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Red Shoulder Dragon

I had a wonderful photoshoot at my sister's studio and the pictures came out great!

This is my shoulder dragon I made with super sculpey.

Sadly this guy is no longer uhhh together... He was dropped onto a hard floor and shattered into a million pieces =C ::epic sad face::
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What do you sculpt/cast these out of?
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i find this piece really inspiring, i want to be danaerys targaryen for halloween and all the shoulder dragons are sold out or expensive. If all i need is sculpey then. maybe I could do it myself! (but more likely I will keep scouring the internet for a plastic one lol.)
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Goodness gracious, this is just wonderful! Good job!

Sorry to hear about the DD, maybe one day? :( 
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beautiful, just beautiful! its so sad that bad things happen to good people
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I think he's wonderful. I don't know what it takes to get a thumbs up from the people who decide what is 'art' enough to get a Daily Deviation endorsement. This is beautiful work.
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Ahh this is brilliant!! I'm shocked that your submission was denied, though, to me this would be an ideal candidate!
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Wow, the detail in this is incredible!
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WOW! Awesome, shoulder dragon! I wish I could make one. Trying to find a good shoulder dragon these days is really hard. Do you have a shoulder dragon store? This is all kinds of epic!
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This lil guy is gorgeous :3
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You should seriously of got a DD for this! Also it's amazing, your so talented!
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it's magical, thats all i can say
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So detailed! You have a major skill, i think this should be a DD! Lovely work!
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does it stay without falling? :eager:
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it actually did stay on pretty well, i had planned to make a leather saddle for it to sit on to guarantee it wouldn't slip off-- alas this beauty of mine was smashed in an accident when i wasn't around. =(
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...oh no! thats terrible!!! :nuu:
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that is so amazing! i wish i had even half the talent!
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dragons intrigue me to no extent. colors on it are vivid, expression of the creature an excellent touch.
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Shoulder dragon? Like.... to put on your shoulder? That'd be so freaking cool... if it would stay without falling. ^^
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