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The Guardians pg 31

By DragonCid
We continue to hear from Kindle as her past takes a dark turn.

The guardians have been overwhelmed and are unconscious at this point, the only guardian that is still conscious is Ignitus-- whos soul is now weighted with guilt from the innocents that perished in his care.

Lasair (c) *Anzamee

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yeah that was quite the mess . . . danm monkeys. . . 
AssassinsXCove's avatar
Sad. I'd say more but I'm running on three hours of sleep.
holkok's avatar
It went downhill.
Just like my feelings.
D3S1R33's avatar
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get between a dragon and its eggs
Autumnvicky's avatar
I saw a clip of Ignitus with Spyro's egg, sending it away down a river where it hatches with the dragonflies. If he's Spyro's father like this story plot suggests then he left the other eggs during the raid to escape and save his own egg.
GamerLunaCommenter16's avatar
Heart Only true love can calm down someone's furyHeart  I think.......

Oops! -GASPS- NO MORE Yoshi Egg 2 Yoshi Egg 1 Yoshi Egg 3 EGGIES?!?!?!??!  

WAHHHHHH Waaaah!  
DragonFan-X's avatar
That glow in his eyes look... familiar
FalTheDragon's avatar
Indeed they do, if you can recall a certain black dragoness by any chance :)
Jedder77's avatar
A dark day indeed.
dragoneye98's avatar
darkusadalisk's avatar
can i kill malefor now kindle?please,i´l just decapitate him and after eat him heart and use him vertebral colune to clean my tooths. kindle you let me kill him?pleaase?
UNSC-Inferno's avatar
Superintendent Angry  Can I kill Malefor NOW!?!
Wolf-Rizer's avatar
How sad and scary! ToT What terrible times!
Minerea's avatar
Stop making me cry please.... ;w;
dcaldwell101's avatar
Malefor he took away so many people's happiness, that bastard.
Fictioncreatorartist's avatar
Poor Lasair and Kindle. :(
Enterprise206's avatar
very tragic for Kindle and her mate. iv never seen a dragon look so sad :(. that looks like Cyril in the 11th panlle in armor
Nekovix's avatar
OMG... You should try reading :iconshalonesk: fanfic... I've come close to crying a lot in that one... :/
PlatineDragon's avatar
Hi there, could I use the idea of the dragon knights for my story? I fyou didn't created this so you can tell me who did so I can ask permission
LadyAnaconda's avatar
which program did you use for this?
DragonCid's avatar
Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 =)
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