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Making a Twilight Dragon

This is my sculpt of a twilight dragon I have been working on for quite a while. Since I had a few pictures of its progress I scrapped together a little tutorial tips and general walkthrough of the making of my twilight dragon sculpture.

Btw no relation to the Twilight vampire stuff.
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That is so awesome! I love it <3
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Awesome tutorial!
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If you make a foil and wire skeleton, is it safe to bake in the oven?
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Yes, aluminum foil is commonly used in baking and cooking anyways, and neither the foil or wire are flammable items.

It's not a really high temp either as the clay is baked at 275 for about 15 minutes or so.
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If I could work clay, I would totally do this. But since I can't, I'll just fan girl over your work. Good work!
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Might not be a turtorial, but its helpfull non the less :3
and it helped me out.

And therlion looks so cute.
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ah that is sooo cool!
While not necessarily a tutorial per-say, there are some really nice bits of important technical knowledge in here along with some great suggestions that I find really helpful as a fairly average beginner when it comes to clay. There are a lot of different definitions to the word 'tutorial' that can be found on deviantart, and although this maybe doesn't quite qualify I find it both useful and made up of very clear and concise tips. Thanks for sharing! There are a few other sculpting resources which I really like that are more "step by step" and the tips you've given all fill gaps I felt that they had which is great.

Maybe in your next tutorial, if you make a "next" one, you could show more pictures of your process, especially your techniques for adding details to the clay and any techniques you use for painting the baked clay. Looking forward to it!
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Wow... I wanna try this. :D
It is so cute. :frail: :heart: :frail:
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Minor technical tutorial, at least.
Great technical tips that are easily messed up at the begging by those who don't know what to do, at most.

Yet, a tutorial this is not.
This is just saying basically the supply's list and a brief on what to do and don't before one even get's started.

No technique is actually expressed. Nothing to do with the structure of armatures, clay, or even a good example of how to get that deep blue by "not using black".

Nothing showing how to get a good texture, or even make those horns/whatever those spikes could be accounted as on the dragon.

Shading, and attention to detail via highlights is only barely reflected on, and not actually shown good positions / why to do such.

No effort was actually spent on making a tutorial, as much as showing off a "nice piece" of work.

The work is nice, but all you did was reflect on some of the technical issues you came across while performing the art piece. In my book, that is a failure.
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lol geez dude, what did u want her to write, a book? she's just giving a basic overview of how she did it, of course she's going to leave out all the detailed stuffs. because they are after all just tips, it's up to the artists to implement the fine details in between :D
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Meh, then instead of a tutorial maybe it should have been labeled "tips and tricks"
Or, quick ,"reference".
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Wow, tell me how you reaaaally feel. XD
Rynver's avatar
How I really feel is it should not be called, "tutorial".

Though it is a nice piece of work.
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You're right i guess its not a real 'tutorial' per se, more of a vague walkthrough of what I did. As I said this was scrapped together.

I'm a bit surprised you take it so seriously though ^_^;;; it was just a thrown together thing honestly.

Are you looking for a detailed tutorial on sculpting? If you have been in need of one maybe in the future I can make a more detailed one like you said.
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Thank you for being highly understanding.

I tend to be over serious on accident sometimes.

It is ok, you may spend your time how you wish honestly.
I just found the "tutorial" label to be highly miss leading.
Neltharion would be proud <3
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I don't feel like that would be a very comfortable mouth :L Looks awesome, though ^u^
Chicago heat gun! Someone shops at Harbor Freight!

Awesome dragon bust, by the by.
DragonCid's avatar
lol yes! I luuuurve Harbor Freight!
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Wow...! The sculpture is breathtaking! And the colors complement each other so well! I am amazed!
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The ultimate Ultraxion trophy. I always wondered how I was supposed to fit Onyxia's head in my bags...
EpicFail32's avatar
My god, that is gorgeous. :D
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