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:star: The feature folder is only accessible to club Admins. Please put your art in the appropriate folders.

:star: There is a 5 submissions a day limit.

:star: No art of a mature nature.

:star: You can submit other cartoon art than dragons, but try to stick with a fantasy theme.

Gallery Folders

CM: Solaris by Raz-Zyrak
Raz. by Raz-Zyrak
Collab: In the sky. by Raz-Zyrak
CM: Sanoon. by Raz-Zyrak
Digital Dragons Vol 3
Spike calls his Gran (gift for Nudge) by Ross-Sanger
Mickey invites Adean to the House of Mouse by WolfSpiritClan
Custom Teen Dragon for DragonGamer0713 by Eternity9
Winged Friends by XAOFI3Latn
Traditional Media Dragons
Fleshy R.D. (Update: Not dead) by DragonMage156
LU Dragon Hyrule by cynderplayer
Dawn by gergely0201
another random dragon from Bone (black and white) by ccc-94
Other Creatures
Calamity by Eternity9
GoatScout by Eternity9
Shes On The Prowl by Eternity9
BDAY gift for ximsketchs by Eternity9
Line Art and Sketches
mmm | trade by DuffyCliff
Empress Zhalia new profile Icon by ZRBoss
Zhalia and Daniel by ZRBoss
Tempest Icon by Queen-Clam
TLoTF: Rise of the King: pg 10 by Herakidpatrol
Super Hooktail: Chapter 2 Page 15 by KumariKat
Super Hooktail: Chapter 2 Page 14 by KumariKat
Flare and Fire: Justice for All Pg 81 by oogaboogaz
Dragon Pixel Art
Angry Tsunami Pixelart by Queen-Clam
Tempest by Queen-Clam
Reignited Ember and Glimmer by LittleDevil-888
Val by ShiroTheDragon123
Dragon Anthro
Zariya Headshot by Eternity9
Rapture by Libertades
Art Trade with joshbluemacaw by Eternity9
Commission: Animated DSticker by Eternity9
Dragons Crafts
Jerboa by Queen-Clam
Flight Rising Commission by Queen-Clam
((CLOSED) Palette Adopt Challenge 2 by Queen-Clam
Dune and Stormbringer Commission by Queen-Clam
Dragon Writing
G for Gavin (dragon vore story)This is only the first part of a short story. For only 3 dollars a month, you can read the whole thing, as well as several dozen other stories in the archive.: ~~...~~ (G for Gavin) Hoo boy, what a long day. Gavin could barely concentrate as he drove down the quiet street. It seemed like there was growing public unrest these days. He just wasn’t sure why.Gavin was a proud member of the Ultimus Police Department: Ground Division. He wanted to think that most of his time on the force was spent doing simple security work and keeping the peace… but there was always the odd day out when trouble brewed. Armed robberies, arsons, domestic disputes… life on the force could get real ugly at times. Oh, thank Tiamat that he’d managed to survive as long as he had.Gavin gave a yawn as he made his way down the road. His eyes felt heavy, and his vision was blurring. A long day of working to serve and protect had left the ivory dragon weary. He’d need to stop somewhere to get a little pick-me-up if he wanted to remain awake long enough to get home to the wife and kids. And as he spotted familiar lights down the street, the perfect spot came to mind. There, on the corner of Dutch Street and Eleventh Avenue, was a quaint little coffee shop: Delilah’s Doughnuts.Ah, just the place to wake a drake up, Gavin thought with a smile.One of the curious traditions for law enforcement, as evidenced in archived history of the old earth, was the routine consumption of baked goods of a certain caliber; most often doughnuts. Many dragons were curious as to why human officers had such an affinity for such things… but many others accepted the tradition with open arms. And after dragons figured out how to MAKE such doughnuts, many in law-enforcing drakes found them to be quite the delicious things indeed. Perhaps humans of the old world were wiser than some drakes gave them credit for.Gavin parked his squad car, making doubly-sure that the lights and siren weren’t blaring. He then stepped out, dusted off his official uniform, and eagerly made his way up the stairs and through the door. He fanned out his wings and swung his tail from side to side; spending most of his time behind the wheel really made his extra limbs rather stiff.The scent of freshly-brewed coffee delighted Gavin’s nostrils, while the familiar jingle of the front bell wracked his ear frills. His eyes adjusted to the light, and he looked around with a fond smile at the interior of Delilah’s Doughnuts. The floors were polished to perfection, and the walls were bright and cheery. There was a long bar for dragons to sit to enjoy their meals, while pleasant music played quietly on the radio. There were no customers present, despite the shop being open twenty-four hours. But that was just perfect for Gavin; he preferred to eat alone. ”Good evening, Officer.” The familiar voice of the server said with a friendly wave. “You’re right on time: your coffee is almost ready.”The drake gave a toothy grin as he sat down at the end of the bar; he’d come here so many times each week that the staff had grown accustomed to his routine. And it was his favorite flavor, too: hazelnut.The ladies here really know how to take care of an officer. Gavin sighed in relief as he stretched his arms over his head.“Did you have a rough day, Mr. Gavin?” The red dragoness asked as she approached.“A rough week, Doris.” Gavin huffed. He pulled off his helmet, revealing his shaved head. “Things have been rather hectic all across the district lately. I didn’t even think I’d have the time for my usual late-night snack.”“Well, we’re glad you made it.” Doris said. “The girls and I have been rather worried lately.”“Meh, I’ll be fine.” The ivory drake snorted. “It’ll take an army to take down this stubborn old drake.”“Old? You don’t seem that old to me.” Doris grimaced.“Oh, I feel like it sometimes, Doris.” Gavin snorted. He traced a talon along the stubble on his chin. “Twenty years of service will do that to a dragon.” “Well, you’re certainly a handsome fellow in any case.” Doris smiled. “I’m sure that your wife is a very lucky dragoness.”“That she is, that she is…” Gavin laughed as he pulled out his wallet.Gavin paid for his meal, and Doris brought him his usual late-night special in a heartbeat; two freshly-baked chocolate doughnuts, along with a large mug of hazelnut coffee. Gavin counted his blessings that he could spend every other night relaxing here, enjoying the soothing aromas and the cheerful ambiance. After all, there was no telling when something might go wrong, and he wouldn’t be able to see this place again.I should really bring the wife and kids here this weekend, Gavin decided for himself.“Doris!” A blue dragoness called from the kitchen area. “Come help me out back here! We need to get the place prepared for the boys in the early morning shift!”“I’ll be right there, Maggie!” Doris called with a hand by her mouth. She looked back at Gavin and sighed. “You’ll have to enjoy your snack by yourself, Mr. Gavin.”“It’s alright by me; I shouldn’t linger for too long anyway.” Gavin shrugged. “Don’t want to give the missus the wrong idea, you know?”“Fair enough.” Doric chirped. She carefully made her way into the kitchen area. “Be back in a few minutes, Mr. Gavin!”The ivory drake waved at her, before picking up his mug and enjoying his meal. He sighed in delight as the chocolate cream filled his mouth with joy and wonder. Truly this was the best way to end a long day of work and toil…Something skittered along the counter, making Gavin’s ear frills tremble. He saw something off to the left, just on the edge of his field of vision. It was small, and a bit pale. Gavin did his best not to alert the little thing that he’d spotted it; it was crouching down behind the side of the little glass cabinet on the counter. If it was hiding, then that meant that it wasn’t supposed to be there....

Mature Content

Mature Content

Tale of Iceberg the Icewing by zhidkovv
Dragon Stamps and Graphics
Ram and Drag medallions by AnimagicWorld
Dragon Scenery
Ancestors by Hagalazka
Dragon Tutorials
Past Contests
Christmas suprise by magmi
Digital Dragons Volume 2 Closed
[OPEN] Design#9 by FrostieDesigns
Devious Folder

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 photo DCC Journal 2_zpsy3vbcayc.png
Hi DragonCartoonClub Fans!

:new: New DEADLINE!!! Jan 8th!
I dont normally extend contests because I think its rude to the entries that made it on time, but I'm visiting family until then in VA so I wont be around to judge it or give out prizes, so all our members get a extra week to try and win! Good luck!

I got permission to host a Challenge like :iconthedragonchallenge: used too, but has been closed this year.
I hope this is fun for everyone and makes this season filled with more dragons!

:bulletred: Winner gets to be featured on the groups front page for a month! :bulletred:
*Updates will be made if more prizes are available*

The November & December 2015 Challenge

:bulletgreen: Objective :bulletgreen:
Create a original Dragon piece of art work based on the stock images below.
You can use one or all of them.
You must credit the stock used in your artist description

You have until January 8th to submit your entry HERE in this journal comment section for the November & December 2015 Challenge.
This month we have 4 stock images:

:thumb409598493: Winter Wonderland 2 by DarkBeforeDawn23 Stewing Cranberries (Macro 1) by SpiderMilkshake

1. Must be new and your own work, please credit all stock used and follow the individual stock artist's rules.
2. Must contain at least one dragon.
3. Must be able to explain how the picture fits the challenge.


Dessert by Egretink
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