General Artist
tbh I still dont see how Aseprite is open source wen its s now comercial...
and I got 1.0.2 by someone,and thankfully as im broke on my paypal...
but still...while not expensive and cheaper than gle abit more...its kinds stupid how ya have to buy something considered opensourcce.
 mean yes you can compile the source files to get it,but its stll baffling to me...
and i tried to compile...idk how...and i ried followin but did bad at it T_T...
DragonDePlatino's avatar
Well, think of it like this...Compiling ASEprite is difficult, so when you pay you are paying for a compiled version. And yes, while you get get ASEprite for free, if you pay then the developer will keep adding new content. Without money, he can't continue developing the program and adding new features. :D
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tnguye3Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for this, I was able to use this to create this, with a lil help from Flash too. :D
TheTransformiceGirl's avatar
TheTransformiceGirlHobbyist Artist
Should I get the trial version? Oh and does this have any viruses?
TheTransformiceGirl's avatar
TheTransformiceGirlHobbyist Artist
Does the Program include any viruses?
DragonDePlatino's avatar
Of course not. I've used ASEprite for years and it's never given me any issues.
TheTransformiceGirl's avatar
TheTransformiceGirlHobbyist Artist
Oh okay Im kinda nervous to use this around my parents since they like to snoop around alot :P
demirramon's avatar
demirramonHobbyist Digital Artist
I have used this to make an animated trainer sprite: demirramon.deviantart.com/art/…
joltzen's avatar
joltzenProfessional Filmographer
Thanks so much for the tutorial, super helpful! Thanks to you here's what I managed to make: joltzen.deviantart.com/art/Cub…
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