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The Guardians pg 1

The temple is awaiting its new Fire Guardian... who will be the one to take Ignitus' place??

This is my first ever attempt at doing a comic, I've always felt like comic's were just too complicated but I decided to give it a try. I was encouraged by reading so many of the fan made comic's here on deviantart.

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Typical Volteer! xD

Dragons-forever-4's avatar
Yeah Cyril, I bet you were Mr. Young Hotshot when you were younger.
TwistedFate101's avatar
What program do you use? This is really good quality! :)
AssassinsXCove's avatar
She's a woman just watch.
ZanarNaryon's avatar
I must say, this comic is making me most interested, intrigued and curious
D3S1R33's avatar
Already, a new Guardian's gonna take Ignitus' place, and yet Cyril's being pouty about it? Same old, same old.
So many words... 😓😑
spikestormify's avatar
You forgot to have Cyril say "I say" at the beggining of his sentence
Volteer talks way to much but I love him
Draconic-Spirit's avatar
Long-winded Volteer... ya gotta love him.
DarkRathalos's avatar
It got Dragons, so I love it already :D
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wow! this is good! you realy captured volteers...talking skills :)
AvalarGuardian's avatar
Masters Volteer, Cyril and Terrador!=D

*Bows before them*
Ddraigtanto's avatar
Yeah, they're awesome.

But could someone hook Volteer to the mains for a bit? I think he's getting over-excited.
AvalarGuardian's avatar
Agreed, he needs to lay down before he hurts himself.
Ddraigtanto's avatar
No! That'll give him even MORE Energy.

Volteer + Energy = :blahblah:
Volteer133's avatar
wrong, it's more like Volteer + Energy =:blahblah::blahblah::blahblah::blahblah::blahblah::blahblah::blahblah::blahblah::blahblah:
Ddraigtanto's avatar
Well, yeah, thanks for correcting Me-from-three-years-ago.
Volteer133's avatar
As a Volteer fan, I feel obliged to.
As someone with him as a screen name, I feel compelled to.
Ddraigtanto's avatar
Eh, fair enough.
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you know what cyril reminds me of denozo from ncis
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I thought Terrador was taller than Cyril... meh, whatever!
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