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Jesus Wept by DragonCraZ Jesus Wept :icondragoncraz:DragonCraZ 5 6
English Story
A January ago I wouldnt have thought that this lot had been any different from the hundreds and hundreds who had wandered in here before. With a swing of the door they had bustled in not unlike a crowed of drunks at a saloon, high spirits, full of chatter and ambition to become paramedics and doctors just like the previous year and the years before them. Again, like every year, flooding into the room was a wave of new eyesore lemon shirts with the occasional hand-me-down tossed among them just to shake things up a bit. 2 years saw those shirts fade and wear until little yellow space was left that wasnt covered in black marker signatures, farewells and obscene scribblings.
Physically they differed virtually naught from the previous classes of ugly Ugly students, besides the occasional disfiguration of a head size and height defficiency in the odd student here or there. They would sit on the ass polished railings waiting that extra 10 minutes on occasion for her to make her way down the
:icondragoncraz:DragonCraZ 1 3
Well Hai thar by DragonCraZ Well Hai thar :icondragoncraz:DragonCraZ 7 6 Layton BLEEEERGH by DragonCraZ Layton BLEEEERGH :icondragoncraz:DragonCraZ 3 4 Guts screenshot by DragonCraZ Guts screenshot :icondragoncraz:DragonCraZ 4 13 Help because... by DragonCraZ Help because... :icondragoncraz:DragonCraZ 9 46 Camillae by DragonCraZ Camillae :icondragoncraz:DragonCraZ 4 16
SR- Violent Pornography
Such a rush. The thunder, the lightning, the venomous static that was thick in the air. It all seemed to mesh so willingly together to create a toxin that set her blood to boiling and unplugged the wires in her brain that had been so intricately woven to prevent such an event as this. It had happened in an instant, as though with a crack of thunder, like flicking on a light switch only to have the light-bulb explode and the light had gone out, plunging them into darkness that had been there for centuries, cast away for what seemed leike moments before it was back again, flooding through her veins thicker then the blood itself.
Barriers... there were several... most of them where physical, but surprisingly it had been her mental barriers that fell first, the ones she had prized herself on... She had began setting them up... when had she began setting them up? It was after she had met him. The young man who was like the sun to her. He was the sun to her. Or was that just because he was s
:icondragoncraz:DragonCraZ 3 10
SR- Militia Bitches by DragonCraZ SR- Militia Bitches :icondragoncraz:DragonCraZ 2 3 SR- Biffels by DragonCraZ SR- Biffels :icondragoncraz:DragonCraZ 1 11 Play On .:End:. by DragonCraZ Play On .:End:. :icondragoncraz:DragonCraZ 4 17 Play On .:Page 13:. by DragonCraZ Play On .:Page 13:. :icondragoncraz:DragonCraZ 9 0 Play On .:Page 12:. by DragonCraZ Play On .:Page 12:. :icondragoncraz:DragonCraZ 4 0 Play On .:Page 10+11:. by DragonCraZ Play On .:Page 10+11:. :icondragoncraz:DragonCraZ 3 0 Play On .:Page 9:. by DragonCraZ Play On .:Page 9:. :icondragoncraz:DragonCraZ 4 0 Play On .:Page 8:. by DragonCraZ Play On .:Page 8:. :icondragoncraz:DragonCraZ 3 0

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Sarawr-kun <<< New Account, follow if you will ;P

Current Residence: Chair
Favourite style of art: Cartoon
Shell of choice: Turtle
Favourite cartoon character: Agito Wanijima!!*drool*
Personal Quote: "oh yeh, that would be mad"*sarcastic*

New Account

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 15, 2010, 2:36 PM
Hey all, if any of you are still watching me at all =_=' hehe, I decided that I wanted a fresh start on DA. I've jsut moved into a new room, a new year is ocmming up, just finish high school, so I thought what better to get myself a new account, something new and fresh that i can work on, i feel like this account has been worked into the dirt and really I've been wanting to change accounts for ages, so finally, I got off my lazy ass and did so!

:iconsarawr-kun:Sarawr-kun:iconsarawr-kun: <<< Right here!!! Anyone who wants to see some new stuff, and a bit of old stuff, but really who sjut wants to stick with me and my bitching and complaining, I'll be waiting xD
(yes I am aware its the same icon, i havnt managed to make a new one yet... All I've done is the ID... RELAX!)

Hope to see a lot of you over on the flip side, I'm in the process of adding people, but its a long... long process... what was i thinking...

ciao for now ;P


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