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My Top 10 Legend of Zelda Games

By DragonDaak
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:iconpie7d2: gave me the idea Wink/Razz 

Everyone has their opinions , but this is my favorites Zelda games :alttptriforce: 

1. Skyward Sword
Is the first place because the idea was cool , large dungeons , the controls was cool for because is the motion i want on Twilight Princess on the Wii Version , the story of all games start here. This is the best from me. Fun times in groose land! 

2. Twilight Princess
Great Story, everytime i played i really enjoy the game, hard pulzzes , a master piece , the only sad thing, is to short on Story, only 7 dungeons. Doesnt mean is a bad game Link transforms to Wolf Link 

3. Majora's Mask
The idea of 3 days, was cool, making the game more harder, but is sad thinks about the theory of link is dead on the game Majora's Mask Icon 

4. The Minish Cap

One of the first games i have on game boy advance , has cool dungeons , a great zelda gameLink with Navi  

5. Ocarina of time

Everyone played, is cool , more in 3DS and the Master Quest , but the thing everyone hates, the Water Temple (Curse you Water Temple !!!! ) Free - Navi Fairy from Legend of Zelda 

6.The Wind Waker

Cool histoy, the main problem for me, find the parts of triforce around the map Goodbye grandma. 

7.A Link Between Wolds

i see it like a remake of A LInk to the past, i know is not , but is cool game, more this the power or painting Zelda..... 

8. Links' Awekining

Cool wach link can jump and the most remorable ending of the game. Legend of Zelda - Emote 

9. A Link to the Past

i played and i enjoy it , but for me is cool but was confusing and frustating be defeatend of so many bosses, a nice chalenge Link Emote 

10. Phanton Hourglass

Next to Wind Waker on Adul Link TimeLine , is funny and cool dungeons , but hard to play it with the pad Triforce Emote 

Let me know your favorites Zelda games XD 
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i love youre list
i made a list as well from my top 8 i like if youre want to see ;)
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This is a really interesting list. I like it. 

In terms of my favorite Zelda, it's Twilight Princess. One of the things I look for in a game is not just gameplay and story, but environments, specifically the overworld. I like to be more than just a means to get from point A to point B. Which is one of of the reasons why Shadow of the Colossus is my favorite game ever. But this is about Zelda. Hyrule Field is so big and just has lots of areas you can explore. And I spent the time to took around and find out where things are in Hyrule. I appreciate the effort people put into environments.

ALBW worlds is number 2, due to it taking the world of A Link to the Past and expanding it and creating a new great story. Which brings me to number 3, a Link to the Past. Don't need to explain. It's just awesome.

Probably next is Ocarina of Time, as it's the first 3D Zelda, and has a few environments that are great. Gerudo Valley and Lon Lon Ranch are my favorites. And the music is great. It gave me so many themes I enjoy to this day.

And #5 is the Minish Cap. It was my favorite portable Zelda until A Link Between Worlds. It has great dungeon design with Link being small.