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Pokemon BW Animation Style Tutorial


Credits: - Pokemon BW Animations
~Mauriziovit - Pokemon BW Title Font
~spaceemotion - Pokemon BW Text Font
ASEprite - Program Used

Resources Needed

This tutorial speaks for itself, so I'm not going to say much. Oh, and it's my first one! Yay! :squee: Yes, I'm aware that it's insanely long and detailed, but I'm trying to compress a complicated, expensive commercial process into a free one the common 9-year-old Fakemon designer can understand (No offense! I've seen some amazing stuff by 9-year-olds! :meow:).

In the unlikely case that you actually have any questions about anything not already thoroughly over-explained in the tutorial, don't hesitate to ask. But don't ask me how to do this in another program or how to use one of those blasted online GIF makers, because I used to do that and those things are slooow. :facepalm:
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This helps so much! Thank you!