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The Sith Lords - no. 1: Darth Nihilus

"He is a wound in the force, more presence than flesh, and in his wake life dies... sacrificing itself to his hunger." -Visas Marr

Other Sith Lords and Jedi Knights:

My sketchblog:…

Darth Nihilus was originally drawn by Brian Menze -
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Bob-Misfit-Modelski's avatar
Nice. Best looking character in the Star wars universe.
I know people will have a fit I said that but oh well. lol
Dragonbaze's avatar
Thanks! He is one of the best looking! :D
Very cool style, particularly with the lightsaber.
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Thank you very much!
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 added to fan art in Sci-fi Archives…
robokop's avatar
Ah... I would hardly call him a "Sith". He does not care much about anything anymore.
SunflashTehMace's avatar
Oh Darth Nihilius....the only fictional character other than Ramsay Bolton that near completely terrifies me so far.....its a pity the actual battle didnt live up to the Sith Lord himself
Dragonbaze's avatar
Haha, same here! The battle was a bit disappointing... all to easy, like Vader would've said. But I was really surprised the first time I heard his voice! I'd seen his face on so many magazines and sites before but never heard his voice until I played the game a couple of months ago. Not what I expected!
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Great piece!

Out of curiosity, what are those marks behind his mask? In the eye holes?
Dragonbaze's avatar
Thanks! It's supposed to be the outline of his actual eyes, like in the original by Brian Menze:…
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(Please don't take this the wrong way or anything, I'm trying to provide as gentle a correction as possible...)

Nihilus isn't supposed to have "actual eyes." According Chris Avellone, ". . . there was never intended to be any hint of what was beyond the mask . . . It's supposed to be a void . . ."
The article in which he says this is:…
Dragonbaze's avatar
No offence taken! I liked the art where he showed a hint of his face, so I picked up on that. I guess I liked how it made me wonder, you know, one moment you were looking and he was human and then the next he was just a ghost, which I thought was eery. Though I'm not sure I captured that same feeling in my pic, that I saw in his. Thanks for the feedback, that was an interesting article!
Georgek117's avatar
Sweet! One of my favorite dark lords in the expanded universe..think you've perfectly captured his character here! :happybounce: 
Dragonbaze's avatar
Thanks! Glad to read it! Mine too :JarJarDance: 
D4rkLynx's avatar
not a big fan of him, but this would make me reconsider XP he looks epic! i love the style <3 has a very ghost/reaper quality ~
Dragonbaze's avatar
Thanks, I appreciate it!
D4rkLynx's avatar
most welcome :>
DarthWill3's avatar
All hail Lord Nihilus!
The-Golden-Knight's avatar
Is he wielding a Covenant energy sword tweaked for red?! :wow: Either way, very awesome! :dummy:
Dragonbaze's avatar
Now when you say it, that does look like a Covenant red energy sword. :) Thanks!
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