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It's very beautiful and artistic. I have been in the fandom thing for a few years now, (Not just really counting my own work), and have...

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Pidge and her Heritage by dragonballgirl2024 Pidge and her Heritage :icondragonballgirl2024:dragonballgirl2024 1 0 A Holiday Scene by dragonballgirl2024 A Holiday Scene :icondragonballgirl2024:dragonballgirl2024 0 0 The Stark Family by dragonballgirl2024 The Stark Family :icondragonballgirl2024:dragonballgirl2024 0 0 From Maiden to Royal by dragonballgirl2024 From Maiden to Royal :icondragonballgirl2024:dragonballgirl2024 1 0 Nightmares and Love:Picture by dragonballgirl2024 Nightmares and Love:Picture :icondragonballgirl2024:dragonballgirl2024 1 0
Nightmares and Love: Bonus Chapter
No One’s POV
“Morning,” said Bouncing Boy, who was just waking up.
“Morning,” answered the rest of the legionnaires, who were having breakfast.
“Hey has someone seen Brainy or Superman, I haven’t seen them in all morning,” questioned Saturn Girl.
Answers came here and about, and the only thing those answers had in common is that no one where the two love birds were.
“Maybe, they’re still asleep or maybe something bad happened to them,” said Phantom Girl in alarm.
“Yeah, you may be right, Phantom Girl,”said  Lightning Lad
“Ok, listen up,” started Cosmic Boy, “We’ll divide into groups of two, search around the HQ, comm the rest if you found them,” commanded Cosmic Boy.
“Alright,” agreed the rest of the legionnaires.
And thus, started the search. The groups were Lighting Lad with Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl with Timber Wolf, Colossal Boy with Ferro Lad, Triplic
:icondragonballgirl2024:dragonballgirl2024 0 0
Nightmares and Love
Superman’s POV  
“Superman,” someone whispered shouted while softly knocking on the door to my bedroom.
Oh, who’s knocking on my door?It’s...two in the morning! Who could be awake so early?
“Clark,” the voice repeated.
Oh well, might as well answer the door and see who has awoken; it’s not like I have to sleep or anything.
I walked slowly to the door and who I saw behind it was beyond me.
“Brainy!?” I asked in amazement.
“Clark!” he exclaimed tackling me in a hug.
Brainiac 5 and I had been in relationship for three years now and I was really digging over the idea of marrying each other when we were older.
“Clark, thank goodness you’re okay,” Brainy sobbed while hugging me.
“Shhh, it’s okay,” I hushed him, “What happened Brainy?” I asked quietly.
“I-I had a n-nightmare, and I was there and you were there, and...and,” He sobbed.
“Shhh, it’s
:icondragonballgirl2024:dragonballgirl2024 1 0


Silver in Merhog Form by LiyuConberma Silver in Merhog Form :iconliyuconberma:LiyuConberma 965 67 Voltron Klance fanbook - By your side by Buryooooo Voltron Klance fanbook - By your side :iconburyooooo:Buryooooo 65 2 Klance acrylic charm by Buryooooo Klance acrylic charm :iconburyooooo:Buryooooo 61 1 You stay away from him by PuertoRicanBelle You stay away from him :iconpuertoricanbelle:PuertoRicanBelle 12 10 [meme] meet the artist 2019 by Furanitii [meme] meet the artist 2019 :iconfuranitii:Furanitii 43 31 Eradaan and Azura: First Meeting - Moutons Noirs by Elwensa Eradaan and Azura: First Meeting - Moutons Noirs :iconelwensa:Elwensa 118 6 Mother and her children by LC-Holy Mother and her children :iconlc-holy:LC-Holy 224 8 Iduna by PuertoRicanBelle Iduna :iconpuertoricanbelle:PuertoRicanBelle 18 4 Jack Frost by PuertoRicanBelle Jack Frost :iconpuertoricanbelle:PuertoRicanBelle 16 3 Maja by PuertoRicanBelle Maja :iconpuertoricanbelle:PuertoRicanBelle 12 7 Eilonwy by PuertoRicanBelle Eilonwy :iconpuertoricanbelle:PuertoRicanBelle 25 7 Sigyn by PuertoRicanBelle Sigyn :iconpuertoricanbelle:PuertoRicanBelle 15 6 living with hipstergirl and gamergirl 379 by JagoDibuja living with hipstergirl and gamergirl 379 :iconjagodibuja:JagoDibuja 561 74 princess Rosalina by JagoDibuja princess Rosalina :iconjagodibuja:JagoDibuja 1,319 19 Samus Aran by JagoDibuja Samus Aran :iconjagodibuja:JagoDibuja 1,163 17 Speed Paint Starco by angel-de-la-verdad Speed Paint Starco :iconangel-de-la-verdad:angel-de-la-verdad 33 2



Pidge and her Heritage
Hey guys! I drew my baby, Pidge, in traditional Italian clothing with Altean inspired jewelry. I’m sorry it looks kinda crappy and I didn’t add any color because I kind of suck at it, but maybe I’ll add color to it in the future. I think I’ll be doing more traditional clothing with the paladins later on down the line, I’m sure it’ll be fun! I'm so sorry for not updating anything in so long, please don’t kill me. I've made an account in tumblr under the same username so check it out if you're interested. If you have any requests or question just give me a comment. That’s all for now folks!😊
So the other day I was in my spanish class and one of my classmates asked if I "liked liked" women. I read a lot about women and love genderbending male to female, but I'm not lesbian! Just because of that and because I support the LGBTQ community doesn't mean I'm freaking lesbian! I am a feminist not a lesbian, there is a big difference!
Sorry for this guys, I only wanted to rant. The positive thing is that I finally collected enough courage to rant here, yay! I am still accepting requests, but I haven't had time for any because of school, but I am finally in christmas break so I'll try to do at least one besides a christmas gift, read my other journal entry for details.
Well, that's all for now folks:D (Big Grin)


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I am a young student in school that likes fandom very much, and uses it as a hobby. I like to write and I started doing my own covers for my fanfictions. I also have an account in Wattpad under the same username.


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