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We never made a great deal of progress on the fangame, but I think we did find a pretty solid art direction to take things in. Not quite modern, not quite NES! Every tile here draws from the NES palette, but the per-tile restrictions on color are absent. This here was a basic 1-1 recreation we used as a starting point for level themes. Eventually we would have designed other stages based off of Wario Land, Donkey Kong, etc.

The sprites here followed pretty loose restrictions. They had to draw from one of four team palettes and could use about 16-ish colors found in each. The only thing here that's not mine are the sprites, credit for those goes to :iconmegamit: who was also art lead on the game!
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AquaDoesStuff|Hobbyist Digital Artist
this looks pretty cool!
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IgnacioSlothBoss|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh boy! This is awesome! I was already hoping this to be something released and playable sonewhere. I love mario's character design here. It's not easy to find a good mario design out of the standard we all know. And of course the background and ambience detail are great too. So moving 😭
The dude above is right though. The perspective on the blocks where mario should step shouldn't be there, unless you make mario's feet actually step on that outcoming surface. Without it, it can fit perfectly with the whole 2D world.
Anyway, I'm checking other works of the drawer right now. Thanks for the link 😀
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AerunFE|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey dude good job ! Just think there is problems between ground's perspective and blocks' ;)
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hansungkee|Student Digital Artist
So Rejected From Super Mario War!
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