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Welcome back to the Stage of History...

Soul Calibur 6 is one month away and I cant wait to play it.
I´m a fan of the series since Soul Edge/Blade on Playstation 1 and Aeon/Lizardman is my favorite character and he was one of the resons for my love to Anthros and Lizards so he clearly deserves a fanart.

I don´t know if Aeon will be in Soul Calibur 6 yet but you can create your own Lizardman and play as one even with Geralt of Rivias fighting style.
So if you guys like fighting games, Lizardman, Soul Calibur or even all 3 then you should give SC6 a try. ;)
A New Horizon
As you can see on my nickname, I´m kind of an Elder Scrolls Fan. ^^
I´m so happy, that they finally showed a lifesign of my most beloved franchise of all.
I know, it will take years to be released, probably not before 2022...

I´m still playing Skyrim today and always will, because it´s my absolute favorite game ever made.
I definitely can´t wait to TES VI and wanted to show my love with a little fanart, which still honors the Dragonborn.
And yes, my favorite and main race will always be argonians. ^^

Some people say the next province will be Hammerfell or High Rock, but I´m still hoping to get my foots on Akavir.
This picture of my Dragon has a deep meaning to me and it was also much fun to work on it.
Hey guys, I was tagged by :iconspacedog500: and :iconsuzidragonlady: to do this little fact journal.

So lets´s start.^^

1. Post 8 facts about your character.
2. Tag 8 other characters. (8 is to much, sorry)
3. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.


Home by Dragonborn91 The Last Dragon by Dragonborn91 My journey by Dragonborn91

1: My Dragon is more for me than just a fantasy figure, it´s a bit more spiritual.
     You can say he is one part of a medal and I am the other part.

2: The name of my Dragon: normally his name is Leon, because the character is me as a dragon and my name is Leon.
    But Draco is another name for Dragon and some people just call him Draco, so you can call him like this.
    It isn´t false and mostly it´s less confusing. ^^

My dragon has control over the elements fire, water, earth and air.
    He can use his wings when he needs them, in other situations he can live without them.
    Because of that, my dragon just has sometimes wings on pictures.

4: Since I was 13 I thought of anthro dragons, never knew that there is still a community that draw and imagine them. 
    I had no internet at that age, and this is one of the reasons, why my character means more to me than just a fantasy figure.

5: His design hadn´t changed much since I drew him the first time, I never did much about his colors or shape, because I knew since the beginning how he would look like.

6: He is a fighter and skilled with every kind of weapon and he can also use the elements to defend him or others.

7: He hates unfairness and lying. He is loyal, tolerant and honest.

8: My character can activate a demon like form where his hair turns white and his eyes start to glow and in that form he can even control the time.
    This costs so much energy, that he can die doing this.

     Another little secret is, that i´m writing a book about my Character.
     It´s still in the prototype and preview phase, but I have more than 200 pages written yet. ^^

So I have to tag other characters

Beast from :iconbeast3:
Fhendil Schwarzbogen from :iconlizkay:
Chrestat from :iconnightpark:
Selianth from :iconselianth:
Thalathis from :iconthalathis:


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I am 23 years old and I like to draw animals and fantasy stuff. Digital and traditional as well.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me. :-)

Hope you like some of my stuff.


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