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The Guardians Cover

By DragonCid
Read the first page of the comic here: [link]

I've had this in my head for the past two days.

The quote at the bottom is from Ignitus.
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Undertale-Parallel's avatar
this is gonna be interesting owo 
SuperNathan10002's avatar
Hi dude. One of my friends is doing a comic dub based on that.. ^^
holkok's avatar
You one job, one job!
D3S1R33's avatar
That sounds familiar. Really brings back memories.
RainaCrystalStar's avatar
nice cover!!! 
love your comic to very nicely done :love:
confusedkangaroo's avatar
I've really enjoyed reading your comic so far. Seeing where things take off next, introducing new dragons, having an older Cynder and Spyro...amazing!
White-Dragon178's avatar
Wow I found this picture whilst on google and set it as my phone background. I never realised its was part of this awesome comic :D
13saberwolf's avatar
nice comic so far!
RavenDjinn's avatar
I stumbled across a new spyro-based comic :D yay
Wolf-Rizer's avatar
Nice cover page.
Love it would love to see more :)
Sukia-chan's avatar
Your comic is amazing, I'd love to see more of it!
Zaduky500's avatar
DragonCid, will you be continuing this series of "The Guardians"? I'm a fan and felt like I haven't seen a new page in forever.
DragonCid's avatar
I fully intend on continuing the comic ^^;; just haven't had much time to work on it as of late.
Zaduky500's avatar
Ok good :D I love the series, I'm also looking forward to seeing some Avalar Characters like Hunter and his lover Bionca :DD Maybe even characters from the original Spyro games :))) keep up the good work
funkyfrog007's avatar
I love this story! :3
Atawai-Dragons's avatar
Great, yet another comic I need to follow. XD
krazzyroflmao's avatar
I hope the series is over 40 pages because I want to see spyro's and cynder's kid and also kindle's mate have something to do with this and have a happy ending.
WildwishandRobinleaf's avatar
AvalarGuardian's avatar
The Guardians eh? This outta be an interesting series=)
boltrocker's avatar
i think it looks cool!;)
Gamerdragon1992's avatar
Really good job on this comic.
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