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My Bio
I do stuff and have no idea what that stuff is, but I do stuff.

Favourite Movies
Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast, John Carter
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Owl City, Oh Hellos
Favourite Books
Warriors Series, Magyc, Upsidedown Magic Series
Favourite Games
The Last Guardian, Minecraft, Pokemon, Slime Rancher, Hollow Knight, Geshin Inpact
Tools of the Trade
Pens, Pencils, Beads, Paper, 3D pen, Tablet
Other Interests
Hey guess what. @Akeli-Lands is having it's second anniversary. They also have a website: See?
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Dream Concept # Uhhh- ○○○○○ This is for Peom, Before and during the False Atopia time range. War Hounds - Mechanical Beasts made during the later half of whatever happened before the apocalypse, actually conceptualized by SUB, but executed in wildly different ways in key places across the world. They technically have a more proper name, but War Hounds sum them up better and quicker. They take on the appearance of Mechanical, Hound-like Beasts, often ranging between the size of a large dog or of horse. However, depending on who exactly made them, and how ethical they wanted to be, their inner mechanisms range wildly. More ethically made ones where actually not approved for war, being nonsentient, but oddly comforting to people. They're often on the smaller end, and unfortunately quickly fell into disrepair, meaning during False Atopia most were scrapped for parts years after being forgotten about, though not many existed. Less ethical ones, however, combined the newly discovered
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Badly summarizing my own stories let's go: (Mild spoilers) Poem (Orginal): Dumb teen runs from home and lies to confused group of adults about losing his memory. Ruins his relationship with the guy who's everybody's friend and instead befriends the brute that used to be jewelery. His mom finds him and drags him back home, but whoops, he actually did lose his memory, and through trying very hard he manages to redeem himself. Also they're all animals made or modified by a lab, so there's this looming threat in the background that's never addressed because they litteraly can't explain what's happening to them. Poem Rewritten: The guy who's everybody's friend? Yeah he's the focus this time. Also people don't like him that much because surprise surprise he's a bit annoying. That's fine though, as he's busy trying to complete about five entirely separate goals. Same plot happens but with some very altered scenes. It ends on a higher note due to also ending a little later than when Poem
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