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Deathwing's Rave



***Edited to be longer so it is more print friendly*** =) =)


Inspired by Mr. Voletron's latest WoW remix: [link]

Deathwing is awesome and I just had to do a rave picture of him after hearing that song.

Edit: I redid this picture, put a lot more work into it so I could try and get it into the Warcraft-Elite group.
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Oh Yeah!

That's my son you've drawn here, Cid!

And I must say; Deathwing, my boy, you sure know how to make an impression!

Well done!

As for Mr. Voletron; wonder if he has any relation to the famous Voltron?

If he does; I'm wondering if I can get his advice on likely behavior in a project of mine involving Voltron and a few guest appearances by another member of the giant mecha genre---Power Rangers!

I'm working on a fan-fic that involves a surprising alliance between the Voltron Force and the Dracotron, an evil counterpart made of 5 robot Dragons!

By the way; the Dracotron is only seen in Voltron: The Third Dimension. I know that particular show has a bad rap; but I'm going to try and reconcile it with the original Voltron and the newer Voltron Force cartoon.